Is the Derma roller effective for hair loss?

Derma roller for hair growth

Hair loss

Is the derma roller effective for hair regrowth? 

For Hair Loss, Use a Derma Roller 

What is the best way to use a Dermaroller for hair loss? 

Is it possible to use a Dermaroller and Minoxidil at the same time? 

Take Away

Have you noticed that your hairline is receding? Have you been experiencing a lot of hair loss recently and are afraid about going bald? Do you still have questions about treatment options? 

Don't worry, we’ll clear things up for you and lead you in the right direction. Many patients nowadays feel that they are too young to have a receding hairline, particularly around their temples. 

These kinds of issues among the younger generation are quite new in my 30 years of work. We won't state that solely hereditary predisposition plays a role in hair loss, but it is a synchronous result of several factors such as a stressful and hectic lifestyle, junk food consumption, and cortisol levels that have been disrupted owing to a variety of circumstances. 

This article discusses the use of a dermaroller to cure hair loss. This will assist you in making a decision if you're looking into hair loss treatment solutions. 

Is the derma roller effective for hair regrowth? 

It certainly does! Micro-needling has numerous advantages, particularly in the treatment of hair loss. Because it helps increase collagen development and can help induce stem cell production in the hair follicles, studies have shown that it is an effective treatment for alopecia. As a result, hair regeneration is boosted.

Also, if you're still wondering if derma rollers help with hair development, then you should know that it aids in the absorption of hair loss treatments such as: 

  • Minoxidil 
  • Peptides for Growth 
  • Plasma with a high concentration of platelets 

However, before you start derma rolling, talk to your doctor about all of your hair regeneration options and whether you need to supplement your hair care programme with any extra treatments. 

Dermaroller is a device that encourages hair growth by using the micro-needling technique.  

  • On the scalp, it causes small pinpricks. 
  • Without causing any damage or pain, the pricks encourage new cell development and enhance blood circulation.  
  • The scalp then releases human growth hormone in response to the pricks, causing new skin to grow. 
  • In the vast majority of situations, it has been demonstrated to be an effective treatment. However, genetics, sex, nutrition, age, and health condition all have a role. 
  • It improves the efficiency of Minoxidil by increasing blood flow to the hair roots and stimulating an enzyme called sulfotransferase. 

For Hair Loss, Use a Derma Roller 

Your hair will not fall out if you use a Derma roller. The skin on our scalp is punctured by a derma roller, which activates and regenerates hair. 

A derma roller, a type of micro-needling, is an effective treatment for hair loss, according to science. It increases collagen formation in the scalp, resulting in thicker, stronger hair. Let us explain the hair stages to help you understand why you need stronger, thicker hair for your hair's health and to prevent hair loss

The anagen phase of hair growth is a stage in the hair cycle during which hair cells divide rapidly and new hair grows

The telogen phase of hair growth is the period of the hair cycle when your hair starts to fall out. Hair loss is caused by hair follicles entering a resting period too soon. The derma roller prevents your hair from being nutrient-deficient. 

After derma rolling, grease your hair for the greatest derma roller effects. 

This stops hair loss by allowing your scalp to absorb more nutrients and preventing telogen hair shedding. You can regulate your hair loss with a derma roller to the point where it is within the 50-100 strands of normal hair loss

What is the best way to use a Dermaroller for hair loss?  

  • To avoid your hair being tangled in the roller, wet your hair before using the device. 
  • Begin by rolling it down the back of the head from the front side of the scalp or near the hairline. 
  • Concentrate on one area of the scalp at a time. 
  • Roll it horizontally, vertically, and diagonally over each spot 10-15 times. 
  • When the needles are in touch with the scalp, you should only roll in one direction. 
  • To avoid scratches, don't roll forward and backward at the same moment. 
  • To avoid over-irritating your scalp and lengthening the time it takes to heal, use just moderate pressure. 
  • Before you start doing it yourself at home, it's always a good idea to get instructed by a dermatologist on how to use a dermaroller properly. 

Is it possible to use a Dermaroller and Minoxidil at the same time? 

Yes, a combo treatment of Dermaroller and minoxidil works best on hair. The combination of Dermaroller with Minoxidil improves minoxidil absorption and effectiveness. 

When it comes to hair loss, how often should you use a Dermaroller? 

Dermarollers can be used anywhere from 2-3 times per week to once every two weeks to obtain optimal results, depending on a variety of parameters such as the area to be treated, needle length, and hair loss

Take Away 

It is best to have the therapy done under the supervision of a competent dermatologist. The derma rolling procedure isn't surgical, so there aren't many hazards, but it does necessitate skilled hands, which is where a professional comes in. 

The treatment will be performed by a licensed practitioner with minimal problems and scarring. Before beginning treatment, schedule a consultation and inquire about the estimated cost. During the meeting, a reputable medical practitioner will show you a portfolio of their work. 

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