Imli for Weight Loss and Several Other Health Benefits

Imli for Weight Loss and Several Other Health Benefits

Weight Loss

How Does Imli Work for Weight Loss? Or Imli for weight loss 

Imli's Other Health Advantages 

Take Away 

The tropical fruit imli, sometimes known as tamarind, is used in Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, and Mexican cuisines. When you think about tamarind, you probably think of the tart flavour of some south Indian cuisines. It is, after all, used as a flavouring and a sour agent. Tamari can be used in a variety of dishes, including dips, candies, desserts, jams, pickles, sauces, and soups. Apart from being a flavouring agent, it also aids weight loss and relieves a variety of illnesses. 

Tamarind offers numerous health benefits in addition to its culinary use. Because of its nutritional content, tamarind is widely used as a natural cure. It's high in hydroxy citric acid, a chemical that may help you lose weight. Eating tamarind can also help to reduce inflammation, strengthen bones, control blood sugar, and prevent bone illnesses. As a result, tamarind is frequently regarded as a superfood. 

How Does Imli Work for Weight Loss? Or Imli for weight loss 

It is not always simple to lose weight. You may utilise tamarind in a variety of ways to aid in your weight reduction quest, from healthy detox drinks to curries. However, one meal or substance is insufficient. To lose those excess pounds, you should follow a structured workout plan and eat a well-balanced diet. At the same time, incorporating tamarind into your everyday diet can be beneficial and a great weight loss tip


Dietary fibre consumption increases weight loss, according to a randomised trial study. As a result, tamarind's high fibre content is ideal for weight loss. It's no secret that fibre meals help you lose weight. Fibre keeps you full for longer periods of time and inhibits you from snacking on harmful foods in between meals. It also improves your digestion, which helps you lose weight faster. As a result, you consume less calories and avoid gaining weight. 

Citric acid, hydroxy 

The most important component of tamarind that aids weight loss is hydroxy citric acid, or HCA. Hydroxycitric acid may help people lose weight by inhibiting fat formation and enhance exercise performance by limiting the utilisation of stored energy in muscles, which appears to reduce fatigue. 

The hydroxy citric acid in Garcinia or Malabar tamarind extract serves as a weight loss agent, according to findings from an analytical investigation. It works by blocking the enzyme amylase, which turns carbohydrates into fat. However, the findings suggest that the weight loss from consuming tamarind is minor and only effective in the short term. 


Tamarind also contains phytochemicals such as flavonoids and polyphenols. These substances have a substantial power to increase fat burning and decrease appetite. Furthermore, according to the Journal of Obesity, persons who consumed imli lost 0.90 kg (2 pounds) more than those who did not. 

 Weight Loss Through Stress Hormone Reduction 

It should come as no surprise that stress is one of the leading causes of unhealthy weight gain. Cortisol, sometimes known as the stress hormone, is the hormone responsible for this. According to studies, high cortisol levels in the body can cause weight gain, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of heart disease. Imli helps the body manage cortisol and minimise stress. As a result, it indirectly aids weight loss

Visceral fat is reduced

According to a trial investigation, Imli reduced abdominal fat formation in participants with the visceral fat accumulation type of obesity, regardless of gender resulting in a flat belly. 

Furthermore, no rebound impact was observed in the participants, according to the researchers. As a result, numerous experts believe that Malabar tamarind can help prevent and minimise the buildup of visceral fat. 

When utilising tamarind for weight loss, though, don't consume too much of it. Imli should be consumed three times a day, according to doctors. 

However, before taking it in any quantity, consult your doctor. At the same time, you should keep in mind that no single food or dietary behaviour will be enough to help you lose weight. A good weight loss journey incorporates numerous aspects such as dietary changes, exercise, and lifestyle changes, among others. 

Imli's Other Health Advantages 

Tamarind has various health benefits in addition to weight loss. People consider tamarind a miracle fruit because of these additional benefits. The fruit's widespread use in Ayurveda and traditional medicine is proof of its many advantages. 

Ayurvedic medicine is incomplete without imli. Constipation, diarrhoea, stomach pain, ulcers, and other digestive diseases are treated with them by Ayurvedic practitioners. It also helps with inflammation, parasite infections, wound healing, and other conditions. Additionally, it possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Take Away 

Tamarind, also known as Imli, is a common ingredient in many cuisines around the world. It's used in candies, sauces, and soups, among other things. It also contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These minerals have numerous health advantages. Tamarind is beneficial for avoiding and treating stomach problems, heart disease, and high blood sugar. It also works as a natural laxative and helps with digestion. It also aids in the control of blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Tamarind has a fantastic weight-loss effect. It contains dense fibres, antioxidants, and hydroxy citric acid, all of which aid in weight management. 

However, this superfood has certain drawbacks in addition to its benefits. Tamarind can induce bad responses in certain persons who are sensitive or allergic to it. Excessive tamarind consumption can also cause complications. Potential medication interactions are a risk with any natural therapy. Finally, losing weight alone by eating tamarind is difficult. However, you can lose weight with the appropriate diet and frequent exercise, and the tangy fruit can help you along the way.

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