Millets for Weight Loss

Millets for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Types of millets

Health benefits of millets

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Millets are a nutritious powerhouse. They've resumed their place in health-conscious people's kitchens. Millets, in addition to being gluten-free, improve your health and help you lose weight. Any fitness enthusiast will attest to the remarkable health benefits of eating millets. Millets come in a variety of varieties, each with its own set of health benefits. Millets have long been recommended as part of a healthy diet. Until the Green Revolution rendered rice and wheat more accessible, the people of central and southern India lived on millets. Government policy, on the other hand, did not encourage millets to be grown. Farmers were deterred from growing millets as a result. As a result, as the quantity of produce decreased, millet consumption decreased.

Types of millets:

Millets are available in a variety of forms and sizes. Some common types of millets are:

  1. Foxtail millet:

Kakum/Kangni is the indigenous name for foxtail millet. It contains beneficial carbs that balance blood sugar. It also helps to boost immunity due to the iron and calcium levels. Furthermore, foxtail millets aid in blood cholesterol regulation and enhance HDL cholesterol in the body.

2. Finger millet or ragi:

Ragi is a more common name for finger millet. It's a more nutritious cereal than rice or wheat. Ragi is a high-protein, gluten-free grain. Ragi is claimed to aid in the development of children's brains.

3.  Buckwheat or bajra:

If weight loss is your major concern, opt for buckwheat. It's a good diabetic diet since it helps lower blood pressure and promotes cardiovascular health. Buckwheat also helps to prevent ailments including gallstones, asthma in children, and breast cancer.

4.  Little millet:

Little millet is an excellent choice for those looking to lose weight. It could be used in place of rice. It's high in fiber and contains potassium, zinc, iron, and calcium, among other minerals. Vitamin B is also included, which offers health benefits and functions as an antioxidant inside the body.

Health benefits of millets:

  1. Millets assist in weight loss:

Millets have a low calorie content and are therefore a good weight-loss snack. It aids people who are concerned about their fitness as well as those who are trying to shed weight. It allows individuals to sustain their energy levels through the day without needing to continuously eat to recharge. Millets are also more satiating than other carbs. You will feel fuller for longer after eating them since they take time to digest and enter into your body. This keeps you from snacking and overeating. Apart from following the weight loss tips, use the slimming oil by Mars by GHC to achieve a flat belly. It has proved to have shown efficient results with regular and proper use. 

2.  Millets help in boosting immunity:

The body's immunity is built through protein consumption. Millets are high in protein and can aid in the development and strengthening of our immune systems. You have a lower likelihood of contracting infections if your immunity is stronger.

3.  Millets help to reduce cardiovascular problems:

Millets include necessary fats, which give our bodies with healthy fats that help to avoid excess fat storage and reduce the risk of high cholesterol, strokes, as well as other heart problems. Millets include potassium, which helps to control blood pressure and improve circulation.

4.  Millets can prevent asthma:

Millets include magnesium, which can help you endure fewer migraines. It may also help to reduce the severity of the asthma symptoms. The reason for this is that, unlike wheat, they lack the allergens that cause asthma and wheezing.

5.  Millets can assist in digestion:

Millets are a high-fiber grain that aid digestion by reducing bloating, gas, cramping, or constipation. Furthermore, good digestion prevents problems including gastric/colon cancer or kidney/liver problems.

6.  Millets are great anti oxidants:

Millets have antioxidant characteristics that assist your body cleanse; Quercetin, curcumin, ellagic acid, as well as other beneficial catechins wash toxins out of your body and counteract the enzymatic processes of your organs.

Take Away 

With the introduction of more popular grains like rice and wheat, millets went unnoticed. It wasn't until lately when health and fitness buffs all over the world realized its possibilities. Millet agriculture, with exception of wheat and rice, is extremely sustainable. Our bodies benefit from this food grain because it boosts immunity, prevents illnesses, and aids weight loss. Millets also take longer to digest in the body, so they keep us fuller for longer. Millets can be consumed in a variety of ways. Millets can be used as a cereal alternative, porridge, or cupcake infusion - the culinary possibilities are unlimited. So incorporate this superfood into your daily diet and observe the good results.

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