Beard Dandruff

How To Stop Your Beard Dandruff?

What is Beard Dandruff?

Beard dandruff also called beardruff these days, is a skin condition that causes flakes to form on the hair follicles in the beard region. This can cause flakes to fall out and can cause slightly clogged pores, sore skin, and reduced facial hair. Beardruff is also called seborrheic dermatitis. Living with dandruff means knowing that itchy patches won’t go away and you’ll need to deal with them on a daily basis. This means washing your beard hair thoroughly, using cleansers on a regular basis, using beard shampoos and moisturizers, and checking the condition of your facial hair on a regular basis to ensure the clogged pores don’t flare up and cause acne. It’s not just about tidying your beard up occasionally either - over time you’ll start to itch, and develop dandruff that could lead to ugly scruffy patches or worse yet, cause patchy beard.

Why does Dandruff occur in a Beard?

There are two reasons for beardruff, dry skin, and fungal infections. 

Dry and flaky skin under your beard is due to the harsh chemicals you use for shampooing your beard, face wash use. These harsh chemicals remove the natural oils produced by your skin, which dries out your skin. Other reasons for dry skin are dehydration and cold weather.

Dry skin is also caused due to high skin cell regeneration. The average cell cycle lasts till 30 days, sometimes this cycle fastens up and produces more dead cells. These dead cells pile up, making a dry skin look.

Fungal infections are caused by a fungus called Malassezia globosa\, which grows in oily areas with abundant sebaceous glands. The fungus breaks down sebum into oleic acid. Oleic acid causes skin irritation in some people and also dandruff. The severity increases in the case of oily skin, as they have more Malassezia globosa fungi, producing more oleic acid than normal and causing severe irritation.

How to get rid of Beard Dandruff?

If you have been suffering from beard dandruff you know just how challenging it can be to keep going with your day. You may wonder how can we remove this problem once and for all. Start with these ways to get rid of beard dandruff.

  • Exfoliating

Exfoliation removes all the piled-up dead cells. Regular brushing will help in removing the dead cells and while also letting the natural oils spread out evenly throughout the beard hair. Brushing hair will tame your beard and also soften your beard hair.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

Using shampoo and conditioner will give good nourishment to your beard hair and give hydration to even the skin under the beard. Hydrated skin will prevent or decrease itching. Make sure your beard shampoo is mild and does not contain sulfates, silicones, and parabens. Ingredients like tea tree oil are very beneficial in getting rid of beardruff and also prove good moisture.

Do not use hair shampoo for beard because it might be very harsh on your beard skin. Make sure not to use hot water which can remove all the natural oils present and dry out skin even more.

Take a little amount  (depending on the length of your beard) of beard shampoo into your palm, lather it up and gently massage it into your beard in circular motions. Make sure you don’t rigorously massage or pull your beard. Gently wash your beard and rinse out the shampoo completely. 

Take a little amount of beard conditioner (depending on the length of the beard) in your palms and apply it to your beard. Leave the conditioner for 1-5 mins and rinse it off.

Do not shampoo and condition every day, use shampoo and conditioner after every other day. Too much shampoo can exfoliate too much, aggravating dandruff more.

  • Moisturizing

Moisturing is an essential part of your beard regime as it will prevent your skin from drying out and also decreasing dandruff. It hydrates your beard ski, thus prevents beardruff. 

Use a good quality beard oil that is free from parabens, sulfates, and silicone.

Make sure your beard oil is rich with essential oils such as coconut oil and tea tree oil which have anti-fungal properties.

You can also use beard balms and beard wax depending on your preference and climate. Beard balms too like beard oils moisturize, nourish, and cure dandruff. Due to its thick consistency, it forms a thick layer of moisture over your skin. Beard balms are best suitable for long beards. Beard wax not only moisturizes but also keeps your beard in shape.

How to prevent Beard Dandruff from coming back?

To prevent beardruff to surface up, again and again, you need to follow the above-mentioned routine regularly. Some tricks and tips to prevent beardruff are as follows

  • Brush your beard to exfoliate the beard. It will improve blood flow and shape your beard.
  • Use a boar bristle beard brush.
  • Use a mild face wash. There are even face washes that work even for beards called beard and face wash.
  • Wash your beard every other day
  • Use a good quality beard shampoo and conditioners which are free from sulfates, silicones, and parabens.
  • You can even use beard softeners. 
  • You can use beard oil/beard balms or even beard wax whichever suits you. Use them every other day after conditioning and drying up your beard.

Take Away 

Beard dandruff is very common given if you don’t follow proper care and routine for preventing it. Causes of beard dandruff are dryness and fungal growth. Whatever the cause is, you can use this article as a guide to get rid of dandruff and also prevent dandruff from coming again.

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