Toxic Chemicals To Avoid In Skincare

Toxic Chemicals To Avoid In Skincare


Toxic Chemicals That You Must Avoid In Skincare

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All our skincare and cosmetic products carry some harmful toxic chemicals that can damage our skin over time. Today we will talk about such toxic ingredients that you must never use in your skincare. 

We all like trying out new skincare and cosmetics but it is important to read the ingredient list before investing in any product. A lot of brands add toxic chemicals to their products to increase shelf life for texture and fragrance.

People who have sensitive skin should refrain from using such products as they are harmful to your skin. You should always do thorough research about the ingredient list and added chemicals in all your skincare. 

Toxic Chemicals That You Must Avoid In Skincare 

Here is a list of toxic chemicals for skin that you must avoid in skincare.

Synthetic colors

Manufactured colors are gotten from oil or coal tar. Coal tar is made of hydrocarbons, carbon, and water. It is a thick, dark, and gooey fluid with a trademark smell. Have you been searching for profoundly pigmented lipsticks? Right now is an ideal opportunity to ponder what goes into these shades. The heavier the color, the higher the possibilities of expanded coal tar rates.

Coal tar is additionally present in large numbers of financially accessible eyeshadows. 


Scents are found in skincare items like fragrances, creams, shampoos, chemicals, and conditioners. They are made with synthetic compounds that are related to respiratory issues, skin sensitivities, dermatitis, and after effects in the regenerative framework.

There is no association that limits makers from utilizing scents. They don't need to uncover what's inside their scents. Aromas are likely cancer-causing agents, aggravations, and endocrine disruptors. 


Triclosan is a typical compound found in containers of toothpaste, antibacterial cleansers, and antiperspirants. It is powerful against organisms, yet it is likewise an endocrine disruptor and a skin aggravation. A few examinations detailed that triclosan can prompt stomach aggravation and cancer development in vertebrates.

Triclosan separates gradually and subsequently, is viewed as a possible danger to the climate. Like sulfates, triclosan too is risky for oceanic life.


Toluene is a petrochemical dissolvable found in most hair colors and nail clean. They can be hazardous for your invulnerable framework and may convey the gamble of birth deformities and blood disease. Abstain from utilizing hair colors and nail clean in the event that you are an eager mother as it can harm the creating hatchling.

Toluene can influence the human focal sensory system and can prompt weakness, cerebral pain, sickness, and laziness.


Lead is found in lipsticks, eye-liners, establishments, and brightening toothpaste. Lead isn't straightforwardly added to lipsticks yet is a significant pollutant in colorants utilized in lipsticks. Love wearing lipstick to work each and every day? We do, as well! What's more, we really wanted this rude awakening!

Lead is a weighty metal that is normally found in the world's covering. We are now presented with sufficient lead in our air, food, and water. 

Chemicals in sunscreens

Synthetic compounds like PABA, benzophenone, oxybenzone, methoxycinnamate and homosalate are utilized in sunscreens. They are accepted to retain a light, however, they make more harm to the body as opposed to safeguarding. These sunscreen synthetic compounds are endocrine disruptors.

Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

The stake is utilized as a thickening specialist in skin care items like slaves, sunscreen, and shampoos. It can cause disease and respiratory issues. It can likewise take off the normal oils from your skin and trigger the sebaceous organs to make more sebum that can make the skin oily.


Sulfates are salts that are shaped when sulphuric corrosive (H2SO4) responds with another synthetic. They are additionally created from petrol and plant sources like coconut and palm oil. They go about as surfactants and are utilized for washing.

Sulfates can disturb your eyes and skin. They can rashly clean the color off of your hair. There is likewise a continuous discussion about their utilization because of expected dangers to the climate. Getting them from normal sources like palm oil is causing the annihilation of rainforests. Whenever they have washed away, they can be poisonous to the oceanic species.


Parabens are the additives used to keep your skincare and cosmetics new and microorganism free. They are found in an assortment of items, from cleansers to salves and cosmetics. Research shows that they cause expanded creation of the chemical estrogen and disrupt conceptive and mind work.

A few investigations make sense that parabens enter your skin and copy estrogen that triggers inordinate cell division in the breast. This in the end prompts breast malignant growth.

Most of the skincare products available in the market contain toxic chemicals, if you want to avoid them, then you can resort to a brand that ensures purity. 

Take Away

We hope this will be helpful to you in recognizing what ingredients are toxic for our skin. Make sure you always read about the product you are applying to your skin, and refrain from using products that contain these chemical ingredients. 

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