How To Apply Mino-xidil For Thinning Hair?

How To Use Mino-xidil For Hair Growth?

Man with baldness | How to use minoxidil

Knowing how to use Mino-xidil properly will provide the greatest results. But, before we get there, we wanted to refresh your memory on what it is so you know what you're putting on your head every day.


Mino-xidil is a topical therapy for men with male pattern baldness that has been scientifically proven to reduce hair loss and improve hair growth.

To achieve the maximum benefit of this topical treatment, use it twice daily. After four to six months of twice-daily usage, most men see a change. This is a long-winded way of emphasizing that consistency is essential for seeing results.

As per the mayo clinic, this medication is frequently accompanied by patient instructions. It is critical that you carefully read the instructions and you only take this medication as advised. Do not use more of it or use it more often than your doctor has prescribed. This may enhance the likelihood of it being absorbed via the skin. Do not apply Mino-xidil to other places of your body for the same reason. Absorption into the body may harm the heart and blood vessels.

Use no other skin products on the same skin region where you are applying Mino-xidil. Hair coloring, permanents, and relaxers may be used during Mino-xidil treatment if the scalp is cleansed immediately before applying the coloring, permanent, or relaxer. Mino-xidil should not be utilized within 24 hours of the hair treatment process. Make cautious not to increase your Mino-xidil dosage to make up for missing doses.

How to apply Mino-xidil to the hairline?

How to Apply Mino-xidil Topical Solution:

It is easy to apply Mino-xidil topical solution to your scalp. The whole procedure takes just a few minutes, making it simple to include into your morning and nighttime routines:

  • Make sure your hair is totally dry before applying Mino-xidil. Dry your hair after taking a shower or bath before applying the Mino-xidil solution.
  • 1mL of Mino-xidil should be placed in the dropper supplied with your medicine. The dropper should have a black line denoting the 1 mL mark.
  • Apply the Mino-xidil to the parts of your scalp that are experiencing hair loss using the dropper. It may be beneficial to separate your hair in many areas so that the Mino-xidil may readily reach your scalp.
  • Replace the cap on the bottle once you've applied the Mino-xidil. Rub the Mino-xidil solution into your scalp with your fingertips.
  • After applying the Mino-xidil solution, thoroughly wash your fingers with soap and warm water to eliminate any residual Mino-xidil from your skin.

How to Apply Mino-xidil Foam:

Mino-xidil foam is also simple to use. If your Mino-xidil is in the form of a foam, apply it to your scalp as follows:

  • Before using Mino-xidil, make sure your hair is fully dry. Before using the foam, separate your hair lightly so that your scalp is easily accessible.
  • To discharge half a capful of foam over your fingers, hold the can upside down and push the nozzle.
  • Apply the foam to the parts of your scalp that are experiencing hair loss using your fingertips. As you apply the foam, try to massage it into your scalp with your fingertips.
  • After you've finished using the Mino-xidil foam, properly wash your hands to remove any residual Mino-xidil.

Best time to apply Mino-xidil

Mino-xidil is a topical medicine that is applied to the scalp. It is intended to be used twice daily. The majority of individuals who use Mino-xidil often apply it twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, usually just before bed.

Which shampoo to use after Mino-xidil?

There is no one therapy for hair loss that will work for everyone. There are many treatments for hair loss, and it all relies on the kind of hair loss you have and the therapy your dermatologist recommends. Mino-xidil is the most often used, safe, and effective medicine. In addition, if you have dandruff or fungal infection, you may be given keto shampoo. But Shampooing your hair for 4 hours after applying Mino-xidil is generally not advised.

Anti hair fall shampoo

How often to wash your hair while using Mino-xidil?

It is recommended that you wash your hair at least once every other day to prevent any build-up of Mino-xidil residue on the scalp. After applying Mino-xidil, wait at least an hour before washing your hair. In general, it is preferable to wash your hair on Mino-xidil at least every other day (do not wash for at least 4 hours after application).

The best Mino-xidil to use:

In the treatment of male pattern baldness, Mino-xidil solution and foam are used to promote hair growth. Find here Mars’s pick for the best Mino-xidil to use for preventing hair loss:

1. Mino-xidil Fin. Topical Solution for Hair Growth

Mino-xidil 5% Fin 0.1% topical Solution is a proven formula for the treatment of Male Pattern Baldness. It promotes blood circulation on the scalp and helps you regrow your hair. The way these ingredients are used in the production process makes this solution original & premium quality in nature.

Combining the two medications results in a balanced effect that promotes healthy hair regrowth by stimulating blood flow to the follicle and reducing DHT levels. Hair begins to thicken and grow as soon as 4 weeks into treatment. 


Mino-xidil 5%

Fin. Solution 0.1%

How to Use:

  1. Dry your hair. 
  2. Apply 1-2ml on the affected area.
  3. Using your fingertips, gently massage for a minute.
  4. Leave it for at least 3 hours.

2. Mino-xidil 5% Topical Solution for Men

This topical solution for hair loss in men has also been shown to promote hair growth and increase the thickness of existing hair. 

By increasing the number of nutrients and oxygen that can get to the area of your scalp, Mino-xidil works and allows the cells in your skin to regenerate faster and more effectively, which stimulates the growth phase of your hair.

It differs from other treatments because it works directly on the scalp plus targets specific hormones, nutrients & antibodies. It is more effective than other medications for hair shedding. 

How to Use:

  1. Dry your hair. 
  2. Apply 1-2ml on the affected area.
  3. Using your fingertips, gently massage for a minute.
  4. Leave it for at least 3 hours.

Take Away

The application of Mino-xidil is a simple procedure. Apply the Mino-xidil solution or foam on your scalp as directed above.

To avoid missing your morning and nightly doses of Mino-xidil, consider setting an alarm or taping a note to your bathroom mirror to remind yourself.

Mino-xidil may begin to work instantly. However, it normally takes many months before you start seeing effects.


1. Can I comb my hair after applying Mino-xidil?

Take around 30 minutes to let the Mino-xidil properly penetrate your scalp before combing your hair. This ensures that no product is removed or rubbed into the hair by the hair brush.

2. Can you leave Mino-xidil on overnight?

Allow 2 to 4 hours after applying the Mino-xidil to thoroughly dry before going to bed. If your hair or scalp is not completely dry after taking the medication, it may discolour clothes, caps, or bed linen. Avoid spreading the medications to other regions of the body while it is moist.

3. Can I use Mino-xidil once a day?

Although Mino-xidil works best when taken twice a day, it is equally effective when used once daily.


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