How Eating Habits Affects Your Hair Health?

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Hair Health

We all desire to be healthy and have healthy skin and hair but what do we actually put in to achieve all the desired goodness? Well, not many people actually invest in themselves. 

Our food is our fuel if we give our body essential vitamins to strive well then our hair will get healthy. Our eating habits affect our lives a lot and we need to realize this. Eating a healthy home-cooked meal will serve you ten times better than eating outside. 

Poor nutrition can lead to hair fall, damaged and dull-looking hair, so if you too desire to get nourished and healthy hair then change your eating habit. 

Eating Habits That May Affect Your Hair Health

As we mentioned above our food is the fuel that keeps us going, here are some poor eating habits that can affect not only your health but can also lead to damaged hair. 

Eating food with higher levels of mercury

Undeniable degrees of mercury are related to balding. One of the most widely recognized sources through which we devour mercury is fish. A few fishes are especially mercury-rich and should be stayed away from. This incorporates sushi, mackerel, swordfish, and certain fish. You can supplant these with shrimp, salmon, and light fish as these convey lower mercury content.

Eating food with processed sugar 

processed sugar has numerous unfavourable impacts on the body and breaking down hair and nail quality is one of them. High sugar admission prompts an expansion in blood glucose which implies the body needs to create more insulin. This further prompts an expansion in androgens, or male sex chemicals, which can bring about contracting of the hair follicles and ultimately lead to early hairlessness.

Low protein diet

The essential structure square of hair is the protein called keratin. Hence, inadequate protein admission implies that you are at a higher danger of going bald. Lean meat can be a sufficient wellspring of protein. Vegans can choose lentils, spinach, beans, and tofu as wellsprings of protein.

Consuming high-glycemic food varieties

High-glycemic food sources are effectively separated into sugar. These food sources are subsequently extremely destructive to hair wellbeing and development. Expanded sugar utilization will prompt expanded insulin and androgens in the body which obviously unfavourably influences hair wellbeing. High-glycemic food sources incorporate pasta, bland white bread, and flapjacks.

Having an overabundance of Vitamin A

Nutrient An is significant for sound eyes and acute sight. Be that as it may, exorbitant admission of nutrient A can prompt hair diminishing and balding.

Calcium insufficient food 

Calcium is a significant necessity for solid and radiant hair. Calcium insufficiency can prompt unfavourable impacts on hair and nails. Your eating regimen could profit from calcium-rich food sources like milk, cheddar, and other dairy items.

Low admission of zinc and iron

Iron and zinc also work with hair wellbeing and should be remembered for your eating regimen. They help in keratin development which is significant for hair development and wellbeing. Fish and red meat are wealthy in iron and zinc, and beans are additionally a decent wellspring of these supplements for vegans.

Solid hair is an extraordinary certainty sponsor and an indication of general great wellbeing. A further developed eating routine can prompt better hair as well as improve your overall wellbeing. Try to stay away from these dietary missteps with the goal that you can wear solid hair.

Food That You Should Include In Your Diet For Better Hair Health 

After talking about some of the poor eating habits that we might have all been a part of some of the other times in our life, now it is time to change and adapt to healthy eating. Here are some food items that you must add to your diet for better hair health. 


Eggs are one such versatile ingredient that needs to be a part of your everyday diet plan. A lot of old studies have proven that egg yolks work for hair growth as it contains biotin and vitamin D, which are great for higher testosterone and biotin production in the body.


Almonds are a perfect snack option that is enriched with a powerful nutrient-rich punch. Almonds are versatile and can be eaten in a lot of ways. You can salt roast, or spice them up, they have a rich amount of biotin. 


Dairy products are a rich source of vitamin D, biotin, and calcium. However, some cheeses have the optimal levels of biotin that will help our body in growing the beard at a much faster rate. The top cheeses for hair growth include:

  • Blue cheese
  • Camembert cheese
  • Cheddar cheese
  • American cheese

Brazil Nuts

Just like almonds, brazil nuts are especially enriched with goodness for hair growth. They have a high concentration of selenium which makes them effective in hair growth. 

Just one Brazil nut has 77-91 micrograms of selenium, which exceeds the 55 mcg daily recommended content.

Take Away

Our food intake very much matters for our hair growth and skin’s wellbeing, if you are eating natural and organic produced fruits and vegetables, consuming enough water then your body will react with good hair and skin. Whereas, if you constantly have a poor diet and lack the vital nutrients then you may face issues like hair fall, dull skin, and overall deteriorating health. 

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