How to Make Sex More Pleasurable?

How to make sex more pleasurable


Ways In Which You Can Make Sex More Pleasurable 

Positions That Can Make Sex Pleasurable 

Take Away

Sex is good when it is pleasurable, a lot of people can not enjoy sex because it might be painful for them or they may have a low libido. Libido is often known as a person's sexual desire, a person who has a low libido may find sex interesting but not as much as a person with a high libido. 

Your partner's libido can play a huge role in deciding if sex is pleasurable for them or not. A person with a high libido finds sex more fun and pleasurable than a person with a low libido. 

Talking about your needs and likes before having sex, is a good way to discuss what all things can work for you as a couple. Mutual understanding also plays a huge role in pleasurable sex, so make sure you communicate with your partner. 

Ways In Which You Can Make Sex More Pleasurable 

After talking about the importance of pleasurable sex, now it is time to talk about some tips to keep in mind.

  • Add foreplay: regardless if sex is planned or impromptu remember to add foreplay before actually getting to it. Sex doesn't need to surge in light of the fact that you have to get it done, you can start by setting a clock for 30 or 45 minutes and don't start intercourse until that clock goes off. Sex is supposed to be exciting, challenging, reckless and everything in between, if you don't laugh while having sex are you even enjoying it? Well, sex can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people, so take your time and do what suits you. 
  • Focus on your partner's climax: However many accept the male discharge is all that is truly required to make a child, there are a ton of advantages to focusing on delightful and surprising female climax. Besides, getting into sexual relations just for reproduction might decrease interest in sex between both partners. Sex should be ritualistic, it should be done often, as you know sex also helps in releasing build-up stress and tension and can help you in getting healthy. 
  • Try something different: having sex regularly is great, it is also pleasurable but sometimes a routine can make it boring and dull, to avoid this you must try something different every once in a while. You can surprise your partner with role play, wearing nice lingerie, or lighting up some candles to set in the mood. Efforts in sex will always be rewarded. 
  • Converse with your accomplice about your experience and pay attention to your accomplice's insight. Lament together. Share sentiments. Recall individuals experience misfortune in an unexpected way. In spite of the fact that your accomplice may not cry before you, it doesn't mean the individual doesn't feel trouble. Discuss your thoughts, however, don't anticipate that your accomplice should feel precisely the same way you do. Tune in and be merciful. Relating on this common experience develops enthusiastic closeness, which will assist you with having more prominent sexual closeness too.
  • Open conversations: having open and straightforward conversations with your partner can really be helpful. Knowing each other's past experiences can help you decide what your partner may like or not like in sex. All couples should talk about their sexual experience to understand each other better and to be able to perform in the way your partner would like. 
  • Skip the typical bedroom: sex is all about being innovative and challenging, the bedroom is definitely the safest place but it can get boring sometimes. You can always try getting physical in places that give you excitement, like a car or a public washroom. It may work for some couples. 
  • Add sex toys: a lot of people find it pleasurable just by watching their partner enjoy, if you are one of them, then adding a sex toy can bring lots of excitement to your relationship. 
  • Use lube: using lube can definitely smoothen the process of having sex and can 100% make it more pleasurable. Lube comes in different flavors which can make it an aromatic environment. 

Positions That Can Make Sex Pleasurable 

Positions can also play an important role in making sex pleasurable, let us find out some positions that you can try with your partner. 

Rider on Top

Many individuals with vulvas like this normal sex position since you're in charge of the point and pushing speed. To make it much more extraordinary, rather than essentially sitting on top, get on your knees and incline forward, then, at that point, move in and out overall quite sluggish. 

The Catcher

The Catcher is another level-up from normal sex position rider-on-top. Rather than resting your knees outside your partner's legs, you'll establish your feet. From that point, you can handle your speed and profundity to track down the specific right spots for you.


Many individuals love double oral sex, however, this is the way to make the 69 sex position far and away superior, both of you lie on your sides. Suddenly, you both have more straightforward access to each other. To make this normal sex position considerably more exciting, have your partner utilize a vibrator on you while you perform oral. 

Take Away 

Sex is great when both partners are equally comfortable and have a mutual bond, we hope our tips and tricks will help you in achieving pleasurable sex each time. Do try the positions we have mentioned above, we are sure you and your partner will enjoy them.

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