What do you mean by bent penis?

Bent penis


The male reproductive organ used for sexual intercourse which is designed extremely outward in the whole body system is called Penis. It is intersected at the most center of the body. There are two variations of the penis. One is flaccid and the other is an erected version. The flaccid penis has one size and the erected penis has another size. The erected penis size is always higher than the flaccid penis.

Bent penis

A bent penis is a curved penis with little deviation in its straight-line horizon, which could occur at any point of the penile shaft right from its attachment to the body to the tangling end. A bent penis would look like an anchor that few of the bent penises would engage in a great sexual stimulation at the interaction with the vaginal deep down clitoris. Meanwhile, there are a few of the bent penises that lost their interference in engaging in sexual intercourse with the vagina or the anal cavity.

A normal penis need not be straight for its most natural shape to resemble a banana shape. A penis with its nature of cantilever beam free at one end is supposed to take any different shape in its enlargement.

A penis on erection showcases a curve or bent in facing direction. The bent on the penis would vary with the depth it encircled the penile shaft. Few bends are persisted as simple as to the upper skin out layered the inner penile body whereas few bends take place curving the penile shaft, too.

The bent on the penis could also be possible with the larger diameter of the penis forehead compared to what the penile shaft diameter is. The difference in diameter makes a line between two regions accustomed to different diameters. This line could make a bent composition that is subjectively called a bent penis.

A bent penis is a matter of larger penis size for a short penis would comfortably settle in the groin area with no stress or strain composed out of different tightness. A larger penis would feel its discomfort in the origin of settling between thighs or under a garment.

Other than what naturally occurs bends or curves on the penile body, various other causes can bring bends in the penis.

Bent penis due to Masturbation

Excess masturbation of the male genital could tire the penile body from engaging its muscles to stand straight. One day or the other, it would relax to the curved position. Masturbation is supposed to happen in the direction that a straight nose points to. To be subjective, masturbation should engage two hands at a time on the penile shaft and make the to and fro motion. However, most of the men use either left or right hand alone to take their body comfort. This phenomenon is also one of the reasons for a human being not being straight. If one observed narrowly, a man's stance would not be straight, there is a little curve and nerve sustained at any position in the overall body standing right from head to feet.

Masturbation in a frequent rapid impedance would run the penile body to different structural shapes. These structural differences could cause a bend somewhere along the line directed on the penile body.

Bent penis due to Sexual intercourse

Not all human bodies are in the same position. There would be somewhere somewhat body part composition that differs from other genetic orders. For suppose, all human vaginas do not resemble each other. Few vaginas possess higher depths and wider stretch. Few vaginas do not possess the straight line that the nose directs. A penis when intercourse into a vagina which is not in a straight line but still the man is regulated to engage in the sexual activity, the penis is prolonged to take a different shape and position which could become a curve or bend. After all, an erected penis is just a boner but not a bone. 

The sexual intercourse with the anal cavity would resemble the same mechanism that course with the vaginal cavity. A straight penis could engage in sex with a curved anus that on a regular cavity could lead to a curve on the penis.

Bent penis due to Sex positions

Even though genitals are designed to dissolve in various sexual positions, it is natural to observe wear and tear in any action. Various sex positions are defined in the Kamasutra that could bring out a bent or cure on the curve on repeated interaction. For suppose, a sex position that involves a penis injected into the anal cavity with the female body is completed laid over the male body could bring a lot of friction to the inserted penis into the tight ass. The weight of the bodies could rupture the penile muscles to stretch into different shapes that could also include bent or curves. After all, the anus is settled in a curved shape.

Take Away 

An erected penis is an enlarged body that is already extremely tangling outwards. The erection in the penis could cause discomfort from various situations like struggling undergarments and sleeping positions. A penis erected when the male body is sleeping facing downwards could bring tremendous energy between the clash of the penile body and the bed surface that could bend the penis. It is better to wear a boxer than tight undercut underwear. It is also suggested to sleep facing upwards during the erection. 

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