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Is a lack of morning erections a concern?

Is a lack of morning erections a concern?

Morning Erection is a very natural phenomena and quite an important one, many people do not put a lot of emphasis on this but it is quite essential for the well being of a man. Morning Erections are also known as Morning Wood and are completely healthy, they happen to every man and can be of great help as they let you know that your sexual health is doing just fine. 

However, Morning Erection does not happen everyday which is also normal, an absence of Morning Erection for a longer period of time at a stretch can be an early sign of Erectile Dysfunction which needs to be treated as soon as possible. 

Morning erection is also called as Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) and it indicates the nerves are able to reach blood to the penis which is a sign of good health. Many people relate this to getting a performance dream which is not true this a way for your body to show you that it is healthy. 

Age plays an important role in the creation of morning erection, young men get morning erection more often than older men. Young adults also have a higher level of Testosterone in them which a;so plays an important role in the creation of morning erection. 


Many young adult men have this question and here we have three basic reasons why men get morning erection. Let us get into them!

Hormonal production 

The first reason why men get a morning erection is the Hormonal Production that happens when they are asleep. The testosterone levels reach their highest capacity during sleep. 

Testosterone is an essential male hormone and the levels of this are highest during sleep which can be a major cause of Morning Erection. That is exactly why as old you get the lesser morning erection you encounter as the levels of Testosterone in your body start to decrease. 

Mental Stimulation 

Mental Stimulation plays a major role in morning erection, when you are sleeping your body produces cortisol which is a glucocorticoid hormone which affects the immune system but your body is also producing higher levels of testosterone. 

After waking up from a REM sleep and with high levels of testosterones in the body, men do get morning erection, not getting it is a sign that you might be facing Erectile Dysfunction or that your body is not able to produce enough testosterone. 

Physical Stimulation 

At last physical contact with your partner during sleep can also be a reason for Morning Erection. This is called Physical Stimulation. It can also happen with the pressure from bedsheet, pillow or just a little pressure can also cause morning stimulation. 


Morning Erection is a good indicator for an overall healthy person, if you wake up with a Morning Erection this is a sign that your body is healthy and can reach an optimal level of erection. 

Many men get multiple erections while sleeping which is completely normal and healthy, now men who do not get a Morning Erection might be in trouble as this could be a sign for Erectile Dysfunction. 

Erectile Dysfunction is a very traumatic experience and can make you anxious and can be a cause of performance pressure, there are a lot of reasons as to why Erectile Dysfunction can occur but one the major ones can be due to less production of Testosterone. 

If your body is producing enough testosterone during sleep then you are likely to wake up with a morning erection if not then this can be a serious issue which needs to be addressed. 

So, getting a morning erection is more important than you may think, many men do not take this seriously but this is a matter of your own health and must be taken seriously, visit a doctor if you are unable to get a Morning Erection. 


Not being able to get a morning erection is a serious health hazard. This could mean that your nerves are not able to circulate enough blood into your pelvic region which can be an early sign for Erectile Dysfunction. 

The production of Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) states that your body is healthy but a lack in NPT can indicate a not so healthy body. 

Many people are not aware of or tend to ignore this topic but it is nothing to be ashamed of, it is completely normal and essential to talk about these topics. 

You could be suffering from Erectile Dysfunction if you are:

  • Overweight 
  • Have high blood pressure 
  • Have high cholesterol levels 
  • Are a patient of diabetes 
  • Suffer from depression, anxiety

There are a lot of ways in which you can treat Erectile Dysfunction and get your life back on track, one of which we would suggest is to go ayurvedic and try our Ashwagandha tablets. 

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These tablets will not only help you with Erectile Dysfunction but will also boost testosterone production in your body which will help you in achieving Morning Erection. Do not take your morning erection for granted as it is a very important part of your life.