What is the EXACT purpose of flavoured condoms?
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Why Condoms are Flavoured? Facts That Will Astound You!

Condom packets, carrot, Green chilli, and oranges | Why condoms are flavoured

The use of condoms is crucial in the fight against HIV/AIDS and other STDs. It is no longer frowned upon to use condoms.

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The art of making love has changed significantly with the years, much as the condom. Choosing a flavour you like from the market's abundance of flavoured condoms might be difficult.

There is no lack of condom flavours, from strawberry to chocolate to grapes and mint.

Flavoured condoms, however, go beyond simple marketing ploys. It could alter your enjoyment of lovemaking by bringing enthusiasm to the experience.

So why are condoms flavoured?

You might assume that flavoured condoms are just a marketing ploy, but there's a good reason for them to exist, and you should consider using them. 

Condoms with flavours are intended to be used during oral lovemaking. The flavoured coating masks the taste of latex and improves the satisfaction of oral lovemaking.

More significantly, the only approach to avoid lovemaking-transmitted infections is to use condoms during oral lovemaking (STIs). As a result, flavoured condoms are a terrific way to enjoy oral lovemaking while being safe.  

Lovemaking is, after all, a great thing. It may even assist you in living a longer life. However, it's critical to ensure that you're having safe lovemaking. This means that you should wear protection whenever you have lovemaking activities, including oral lovemaking. 

What is the use of flavoured condoms?

Oral lovemaking is the intended purpose for flavoured condoms, which are meant to be comfortable throughout the experience. Oral lovemaking is made more pleasurable because of the flavoured coating, which helps to cover up the taste of latex. Most essential, the only method to protect yourself from lovemaking-transmitted diseases is to use a condom whenever you engage in oral lovemaking activity (STIs).

What are the types of flavoured condoms?

Below is a list of the top flavoured condoms sold in India:


Due to its aphrodisiac properties, chocolate is enticing to both lovemaking. Condoms with a chocolate flavouring offer you wings and enable you to explore the realm of desire and love. They provide you with the most powerful sensation while lowering your chance of an unintended pregnancy.


One of the most often used condom flavours worldwide is strawberry. To tease your spouse with a delicious explosion, this taste is ideal. The additional dots on the condom will also make your lovemaking experience more intense.

Black Grapes

Black grape's sweet-tangy flavour might heighten the excitement of your lovemaking  session. The additional dots and the stimulating fragrance enhance friction, which heightens the climax.

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Hazelnuts are known for being very sweet, buttery, and crunchy. It has the same scent and taste as condoms that are flavoured like hazelnuts, which might drive you crazy while you're playing your favourite game.

The Stamina Pineapple 

Orange condoms' seductive and exciting energies enhance and prolong your lovemaking  encounters.

Strawberry & Vanilla

The seductive pairing of strawberry and vanilla might facilitate romantic encounters. These condoms with a coating of dotted rings and a cocktail taste will increase your desire to perspire.

Chocolate & Hazelnut

The sensation would be chocolaty when a decadent delight is combined with some nutty bursts. These condoms have a cocktail taste, melting into one another.

Musk flavouring in XXL

The XXL condoms with a musk taste are perfect for those with huge urges. With these condoms, numb her with your encore performance. These condom tastes are designed to enhance your young well of love with a wonderful elixir. You should constantly have at least the top 5 flavoured condoms in one of your drawers to appreciate the many colours of love.

Are flavoured condoms safe to use?

Condoms with flavours can be used for oral lovemaking without risk. They are well-liked since they come in a variety of flavours and some people think they taste better than normal condoms. 

It has not been thoroughly investigated whether using flavoured condoms during penetrative lovemaking, such as vaginal/internal genital or anal/rectal intercourse, is safe. 

Diverse condom substances and lubricants can cause reactions in some people. Flavoured condoms have additional compounds that are added for flavour; these ingredients may irritate the vaginal/internal genital or the anal/rectal regions. An STI is more likely to develop whenever the vagina, internal genitalia, anus, or rectum are irritated. 

The normal vaginal/internal genital flora may become unbalanced as a result of the irritation caused by these components, which may result in yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. 

Use a fresh condom each time you have lovemaking, when you meet a new partner, or when you switch from anal/rectal to oral or vaginal/internal genital lovemaking, regardless of the type of condom you use. 

A flavour-infused condom would offer adequate protection against STIs if you wore it for vaginal/internal genital or anal/rectal intercourse and felt no irritation.

Side Effects of Flavoured Condoms?

Standard latex condoms that have been covered with a flavouring or aromatic coating are known as flavoured condoms. Flavoured condoms have been consistently changing, surprising consumers with their alluring taste and scent. They now come in flavours like pineapple, desi litchi, and chocolate.

The primary motivation for the creation of latex was the fact that many women can find the scent irritating during oral lovemaking. The flavour of the condoms is enticing enough to make your partner on the other end feel tempted. As they are only intended for oral lovemaking, flavoured condoms may have negative effects on both parties. Non-flavoured and non-toxic lubricated condoms are advised for use during vaginal intercourse.

This is caused by the organic sugar included in flavour-infused condoms, which, according to many experts, may cause a yeast infection that can damage the vagina.

Take Away

The condom industry is changing right now, and the big commercial brands are putting more emphasis on fun and excitement. Richly flavoured condoms are sold everywhere in India and can be bought right away from an online store.

Flavoured condoms should only be used for oral lovemaking, not for lovemaking in the genital area. In addition to the taste, the smell of genitalia can turn a partner off. So, condoms with flavours are necessary for oral lovemaking.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long do flavoured condoms last?

A condom has an average shelf life of three to five years, depending on the brand and how it is handled.

2. Which flavour condom is best?

When it comes to flavoured condoms, strawberry is the most popular flavour. Skore strawberry flavours are available in a variety of forms, colours, and flavours. This dotted condom online lets you have safe Flavoured lovemaking and enjoy it the most with your lover.

3. How are condoms made?

The process of making condoms begins similarly across the board: latex is heated ("prevulcanised") while chemicals are added to it to give it stability and strength. The rubber in the latex reacts with the chemicals throughout this process to become stronger, more dependable, and with a reduced allergenic potential.


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