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Sexual Performance

Symptoms Of Sexual Performance Anxiety 

Causes Of Sexual Performance Anxiety 

Treatment Options For Sexual Performance Anxiety 

Take Away 

Sexual performance anxiety can be common if you are a first timer, sex is a difficult subject to talk about to your partner but it is an essential part of the process and can help you understand each other better. 

Sexual performance anxiety is common in both men and women, however, it is seen to be more relevant in men than women. A lot of men often face Erectile Dysfunction which can also cause performance anxiety. 

Today we will talk about how sexual performance anxiety can cause stress and also harm personal relationships. 

Symptoms Of Sexual Performance Anxiety 

Sex is complicated but sexual performance anxiety can really hamper a person's personality and confidence, here are a few symptoms of sexual performance anxiety. 

  • untimely discharge
  • a failure to climax
  • an apathy toward sex

The actual side effects of Erectile Dysfunction can incorporate trouble getting or keeping an erection. It might likewise prompt a deficiency of sexual longing and can cause sexual anxiety in men. 

Causes Of Sexual Performance Anxiety 

If a person has self-image problems then they are more likely to be entrapped by sexual performance anxiety. This issue can elongate and can make people fear sex and can lead to trouble in relationships. Here are some common causes of sexual performance anxiety.

  • body image
  • penis size
  • perceptions of virility
  • ideas about gender roles
  • relationship issues
  • Watching too much porn on the internet

Sexual Performance Anxiety can also lower your libido, our libido defines our desire to have sex, a person who has a low libido indicated that he has a low desire to have sex as compared to a person with a high libido. If you are someone who is dealing with Erectile Dysfunction and have performance anxiety then you should visit a therapist or a doctor that can help you in treating both of these issues. 

Treatment Options For Sexual Performance Anxiety 

After talking about the effect of sexual performance anxiety, now let us talk about some treatment options. 


Psychotherapy, or talk treatment, is the essential treatment for sexual performance anxiety.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most well-known sort of talk treatment used to treat sexual performance anxiety in people. Talking to someone can always help you open up about your issues, this will help you understand your problems and find vital solutions. 

If you are hesitant to talk about performance anxiety to your friends or family we would always suggest taking up therapy that can help you provide a professional approach. 


Assuming erectile dysfunction is an important reason for sexual performance anxiety, medication might be recommended to address both of these issues. Both erectile dysfunction and sexual performance anxiety go hand in hand and can be treated together. 

These meds incorporate oral pills called phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors, penile infusions, and intraurethral meds. Assuming there is an issue with low libido and finding of low testosterone levels, then, you can also take up testosterone supplement treatment that comes in both gels or injections.

Erectile Dysfunction Medicinal Treatments:

  • Via-agra, sild
  • Cialis, tadalafil
  • Levitra, vardenafil
  • Stendra, avanafil
  • Caverject, Trimix, Bimix, and QuadMix, intracavernous infusion
  • Muse, alprostadil urethral suppository


Meditation is a magical process that can help you realign your thoughts and make your mind more calm and controlled. Negative emotions and thoughts can have the best of us if we let them get a hold, meditation helps in releasing negative thoughts and emotions and will make us mindful about what we think.

Meditation can help you release your anxiety and stress and can help you get in touch with yourself. Being mindful during meditation is essential; it helps in reducing performance anxiety. The goal during mindful meditation is to incorporate positive thoughts and affirmations that reach our subconscious making it a reality. 

Performing mindful meditation at least 10 minutes a day can bring you peace and harmony and can also reduce performance anxiety. 


Yoga is another way to relieve your performance anxiety, just like we use our mind during meditation, we use our body during yoga. Breathing in and out in a slow and mindful way can help you reach a sense of belonging. 

Yoga does not only calm your brain but can also help you physically treat Erectile Dysfunction. There are various yoga asanas that you can perform to find balance in your life and performance anxiety. 


Communication is the key to bridging all the gaps in a relationship, if your relationship has been suffering due to erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety then communication is the best way to make your partner understand what you are going through. 

Having open communication with your partner can be a game-changer, it can help your relationship and can boost trust and bonding. 

Take Away

Sexual performance  anxiety is a real issue and it has been coming to light with more and more people speaking about erectile dysfunction. We hope you liked the treatment options we gave above, do not feel shy or embarrassed talking about performance anxiety it is an important topic. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then do get yourself diagnosed and seek proper treatment. 

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