What is beard serum and what are its types?
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What is beard serum and what are its types?

Beard serum

Beard serum and its types 

Beard growth serum is a beard product used for improving beard thickness, beard strength, and increasing beard density. Beard serums boost the beard growth rate, increase the diameter of beard hair, increase the number of beard follicles, and improve nutrition delivery through enhanced circulation.

 It contains medications that are used in treating beard problems linked with beard growth.

How does it work

Beard serums work through medications that enhance and stimulate beard hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the beard follicles. Increased blood circulation means more essential nutrients and hormones reach beard follicles, produce beard growth, and maintain a healthy beard.

While purchasing a beard serum, make sure to get a beard serum with either alcohol-based lotion or a foam-based lotion with active ingredients or a spray with proteins and beard boosters.

Types of beard serum


Minoxidil is a vasodilator that might be the reason to increase blood and nutrient flow to beard follicles and also increase the diameter of the beard shaft. Minoxidil in a randomized control group has shown significant results in increasing beard hair and length. You can start using minoxidil 5% for beard growth initially and then upgrade to minoxidil 10%. Apply minoxidil 5% topical solution on your beard with a dropper and then massage it with your finger. Use it once or twice a day as per your doctor’s consultation.


The patented hair loss serum stimulates hypoxia-like signals in the hair follicles, which then activates stem cells. It not only works for hair but also works for facial hair. It is free of side effects, but it is less effective than minoxidil and more expensive.


Carnitine is an amino acid that improves the transportation of fatty acids into the mitochondria to use them as an energy source. Carnitine is said to be effective for treating patchy beards. Carnitine is known to activate androgen receptors and improve their sensitivity. Androgen receptors are the site of action for androgens to bind to and allow hormones to enter cells.

Copper peptide serum

Copper peptide is generally used after hair transplant surgeries along with minoxidil to stimulate hair growth. Copper peptide improves blood flow to the hair follicles, improves keratinocytes’ proliferation, and enhances collagen production in the hair follicles. Evidence also says that copper peptide promotes stem cell-related growth factors and causes angiogenesis, developing new blood vessels.

Unlike minoxidil, copper peptides show an increase in the diameter of the beard follicle rather than stimulating beard growth.

You can use 4-6 drops of copper peptide serums on the facial hair region once a day.

One of the drawbacks of the copper peptide is that it can decrease DHT levels, which is known to be the leading cause of beard growth. To counteract this, copper peptide, most of the time, is used with minoxidil solutions.

Benefits of beard serums:

While each beard serum works differently and has different compositions, most beard serums give more or less similar benefits. Some of the benefits of using a beard serum are mentioned below.

  • Nourishes
  • Regenerates
  • Stimulate beard growth
  • Increase the number of beard follicles
  • Increase the diameter of beard hair
  • Removes beard dryness
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Removes fizziness
  • Makes beard shiny
  • Prevent itching and dandruff

How to use beard serum?

  • Wash your beard with a good and mild beard shampoo. Rinse the shampoo and apply a beard conditioner. Rinse the beard with cold water and pat dry it.
  • Take a few drops of your preferred beard serum using a dropper.
  • Apply the beard serum all over the beard, especially the beard roots.
  • Use a boar bristle brush to comb the beard and spread the serum evenly to each and every beard strand.
  • Leave it overnight.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I use beard serum every day?

 Yes, you can use beard serum every day before sleeping after you are done with your beard cleansing routine. It helps in making your beard more manageable and frizz-free.

What is the difference between beard oil and beard serum?

While beard oil and beard serum seem similar, beard serum contains active compounds and medications known to boost beard growth and improve beard thickness. It also gives shine and moisturizes the beard.

Beard oil contains natural oils that improve beard texture, shine to your beard, and provide nourishment to your beard. Beard oil also moisturizes the skin underneath the beard.

Can I use beard serum after shaving?

Beard serum after shaving is not effective as it does not act as an aftershave. You need to have some light stubble, at least to reap the benefits of beard serum.

Take Away 

Beard serums are medicated solutions that contain active compounds that stimulate beard growth, increase beard diameter, and stimulate new beard follicles. This article will guide you through various beard serums available in the market and advise you on applying beard serum.