What Are The Side Effects Of Oral Sex?

Oral sex

Oral Sex

Sexual intercourse involving the oral cavity is called oral sex. Oral sex involves tongue, lips, teeth, and breathe estimated at the genitals. The female genital or male genital put into the mouth cavity is what exactly is oral sex. It is the definition of ultimate love between two persons.

The sexual relationship between two bodies need not settle to genitals alone. One can crave another from top to bottom of the body. One can grab, kiss, lick, suck and whatever sexual curiosity stimulates the mind at the moment.

A couple or partners involved in a relationship or about just sexual relationships would like to curb the sexual intimacy and come closer to each other as much as possible. These criteria do not just satisfy the genital intercourse, the mind pulls more gravity on each other's genitals that they would start sucking or licking each other's genitals.

Side effects of Oral Sex

Oral sex involves the upbringing of genitals right to the head, that too, of another person, making a crazy intimacy. Oral Sex is almost all relieving oneself to another for which there are both positive and negative outcomes. As we are looking after the side effects of oral sex, we may discuss the adverse effects that an act of oral sex could damage humans in both psychological and physical aspects.

Psychological effects

Lost intimacy

Oral Sex involves complete knowledge of one another. The normal intimacy that would generally persist in between two personalities could go off with the work outfit of oral sex. The lost intimacy may not interest the person in their bond anymore. The partners could feel intolerable boredom to one another right after the extreme pleasure optimization through oral sex. This loss of interest could lead to divorce if the partners are married or break up if the partners are living in the relationship.

There is another problem associated with the lost intimacy between two persons. One person may not respect another person after tasting all the things related to their individuality. The disrespectful behavior could be entertained in the bedroom for the oral sex is almost all losing respect to each other. The same unrespectful behavior between two partners if exposed in the neighborhood or the society leads to disastrous consequences. 

Exposed vulnerability

Craving for a genital whose main function is excreting the waste from the body is such a vulnerability. This vulnerability is of course the outcome of the love or likes towards someone. The consequences are only when the person is egotist and manipulative. The same man who gives his genital to oral sex would tell others that the taker is extremely vulnerable. This exposure of an individual in society could damage the name and reputation of a personality. 

Loss of eye contact

Oral sex activity could lead to extreme psychological dissolvents. Even though oral sex is a universally accepted sexual performance, the one who is the beginner to the course or looking after love and guilt, would easily fall prey to the thoughts that emerge right after oral sex. The partners or a couple who indulged in oral sex may not look into each other eyes afterward as they did earlier.

This prerequisite inequality could arise from either loss of intimacy and respect towards the other individual or gain of extreme pleasure, intimacy, and respect towards the same individual. In any period in life, some thoughts are intense, embarrassing, irritating, breathtaking, and awkward. To carry such thoughts is an ultimate pain or pleasure which takes deep neural network engagement. During this time, one may not be capable enough to showcase one's own eyes to another person or see another person's eyes.

Physical damage 

Penile penetration force

An erected penis is a slim-fit solid body with a muscular bone structure called a boner. The boner quality of the penis has an intimidating force enveloped to and fro motion. This force of action when indulged in oral sex could lead to both pain and pleasure or pain giving pleasure but the force is so strong it can harm the perceiving mouth cavity right from lips to throat. The sexual arousal force when strongly injected into the mouth, there are chances of lip conjunction to break out, tongue to twist inevitably and throat block resulting in uncomfortable breathing.

Penile fracture

The penis is a longitudinal stand that is solely dependent on the lower abdominal position. This stands when put into a small and made sexual force, there are chances of the penis getting fractured. When teeth intentionally or unintentionally bite the erected, there are chances of the penile shaft breaking in the margin inside the penile body. The fracture may or may not bleed whereas bleeding fracture is immediately needed to be taken care of. 

Take Away

Oral Sex is direct access to respiration and digestion whereby if one of the partners possesses sexual infections or diseases, there is a greater rate of the other person get transmitted with the sexually transmitted infections or diseases for one's substances could get into another's body digestive system.

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