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permanent treatment for hair fall

Is there a permanent treatment for hair fall/baldness?

Men lose their hair in varying degrees and it's often a reaction to hormonal changes in early adulthood. Hair fall is a common symptom of this; where hair on the top of the head falls out naturally, but hair continues to grow on the sides and back. As the hair follicles recover and relieve themselves naturally, they produce more sebum which leads to more hair loss.

People who are deeply affected by hair problems are always ready to try any type of new remedy for hair fall and to buy expensive hair products. Hair problems also affect an individual mentally. The person suffering from total baldness may go into a state of depression. 

Permanent treatment for hair fall is still not found.

Why haven’t we found a permanent cure for hair fall? We are living in the 21st century where we have the most advanced systems to treat most of the disease. We have all types of machines to detect any kind of problem in a human body.

But still, we are being told for a long time that a permanent cure of baldness is on the way. Some treatments may help you a little to grow hair but you will not be able to get out from a state of complete baldness to a state of a head full of hair.

Some of these treatments are very promising. They are:

  • Surgical hair restoration (hair transplant)- In this the dermatologist removes hair from the side of your head or from back and moves it the bald area of head.
  • Minoxidil- It is used for treating the male pattern baldness and are available in different concentration solution. You can use the drops of it and apply it to the affected area of your scalp.
  • Homeopathic treatment- Homeopathic treatments are known for their long lasting treatments with less side effects.

    But all these treatments are not proven a permanent cure for hair loss.

    But why is hair fall such a tricky problem? Hair is nothing but a protein filament stuffed with dead cells. The follicles cover most of our body and are incredibly complex, just like our other body organs like the heart, lungs, or kidney, and if you damage these organs once, you cannot regrow them, and in the same way, you can never grow new follicles.

    Growing hair again from the damaged hair follicles is very difficult and somewhat impossible but there are some ways from which you can grow new hair if you are still in the stage of losing your hair and not complete baldness.

    Few methods to control hair fall

    • Diet- Changing your diet may help you control hair fall. Adding vitamin tablets to your daily diet may be good. You can add biotin tablets which works best in preventing hair fall. 
    • Exercise daily- Exercising is a great way to detoxify your body. Detoxification helps in many ways and fights a lot of body problems.
    • Head massages- These are a good way to circulate blood to your blood vessels which may improve your hair growth and prevent hair loss. Head massage also works are an exfoliant to your scalp. You can add some oils for extra care.
    • Herbal Shampoo- Switch of anti-DHT shampoos. DHT is the main culprit for hair loss and some shampoos help to combat this.
    • Natural Products- You need to care about what products you use on your hair. Our hair deserves the best so switch to some natural remedies if you are facing issues using the chemical products.
    • Stress- Stress plays a huge role in hair loss. So try to prevent excess tension or stress because it might be a reason for your hair fall.
    • Homeopathic Medication- You can also use some homeopathic drugs for treating hair loss but the process of these drugs takes a long period. Because of this, not many people try it.
    • Onion Juice- You can also use some onion juice to prevent hair loss. Onion juice has sulfur which helps hair to grow and to get thick.
    • Testosterone Level- As you know that the main reason for hair fall is testosterone being converted unto DTH and with the help of an enzyme called 5-alpha reductive. Saw palmetto is a fruit from an American dwarf pine tree. This fruit helps in maintain the testosterone level in men

      Now, these were some of the ways to prevent hair loss but we still haven’t discovered a cure for complete baldness. Researchers have made some progress in the field but they are still unable to find a permanent cure.

      Your genes also play a huge role in male pattern baldness. Your genes are responsible for the damage caused to your hair follicle during your hormonal changes. But still, researchers are finding the real reason behind why genes are responsible.

      Growing your hair back is a cumbersome process but there is always a hope. You can check out our amazing products to help you in taking care of your hair at Mars by GHC website.