Water Intoxication

The side effects of overhydration can resemble those of drying out.

Excessive Water Intake

Drinking water is important and essential to keep our body hydrated, a hydrated body is better functioning but have you ever heard about drinking too much water? Well, yes it is a thing to be concerned about. 

While there is no set formula to drinking water you should at least drink 8-10 glasses of water to keep your body healthy, hydrated. Drinking water also helps in flushing out toxins from our body, however drinking too much water can be harmful. 

At the point when you drink an excess of water, you might encounter water intoxication, water poisoning, and disruption of the cerebrum work. This happens when there's an excessive amount of water in the cells, making them grow. Assuming this tension builds it could cause conditions like hypertension and bradycardia.

Sodium is the electrolyte generally impacted by overhydration, prompting a condition called hyponatremia. Sodium is a critical component that helps keep the equilibrium of liquids all through cells. At the point when its levels drop because of a high measure of water in the body, liquids get inside the cells. 

Symptoms of Water Intoxication 

Water intoxication is a very serious problem that can happen to anyone, we really hope each and every one of you will take this issue as a serious one and will not try anything like this on their own. 

When you drink an excessive amount of water, it can cause hyponatremia, which happens when your blood sodium fixation turns out to be exceptionally low. In the event that you drink more water than your kidneys can flush out, it'll weaken the sodium in your circulation system, making cells grow.

The vast majority of the revealed instances of perilous water inebriation have involved exceptional actual work, like military preparing or running a long-distance race. Others have come about because of unnecessary water utilization because of a hidden psychological wellness condition or constrained utilization as a type of misuse.

After talking about water intoxication in general, let us now talk about some of the common symptoms that you might notice if you drink more than 3-4 liters of water within a few hours. 

  1. The shade of your pee: Probably the most effective way to decide whether you're drinking sufficient water is to screen the shade of your pee. It as a rule goes from light yellow to tea-hued because of the blend of the shade urochrome and the water level in your body. Assuming the pee is regularly clear, that is a certain sign you're drinking an excess of water in a limited capacity to focus.
  1. An excessive number of restroom trips: Another sign is in the event that you're calming yourself more than expected. Overall, you ought to pee six to eight times each day. Going up to multiple times is typical for water-drinking successful people or individuals who routinely drink caffeine or liquor.
  1. Drinking water even when you aren’t thirsty: A third method for trying not to drink an excessive amount of water is to know when your body needs it. The body can battle against parchedness by telling you when you want to drink some water. Thirst is the body's reaction to drying out and ought to be your directing prompt.
  1. Nausea and vomiting: The side effects of overhydration can resemble those of drying out. At the point when you have a lot of water in the body, the kidneys can't eliminate the abundance of fluid. It begins gathering in the body, prompting queasiness, spewing, and looseness of the bowels.
  1. Severe headache: Migraines can connote both hydration and parchedness. An abundance of water in the body causes the body's salt levels to go down and the cells to grow. This expansion makes them fill in size, and those in the cerebrum press against the skull. This strain causes a pounding migraine and may prompt mind disability and inconvenience relaxing.
  1. Staining of the hands, feet, and lips: At the point when you're overhydrated, you will see a few expanding or staining of your feet, hands, and lips. At the point when the cells grow, the skin will likewise expand.
  1. Weak muscles: At the point when the electrolyte levels drop due to drinking an excessive amount of water, your body balance goes down. Low electrolyte levels in the body can cause muscle fits and squeeze.
  1. Sluggishness or weariness: Drinking a lot of water makes your kidneys endeavour to eliminate the overabundance sum. This makes a chemical response that causes you to feel anxious and tired. Assuming you can't get up subsequent to drinking a lot of water, this is on the grounds that your kidneys are exhausting.

Take Away

A lot of influencers promote drinking ample amounts of water without knowing the side effects of excessive water intake. We hope that after reading about water intoxication you will be able to control your water intake if you are someone who drinks too much water. Water intoxication is real and it can turn hazardous real quick, we hope more people understand that drinking water is essential but overdoing anything will have a side effect on your body. 

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