Skin Care Tips For Men With Oily Skin
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Skin Care Tips For Men With Oily Skin

Skin Care Tips For Men

Skin Care Tips For Men

Not everyone has the same skin type, some have dry skin while others have oily skin and most of the people also have a combination of both oily and dry. If you are one of those men who are dealing with oily skin, don't worry. Because you are not alone, instead of hating it, find some easy ways to deal with and to look your best.

Face oil is a good thing, it helps us to protect our skin from damage from all environmental factors. It even nourishes and moisturizes both our skin and hair. However, having too much oil can lead to clogged pores, presky breakouts or give you a feeling of greasiness all over your face.

To reduce it all you need to do is adapt a healthy skincare routine that helps your skin control its sebum production. Before that, let's see what are the causes of oily skin in men and simple skin care tips.

What Is Oily Skin?

To be moisturized or nourished your skin needs a certain amount of natural oil called sebum. An oily skin simply means excess production of sebum on your face and it occurs due to oversized sebaceous glands within your skin. This is the reason why your skin appears shiny as well as greasy.

Sebaceous glands are present throughout your skin except in your soles and palms. These glands start to produce sebum after you are born and the percentage of sebum increases along with the age.  It is useful for protecting your skin and hair from the loss of moisture. However, excess sebum leads to clogged pores and acne breakouts.

Few Benefits Of Oily Skin:

People with oily skin tend to deal with less premature aging, it simply means they are very less prone to wrinkles and age spots. This is because the oil present on the skin is meant to protect and lubricate, helping to preserve the skin in its best way.

Another benefit of oily skin is that you will face skin problems only after you begin the journey in your early or mid-thirties. This is the time where our skin slowly starts and is responsible for lower production of oil on the skin surface for most people. 

Causes Of Oily Skin:

It's better to know the causes of oil production on your skin, so that you will get to know how to deal with it further. Below are the main causes of skin oil.

  • Genetics:

Like eyes, hair, oily skin is also a genetic trait that has been passed to you from your parents. If one of your parents deals with oily skin then there is no wonder for your oily skin.

  • DHT:

Dehydrotestosterone also called DHT is a hormone that contributes to oily skin in men. This happens because when testosterone hormone converts to potent hormone DHT it forces the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

  • Heavy Exposure To UV Rays:

Heavy exposure to sun rays makes our skin look dry and activates an injury response in your skin. The UV rays even trigger in  producing more oil from sebaceous glands to help hydrate and lubricate your skin. 

  • Weather Fluctuations:

As humans, our bodies react to the surrounding environment we put in. Hot, humid and summer seasons make the skin produce more oil and in winter and fall months our skin becomes dry which means the production of oil on your skin is pretty low.

  • Unhealthy Diet:

Diet plays a major role not only in maintaining a healthy body but skin as well. Foods like sugar, excess salt, alcohol, deep-fried foods, butter, cheese, milk, milk chocolate, white bread, white rice, white pasta and the list goes on results in damaging our skin when consumed on a daily basis.

However, you don't need to cut them all completely, instead you can reduce the intake of certain foods that aren't good for you and for your skin.

Try to replace fried foods with healthy foods like refined grains, and opt for fresh fruits instead of cakes, breads that are packed with sugar.

While milk chocolate can be irritating, you can have dark chocolate that provides some benefits for overall health.

Check out some tips that help with oily skin in men.

Simple Tips For Men With Oily Skin:

  • Use Face Wash Twice In A Day:

Cleansing your skin is the most important part in your skin care routine. To keep your skin healthy and glowing, cleanse your face twice a day with men’s face wash that is specifically designed for men's skin and unique skin care. 

Never use soaps for washing your face, as most of the soaps are made with strong detergents and soap molecules bound with oil and dirt trapping them in water. They will just leach out natural oils out of your skin and leave it dry, tight. 

Using men's face wash will not only help you to get rid of impurities, dirt and excess oil from your skin, but also prevents the pore from clogging. 

Choose the one that suits your skin or apt for oil control cleansers to remove excess sebum, prevent acne and breakouts. Oil control cleansers help in balancing the PH level of your skin and keep it healthy.

A gentle face wash that is made up of ingredients that are less aggressive works perfect and leave your skin clean and hydrated. 

  • Exfoliate Your Skin:

Face wash is used to remove dirt and excess oil from your face, where face scrub is used to exfoliate deeper into your skin. It digs bacteria, oil buildup and other dirt from the pores and even the layers of dead skin cells. 

Regular exfoliation also helps in preventing bacteria buildup and unclog pores. But, do not over exfoliate your skin, it might result in making your skin dry and inflammation which generates excess oil production. Be gentle with your skin while using scrub or any exfoliation cleanser.

When using a scrub make sure it contains natural ingredients that don't harm your skin and use it every alternate day if you have oily skin. 

  • Moisturize Your Skin:

You shouldn't avoid moisturizer just because you have oily skin. Moisturizers attract moisture from the environment and retain it inside your skin and keep it hydrated and healthy. They stimulate ceramide production and prevent the loss of water from the topmost layer of the body. 

Choose oil free and lightweight water based moisturizers that contain non comedogenic ingredients like neam oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil etc. all these natural ingredients in moisturizer won't leave your skin shiny or oily.

  • Use A Toner:

Toner is just as important as scrub, including it in your skin care routine helps in reducing oil buildup, minimizing pores and diminishing inflammation. It works as a quick refresher for oily skin that easily cuts back oil and refreshes the skin.

Be careful when choosing a toner for your skin because many varieties have high alcohol content and other harsh ingredients that might leave your skin dry and make you feel irritated. 

Instead make your own toner using ingredients like cucumber, witch hazel and peppermint to get positive results without any negative effects. Apply toner after washing your face but before applying face moisturizer.

  • Use Face Mask:

Face masks are a great way to replenish your skin with antioxidants and to keep the excess oil in check. 

Use a face mask twice in a week for deep cleansing and to remove bacteria, oil that cause acne and tone your skin. 

There are many varieties of masks available in the market, choose the one that works best for your skin type. Go for activated charcoal, kaolin clay and other natural ingredients which work effectively to remove bacteria, toxins and excess oil. 

Take Away 

Dealing with oil skin is a little hard but with the right skincare routine you can easily control the excess oil production.