Lemon Tea for Weight Loss

Lemon is loaded with vitamin c, antioxidants, which boosts metabolism and flush toxins from the body and increase digestive power.

Lemon Tea for Weight Loss

The yellowish, greenish, round ball-like structures, which are pulpy from inside, are called lemons. Naturally bitter and sour, but tasty. It's a fruit that has myriad advantages and invigorates our overall health. 

Lemon consists of ‘vitamin c’ which aids weight loss. It has low protein and fat, but an adequate amount of carbohydrates and water (80-89%). The medium size lemon consists of 77 mg of vitamin c per 100gm. It is used as an ingredient to surge the taste of the food. Lemon is very diverse in nature, play an omnipotence role in weight loss. It can be used in the form of tea by adding up a few ingredients.

Lemon can also be used as a morning drink by adding a spoonful of honey in it, which when drunk, electrifies and exhilarates the whole day with enthusiasm and energy. It alleviates belly fat within a short period.

Weight gain is the real “MISERY” these days because it makes us get exposed to many life-threatening diseases. Obesity holds the first rank; we never know where it leads to. Weight gain increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, acidity, breathlessness, gastrointestinal disease, thyroid, stress, lack of concentration, depression.

Weight gain can occur naturally or it might be due to some health conditions. Excessive eating, genetic factors and stress are the main roots of weight gain. Being overweight makes us feel lethargic, disinterested in things, lower self-esteem and confidence. People must take a few measures to safeguard health.

Weight Loss Advantages

Shedding those extra pounds, and fitting in the small size,wooh! Someone took an intense journey in reaching desired size and number, not only that; but this journey will amuse you with advantages of health. 

  1. Goodbye Thyroid: thyroid is of two types where if production is high it leads to hyperthyroidism and if the production isn’t inadequate leads to hypothyroidism. Over weight is one of the reasons for it, because metabolism decreases and the effect on the thyroid gland increases. By losing weight, our metabolism vigours and it assists in the appropriate functioning of the thyroid gland.
  1. No Gastrointestinal Issues Anymore: Weight loss increases the efficiency of the digestive system, cures most gastrointestinal issues like acidity, weak digestion, problems like food assimilation, absorption. Constipation and flatulence as well.
  1. Liver Dysfunction: It even cures liver ailments, like, sluggish liver and improper production of bile. But, after weight loss, liver energy gets exhilarated and works appropriately.
  1. Other Advantages: There won't be any sleep issues and insomnia anymore. You'll just see, post-weight loss person, with much energy enthusiasm. No depression, stress or anxiety. Increased metabolic activity. Increased memory. Mindfulness in work.

Benefits of Lemon Tea for Weight Loss

Are you the one? Thinking to cast off those extra fats from the body by using the fruit “LEMON”, yes! You’re driving in the correct way to reach the goal! Lemon can be used in numerous ways to lose weight. The lemon water in the morning makes you feel full for a longer time and produces energy, just shift water to lemon, to increase more benefits in the body. 

Lemon is loaded with vitamin c, antioxidants, which boosts metabolism and flush toxins from the body and increase digestive power. It reduces belly fat within a short span and also reduces the risk of cancer.

Just start your day with a glass of lukewarm water and the addition of lemon and a spoonful of honey in it. Works in every way, like it produces energy for the daily tasks to get on with. Switch on the stove and put a bowl full of water, then add tea powder and squeeze the lemon in, then bring it to boil. 

Don’t add sugar to the tea because it won’t show the desired results, instead add honey. Lemon detoxifier drinks can be made for easy and quick weight loss. Take one medium-sized lemon, cut it down into three or four pieces and add 2 cm of ginger and a few mint leaves and three cucumber pieces in one litre of water. 

Leave it overnight, let the cucumber, mint, lemon and ginger get assembled in the water. The next day drink the boosting, refreshing drink which is loaded with many antioxidants, immunity enhancers. which works not only internally, but externally on the skin too, because it diminishes pimples, acne, blackheads away from the skin.

Take Away

Lemon tea is fortified with slimming and anti-obesity properties that can help you get rid of excess fat. You can drink lemon tea first thing in the morning or after your workouts.

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