How to control your sex feelings?

Sexual Temptations

What are Sexual Temptations?

Sexual temptation is any thought or action that interferes with your regular life. That means sexual temptation can happen when you are in a relationship, single or even married.

When we talk of sexual desires, everyone considers them to be as pleasurable. But then this act also eventually leads to self-destruction. Not just this, a person addicted to sex might end up hurting another's feelings.

The life of a human goes through an immense transformation through the years. Even though its biological and spiritual aspects change, the nature of sexual desires remains the same no matter at what age it occurs in a person's life.

The most important factor of sexual attraction lies in physical attraction between males and females. Overwhelming sexual desires is one of the reasons behind immoral activities done by humans.

A time comes when a person loses control after experiencing extreme sexual lust. This uncontrolled sex drive is known as 'sexual temptations'.

In our subconscious mind, we have a fight or flight response system which helps us preserve our physical and emotional well-being.

Sexual temptations are the strongest form of temptation we face. As human beings, we are sexually weak. We think we can overcome it but in reality, it can be extremely tough for some people. Sexual desires are the strongest desires that create enormous pressure in our minds and body.

We often see people, who are suffering from these sexual temptations, who commit suicide. These sexual desires and pressures are affecting billions of lives all over the world and are very dangerous for a human being.

How to Get Rid of Sexual Temptations?

These questions are quite pertinent to our daily life, which many of us have been facing. Sexual impulses are very strong and also very dangerous for most men.

When it comes to sex, there are some different types of temptations. The first is sexual thoughts, which usually take place in the form of fantasies. Your mind creates an imaginary situation where you are with your partner, and you enjoy the sexual experience. But sometimes, these desires can turn into unwanted sex addiction.

So how can you deal with them? Well, the best way to prevent them is to do "meditation". This is a concept that is nothing more than a way to reach a state of quietness within your mind, with no expectations.

The second type of temptation is when you are close to a situation in real life that could lead to sex. In this case, the best thing you can do is avoid this situation and protect yourself from an outcome that can put you in an undesirable position.

Most people take their sexual desires for granted without realizing that sexual desire is a very powerful force. Strong sexual desires can lead to immorality and even to sin.

The most common solution that people assume is that you just have to wait for it to go away on its own, and while it kind of does that, it doesn't exactly go away. You will just start to ignore your sensation of arousal and your libido will be significantly decreased.

Most men have unwanted sexual thoughts or fantasies that they find disturbing. These unwanted thoughts can be dealt with in several ways. One of the simplest and most effective methods is distraction. You simply focus your attention on something else and push the unwanted thoughts to the back of your mind.

Avoid Tempting Situations

Stay away from traps and avoid situations that might indicate an expected surge in your sexual behaviour. Make sure to remain surrounded by the public in order to control your urge. Set boundaries regarding your use of phone, computer and television and find someone who is trustworthy and willing to help you with accountability.

Avoid Watching Porn

Avoiding porn can guard you against sexual lust and will also keep your unrealistic expectations at bay.

Try to bring back your rational excitement by communicating with your partner. Disclose how you are feeling and if required, you can consult an expert as well.

Stop Drugs and Alcohol Consumption

The use of illicit drugs and alcohol consumption can increase your sex drive tremendously. Quitting these habits will help you become sexually rational. You can also seek help from support groups or consult a therapist.


If you are currently on medication, consult your doctor to find out whether or not the prescribed medication is affecting your libido. In case it turns out to be the reason, your doctor can suggest alternative medications.

On the other hand, sometimes your doctor can prescribe medications that can help in reducing your sexual urges. These medications include corticosteroids, hormonal medicines, antidepressants, anabolic steroids for muscle building, ketoconazole, cimetidine, etc.

Take Away

Sexual temptation is a thorny issue but it needs to be addressed in order to spread rational thoughts surrounding sexual activities. If you are facing difficulty maintaining healthy relationships, excessively using sex or masturbation to deal with irrational sexual urges and stress, financial or legal problems due to your sexual behaviour, we recommend you consider consulting a therapist to control your sex feelings.

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