How to have safe sex?

How to have safe sex?

Safe Sex

How To Have Safe Sex?

Safety Concerns When It Comes To Oral Sex 

Take Away 

Safe sex is not only about protecting yourself it is also about protecting your partner from any unwanted pregnancies and is the best way to avoid getting any sexually transmitted disease.

Getting physical with your partner is not an issue, however, taking care of yourself is important, safe sex helps you identify the pros of having sex in a protected circumstance. 

Unprotected sex might put you or your partner in danger of STIs, for example, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, Mycoplasma genitalium, HIV or hepatitis B, or may bring about an unwanted pregnancy.

Today, we will talk about some alternative by which you can have safe sex.

How To Have Safe Sex?

Safe sex simply means protecting you and your partner, so the best way to have safe sex is by using a condom. Condoms offer the best accessible assurance against STIs by going about as a physical obstruction to forestall semen from entering the body, vaginal liquids, or blood between partners. 

Safe sex is additionally called 'safer sex' to advise that condoms or any other form of contraception are not 100% safe, there are chances where people have gotten pregnant even after using a condom. 

The male condom is a fine, solid, latex rubber sheath accessible in a lot of sizes and styles. Condoms produced using polyurethane are accessible for individuals allergic to latex. The female condom looks like a normal condom made of polyurethane, yet is intended to fit inside the vagina. The female condom is pre-greased up and is one size that fits all.

Remember that a diaphragm offers great security against pregnancy, but low insurance against STIs.

Continuously utilize a new, greased-up condom each time you have intercourse. Keep in mind not to use your nails or anything that can break or tear up the condom. If you have lube or any water-based lubricant with you, then you can always use that as it will help in making the sex not only more pleasurable but will also help in protecting you. You can simply apply some lube on the condom and you are good to go. 

Nothing ruins a fun and sexy time like pressure. Safe sex is better sex since it allows you to zero in on your worries and adds to your joy with your partner without stressing over STDs. communicating is this key, in a new relationship it is important to talk to each other about their issues and stress caused due to various reasons, the fear of STD can be one of them. Talk to your partner, if you want then you can also ask them for an STD test this can help build your bond and can make you feel secure while having sex. 

Safety Concerns When It Comes To Oral Sex 

Oral sex is another form of sexual activity, this does not really mean intercourse. A lot of people believe that oral sex is safer sex than intercourse, however, this is not true. Any form of sex without a condom is unsafe. 

Unprotected oral sex can cause similar problems as unprotected intercourse. Here are some of the sexually transmitted diseases explained for you. 


Oral sex is generally safe action for HIV transmission, especially when compared with sexual activity. Although such transmission are rare but there are still possibilities that you might get HIV through oral sex.


We have to say that genital herpes and oral herpes are typically brought about by various strains of the herpes simplex infection HSV-2 and HSV-1, individually, it is workable for one or the other infection to contaminate either site. Therefore, it is feasible to get herpes during oral sex. Not at all like HIV, the herpes infection can be promptly spread from one or the other accomplice during oral sex.


Recent information has proved that a lot of throat infections can be caused by gonorrhea can be transmitted via oral sex. Gonorrhea can be caused due to oral sex and intercourse. 


It is feasible to get chlamydia during fellatio, and both the receiver and the individual performing oral sex are in danger. There has been little examination on whether it is possible to get chlamydia during cunnilingus, nonetheless, because of the likeness of the sicknesses, the contamination hazard is presumably like that for gonorrhea.


Syphilis is incredibly easy to communicate through oral sex. Despite the fact that syphilis must be sent within the sight of indications, during the essential and optional phases of the infection, the effortless injuries it causes are not entirely obvious. Subsequently, many individuals don't realize they have syphilis symptoms when they communicate syphilis to their partners. 

Safe sex is the need of the hour, people need to understand the importance of performing safe sex for themselves and their partner's sake. Taking the morning after pill is not considered as safe sex, people should be better educated on how dangerous STDs are. 

Take Away 

Safe sex has become important for our young children, the right guidance is always needed to help them understand how they can have safe sex. Condoms, may it be male or female are essential and a must to perform oral sex and intercourse. We hope you liked the information we shared above, do follow the guidance we have shared for safer and better sexual experiences. 

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