Did you know these Moong dal benefits? Nutritional value?
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Moong Dal benefits

Moong Dal benefits

Moong dal benefits

Moong dal is the favourite snack for most of us. It is readily available, at most supermarkets, and is rich in nutritional value. It contains high protein that helps in bone strengthening and repairing muscle tissues. Moong dal is available in green and yellow colours, but the most used and preferred one is yellow-coloured moong dal. They both are slightly varied in their nutritional values. There are numerous other Moong dal benefits. Let’s know more now!

Here are 6 Moong dal benefits

  1. Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
  2. Antioxidant properties
  3. Helps fight diabetes
  4. Lowers blood pressure
  5. Controls cholesterol
  6. Anti-microbial agent
  7. Promotes liver health

Moong dal nutritional value

Moong dal is highly nutritious, most people consume it without even knowing its nutritious benefits. 


Moong Dal (Per 100Grams)











Does moong dal have protein?

Yes, moong dal is medium in protein but high in fibre. Although the value is low, it still benefits the consumer. Apart from protein, it also has Vitamin B, potassium, and Manganese. Moong dal with the combination of protein and fibre benefits more. Usually, when protein alone is consumed there is less benefit compared to consuming it with the combination of fibre, and that is what moong dal does. This combination helps keep your stomach full for a longer period and decreases the urge of hunger cravings. A perfectly cooked moong dal of 100 grams contains, 16 grams of protein and 24 grams of fibre.

Is moong dal good for health?

Although not prescribed by doctors, Moong Dal is healthy and it has various health benefits.

  1. Moong dal has anti-bacterial properties that help fight various bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms that can affect negatively. It also prevents fungal infections and fights them.
  1. Moong dal is can be used to treat diabetes and prevent it. It decreases blood sugar levels by decreasing the absorption of glucose in the small intestine.
  1. Moong dal contains enzymes that are responsible for treating high blood pressure, thereby decreasing blood pressure. For treating high blood pressure, it is recommended to use raw moong dal, and sprouts can help too.
  1. It is believed that moong dal has properties that help fight cancer cells in the digestive system and breast/chest areas.
  1. Eating moong dal regularly can increase gut health, thereby increasing digesting capacities and also treating constipation.
  1. Moong dal is also beneficial for the skin, it gives a natural glow. The fatty acids and enzymes present in it are the reason for this. They keep the skin radiant and glowing.
  1. Consuming moong dal is also beneficial for keeping the liver healthy. It prevents jaundice and other diseases or infections related to the liver. And it increases immunity to fight various infections and diseases.

Is moong dal good for weight loss?

Apart from all the other health benefits moong dal gives, it also aids in weight loss. The protein and fibre content in the moong dal, when consumed keeps our stomach packed for hours and decreases our hunger cravings. Which in turn results in less consumption of regular food, which helps in weight loss.

Moong dal boosts metabolism, which increases digestive capacity and decreases high-calorie intake. Moong dal can be used as a snack, curry, or side dish to enjoy its benefits. Moong dal enhances the function of the cholecystokinin hormone, which plays a key role in hunger pangs. Thus, keeping your stomach full, and preventing you from overeating.

Moong dal vs urad dal

Urad dal is black in colour and is also called a black lentil. Both Moong dal and Urad dal have health benefits but work differently. Moong dal is less protein content when compared to urad dal. While Moong dal is rich in fibre and Urad dal is low in fibre content. Urad dal needs soaking to consume it, and moong dal can be consumed raw. Moong dal is readily available as a snack in almost every supermarket, Urad dal is available but you need to soak and cook it to consume it. Moong dal is the best-preferred snack irrespective of time, while Urad dal is mostly used as a curry or side dish during lunch and dinner. Urad dal is high in fat content when compared to Moong dal. Urad dal is good for the heart and increases bone density. Moong dal is good for the liver and repairs muscle tissues. Both of them are useful in skin care and digestion.

Healthy recipes to try

Try out these two recipes at home today, for better taste and better health.

1. Moong dal soup:

You need a moong dal of 100 grams, three onions, one tablespoon of oil, chilies, and one tablespoon of salt. 

Step 1: Bowl the moong dal in water for a while on slow heat

Step 2: Now heat oil and add sliced onions, salt, and chilies.

Step 3: Now add the boiled moong dal to it.

Step 4: Let them boil for a while and stir it well, and it is ready to consume.

2. Moong dal curry:

You need 100 grams worth of moong dal, one tablespoon of oil, one tablespoon of salt, chopped garlic pieces, two chopped onions, a small piece of ginger, crushed tomato juice/paste, and half a tablespoon of turmeric powder.

Step 1: Boil moong dal for a while on slow heat.

Step 2: Heat oil for a while and the other ingredients in it.

Step 3: Stir them for a while and add boiled moong dal to them.

Step 4: Mix them well, and low-heat them for a while and it is ready to serve once it gets cooled down.

Take Away

Moong dal is a good snack and a great dish to consume with numerous health benefits. Next time when you are hungry, and you go shopping add moong dal to your list. Be it raw or cooked, consume it on regular basis for better results. Last thing, don’t consume it more cause it can cause gas formation in the stomach which makes your stomach heavy for a longer period.


Is it good to eat moong dal daily?

Yes, you can eat moong dal on daily basis. It is fibre rich and easily digestible, but you need to consume it in moderation.

Is moong dal good for stomach?

As moong dal is rich in fibre content, it acts as a prebiotic that helps aid in a healthy digestive system.

Is urad dal and moong dal same?

Urad dal and moong dal belong to the same family and is very similar in shape and size but their nutritional value and benefits vary.


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