Ways To Treat Hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation Around Mouth

Pigmentation Around Mouth

Tips To Avoid Hyperpigmentation 

Ways To Treat Hyperpigmentation 

Home Remedies To Treat Hyperpigmentation 

Take Away 

Most of us deal with pigmentation around the mouth, or pigmented smile lines, some may also have pigmented lips. Pigmentation is extremely normal and you should not be afraid of pigmentation.

While pigmentation around the mouth is normal it certainly does not look nice, today we will talk about some incredible ways in which we can treat pigmentation around the mouth. 

The skin around your mouth can become dark because of hyperpigmentation, which is an exceptionally normal reason. Hyperpigmentation is the abundance creation of melanin in a specific region of the skin, which makes those patches hazier than the remainder of your skin.

Hyperpigmentation can influence individuals of any age and different skin types. Pigmentation of the region around the mouth incorporates sunspots and melasma. Otherwise called chloasma, melasma normally influences pregnant ladies because of hormonal changes. 

Tips To Avoid Hyperpigmentation 

After talking about pigmentation briefly, now it is time to talk about some ways to avoid pigmentation.

  • Try not to open your face to coordinate sun for extensive stretches. Continuously utilize a facial covering or an umbrella while you venture out in the searing sun.
  • Practice yoga and contemplation consistently. This assists you with keeping your pressure, doshas, and resultantly your melanin emissions in adjusted levels.
  • Try not to utilize compound hair expulsion creams around your mouth. Other than obscuring the skin around your mouth, these synthetics may forever harm your skin.
  • Quit utilizing substances to put together the enemy of kink creams with respect to your face. They might have fixings that exasperate melanin creation and cause pigmentation around your mouth.
  • Try not to wax or string around your lips excessively. Now and again, the constant scraped area brought about by these methods might harm your skin and cause dull spots.
  • Massage your lips and region around your mouth with explained margarine or cow ghee prior to dozing.
  • Eat an even eating routine according to your Ayurvedic doshas and drink satisfactory measures of water.

Ways To Treat Hyperpigmentation 

Hyperpigmentation can be created if you are consistent with the products that you use, here are some of the best ways to treat hyperpigmentation. 


On the off chance that you shed the region around your mouth routinely with a delicate exfoliator, it can eliminate dead cells and assist with easing up the skin. Pick a compound exfoliant as it won't scratch the skin which thus may deteriorate the condition.

OTC pigmentation creams

Skin pigmentation creams can be powerful in lessening the dull region around the mouth. Search for fixings, for example, glabridin (a licorice separate), kojic chemical, Vitamin C, grape seed remove, azelaic chemical, arbutin, curcumin or niacinamide. These square the development of tyrosinase which is required by the skin to make melanin. Apply as coordinated on the pack.

Medical ointments

On the off chance that different cures have not worked, counsel a dermatologist. The person might endorse a treatment containing hydroquinone. This medication confines the cells that make the shade and dial back tyrosinase creation, which makes the dull spots blur quicker in a week or thereabouts.

Laser treatments

Laser medicines are a compelling approach to disposing of dull regions around the mouth. However not extremely durable, they can ease up the skin. Results additionally rely upon your skincare schedule, sun openness, and your qualities.

One specific treatment known as fraxel laser treatment is utilized to treat pigmentation. It is an effective, infinitesimal laser that advances elastin and collagen recovery. It is powerful in lessening dull spots and restoring the complexion.

Chemical peels

Your dermatologist might utilize a salicylic chemical or glycolic chemical strip to treat the brown complexion around your mouth. Be that as it may, these strips don't offer a long-lasting arrangement and the pigmentation can return.

These strips enter profoundly into the skin to fix the harmed cells. Post-treatment safeguards like avoiding the sun, applying sunscreen, and safeguarding the skin can make the impact of the strips last longer.

Home Remedies To Treat Hyperpigmentation 

Here are some incredible home remedies that you can use to reduce hyperpigmentation. 


To eliminate the dim patches around your mouth, rub a large portion of a crude potato on the obscured regions in a round movement for around 20 minutes. Potatoes have dying characteristics and this treatment is great for those with delicate skin.


Papaya is plentiful in vitamins A and C and can be utilized to decrease the dim patches around the mouth. Take a couple of cuts of crude papaya and mix with rose water to make a thick glue. Apply as a cover and leave on for thirty minutes. Wash it off delicately with cold water.

Aloe Vera

Aloesin, which is gotten from aloe vera, can assist with easing up the skin around the mouth. Taken in case structure, it might likewise assist ladies who are having melasma.

Not only this but you can also use our 2% Alpha Arbutin serum that will help in reducing pigmentation. This serum is made with the goodness of kojic acid, Alpha Arbutin, Hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera extracts. 

Take Away 

Pigmentation around the mouth can be problematic but do not worry, it is curable. We hope you liked the information we shared above, do the alpha arbutin serum to your skincare if you too have pigmentation around your mouth. 

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