Which Beard Shampoo Is Good For You?
Beard shampoo

Which Beard Shampoo Is Good For You?

Beard Shampoo And Benefits

Beards do not just grow on by themselves, they take commitment and regular care. From day one when you decide to grow a beard, whether it is a tightly cropped beard close to your face, or a huge two-foot masterpiece, the process starts.

But many men want to speed up the process or even out their patchy beard. They can grow a fuller beard by using proper beard care products.

What Products Work for your Beard Growth?

If you google the above topic, you are going to find a thousand products and techniques promising to increase beard growth. But let us tell you, a good beard shampoo, derma rollers and minoxidil work wonders 

Beard Hair is Different from Head Hair

The hair on your scalp is known as androgenic hair and directly influenced by male hormones, which is why women do not tend to have beards like males. It is this biological difference between males and females that makes the hair on your face thicker and coarser than the hair on your head.

So, this means that you cannot treat them both the same. Our Beard Shampoo is designed specifically for your facial hair, meaning it does not strip away the natural oils from your face. 

If someone uses regular shampoo for their beard, it can also leave the beard feeling waxy and all sorts of not-very-nice, so we are not being biased when we say it is time to stock up a good beard shampoo in your bathroom

What Does Beard Shampoo Do?

Your beard requires a lot moisture as possible to remain looking full and healthy. If you are using a regular shampoo, which strips away the natural oils from your bear, you might end up with breakage, or at the very least a frizzy and messy look. In such cases, a beard shampoo will keep in the oils that you need, along with cleaning off the odours and other much that can build up in your beard throughout the day.

Talking about your beard-washing schedule, you do not need to do it every single day as this might be a bit counter-intuitive. Every man has a different beard and so you can adapt your beard washing timetable as per your lifestyle, beard size & thickness. You can choose to wash it whenever it’s necessary.

What Happens if You Don’t Wash Your Beard?

There are a couple of situations that can crop up if you don’t give your beard the necessary care at least semi-regularly. Beardruff or beard dandruff can be caused by not giving your beard and the skin beneath it the proper care and hydration which it needs. 

We all are aware that there are shampoos we can turn to if we get dandruff on our scalp, so is this the same true of beard shampoo?

The answer is that even though everyone is different, you can reduce the risk of beardruff by giving your beard all the care and nourishment it needs. That is why we recommend using beard shampoo!

The second thing that has been observed is beard odour. Just like unwashed hair of any kind can build up with smells that are absorbed from the air around you, a beard might also smell the same. People residing in big cities might notice the smell of pollutants or smog, whereas several restaurant or bar workers may see themselves taking home the day’s specials in smell form. You can simply keep your beard clean to keep away the odour.

Benefits Of Having a Good Beard

Well, talking about the benefits, then men do have several advantages of keeping the beard. Keeping a fuller beard is on-trend nowadays. People are utilizing their beard to build their style statements. There is a large percentage of males who think that beards are just so cool. We have mentioned some of the benefits of having a beard:

  • Beard protects you from harmful UV rays in the summer.
  • Shaving can give you a pimple on your cheeks. If you want to avoid those you can have a beard.
  • A good beard can help you in keeping warm during the wintertime.
  • Beard is a natural filter that helps in protecting you from dust and bacteria.
  • With a good beard, you can look more attractive and handsome.
  • It can also bring a new confidence level.
  • It also helps to keep your skin moist.
  • You can also hide your wrinkles with the help of a beard and look young.

Best Beard Shampoo In India 

Mars by GHC Beard Growth Shampoo strengthens beard hair and assists in its growth. It is free from harmful chemicals (Parabens, Sulphates and SLS free). Daily nourishment and protection from breakage is the key to a healthy beard.

Beard growth shampoo is made of:

  • Aloe Vera Extract-

There are numerous vitamins such as A, C, and E in Aloe Vera and if you use it without a doubt it will promote the growth of new cells on your beard hair. Apart from this, aloe vera contains vitamin B-12 and folic acid that will keep your beard hair intact.

  • Watercress Extract- 

Watercress extracts improve the health of your beard and in turn lessens breakage or damage. They are also known to make Your Hair Shiny And Strong. Just like our body, our hair too needs some nutrition and fluids. Watercress extracts would do everything for your hair from balancing the hormones to feeding the hair with nutrients. Your balanced hormones and a full-fledged supply of appropriate nutrients would promote hair growth and make your beard hair nourished. 

  • Argan Oil- 

Argan oil moisturizes the beard. The most crucial thing a carrier oil can do to your beard is to moisturize it well. Argan oil is exceptionally good at this because it contains high content of natural squalene that is a hydrocarbon identical to the skin's sebum oil. Apart from this, argan oil nourishes the beard, reduces beardruff, prevents itchiness, reduces inflammation, protects against heat-damage

  • Liposomal Caffeine- 

Caffeine also makes your beard hair softer and healthier. If you have dull and dry beard hair then coffee can be a saviour, as it helps in making them shinier and smoother. 

  • Ceramides- 

Ceramides are known to prevent dryness and damages. If your beard hair is extremely dry or damaged, products that have ceramide may help restore its overall appearance

The visible effect of Mars by GHC Beard Growth Shampoo product is

  • Reduced Beard hair Fall 
  • Cleanses your beard skin
  • Nourished beard hair

Take Away

A good beard shampoo is the best method for fixing a patchy beard and growing your beard more fuller.

If you want to purchase above mentioned product for your healthy beard, then you can visit our Mars by GHC website.