Is foreplay before sex necessary?

Foreplay before sex


Foreplay and the clitoris

Foreplay tips

Take Away

Whoever stated that finishing strong is the most crucial thing has never had a candid chat with a woman about the value of foreplay. Men and women aren't always on the same page when it comes to sexual preparation. As you prepare for a night of calm, languid lovemaking, your evening unexpectedly transforms into such an Emeril Lagasse show: It was all going swimmingly until... bang! It's finished. Because it requires a woman longer than a male to reach the degree of arousal required for orgasm, proper foreplay is especially vital for women. A man can have an erection just by thinking about sex, but like most women, seeking sex isn't enough. Preparing the mind and body for sex, foreplay offers an emotional and physical purpose. Many women require kisses, hugs, and caresses to lubricate the vaginal canal, which is necessary for pleasant intercourse. 

Foreplay and the clitoris

Clitois has the same properties as the penis, which benefits from foreplay. Blood pours into the clitoris, and for a woman to get an orgasm, lubrication in the vaginal canal is required, as well as erecting the clitoris. The key to experiencing pleasure is stimulation. However, we are more than our biology. Then again, a girl has emotions. Women, in particular, require emotional affirmation that the man with whom they are ready to have sex truly desires to be with them. In a way that the "Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am" method simply cannot, the time and attention offered during foreplay can transmit that message.

Foreplay tips

  1. Get the room ready for sex

During sex, a lot of guys have had this tunnel vision capacity that allows them to focus on what they're doing forget about everything else. Women are easily distracted by their surroundings and a long list of tasks to complete. Spend the time to clear the debris, straighten the sheets, pick up the laundry, and overall tidy up the living environment if you welcome her into your room. It's also never a bad idea to set the scene. Turn off YouTube, dim the lights, light a candle, play some music, or at the very least, turn off YouTube.

  1. Take your time undressing

If you want to engage in foreplay with a woman, remember that peeling away layers of clothing slowly is significantly more alluring and appealing. Yes, it's difficult to maintain a steady pace whenever you want to look at every inch of her body. She'll like the anticipation which comes with removing one item of clothes at a time, as well as the care you pay to her body. Remove the shirt and touch her arms and shoulders. Slowly remove her jeans, kissing or touching her legs and thighs as you do so. She takes off her bra and strokes her breasts. Remove her underwear and... well, you get the picture.

3. Slow it down and build anticipation

Slowing down, as said in tip three above, may do wonders for your foreplay attempts, and it is one of the foreplay ideas for guys that can be the most difficult to implement. Yes, you and she are both thrilled, but you want to focus on one aspect of the total sexual experience: anticipating pleasure. The simplest method to do this is to slow down your roll.

4. Ask questions 

Your goal is to stimulate her, but if you're having trouble figuring out what she enjoys, simply ask. Most women love simple questions because they show that you want to please her in the way she wants to be pleased, which could be a turn-on in and of itself. Make sure your queries aren't too childish. Put a lot of thought behind them, or use the idea that you're looking for advice as an excuse to say something naughty.

Even if your girlfriend is a little hesitant in the bedroom, the act of her expressing you things she enjoys without having to explicitly respond can be really hot for both of you. And you'll get the foreplay advice you're looking for. In either case, it's a win-win situation.

5. Get out of the bedroom

Sex doesn't have to take place solely in the bedroom, and neither does foreplay. Experimenting with sensual play in different parts of the house may be a lot of fun. Start foreplay in the lounge room while she's folding clothes, or join her in the shower to start the party. Even if you wind up in the bedroom, experimenting with new settings and situations might pique her interest and make her thrilled. Don't forget that leaving the house can truly take your sexual adventures to the next level. Rent a hotel a few towns away for the night and go on a road trip with just some strategically planned foreplay breaks along the route.

6. Get cleaned, groomed and sexy

You know how clean skin and a perfectly manicured surprise under beautiful pants entice you? All of this, believe this or not, is equally appealing to women. NOT the sexy underwear—unless that's her thing, in which case... go for it. One of the simplest methods to attract a woman is to be clean, smell nice, and put on a decent pair of seductive underwear. Man scaping is a good idea. Even if she does not express it, she will appreciate your efforts.

Take Away

We often overlook foreplay, although it is an important aspect of the intercourse process. It gives ladies time to 'warm up' and get into the mood. It also enables individuals to experience orgasm on a more regular basis. Many men are surprised to learn that the average healthy male takes about 5 minutes to attain climax, whereas the average healthy woman can take up to 17 minutes.

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