How can you control excessive facial sweat?

How to control excessive facial sweat

Control excessive facial sweat

Sweat is a fluid that exits the body through pores in the skin usually due to physical stress and/or high temperature for the purpose of regulating body temperature and removing certain compounds from the circulation.

Facial Sweat is the sweat observed on the face, particularly on the nose tip, forehead, beard, cheek, chin, sideburns, etc. The sweat is regulated relative to body reactions to various conditions that include warm temperatures, exercise, stress, or spicy food. Any extreme emotion could bring out sweat, especially on the face.

Embarrassed By Facial Sweating? 

The existence of sweat is normal and healthy but few people with certain conditions face excessive sweating from the body parts.

Our faces convey emotions so when people see facial sweat, they often assume the sufferer is anxious or embarrassed.

Few people face excessive sweating with no particular reason behind it. This excessive head and face sweating is called craniofacial hyperhidrosis. This condition embarrasses not just alone but the belonging ones around. This is exhibited through overactive sympathetic nervous systems.

One might also be suffering from any of the following diseases.

1) Anxiety

The uncontrollable stress sustained in the body due to feelings of worry, doubt, fear, etc. This condition is generally considered to be a mental health disorder. Anxiety is exposed through various body behaviors. One of them is facial sweat.


Meditation, yoga, physical exercises, mental exercises, avoiding smoking and drinking, consuming anxiolytic drugs could treat Anxiety, thereby reducing excessive facial sweat.

2) Anorexia

It is an eating disorder compelled in persons who are unwarrantedly afraid of gaining weight. Their tension shows out as sweat on their face. 


Self-esteem and behavioral changes are the first in course to treat anorexia. There are available medicinal therapies to control anorexia. The controlled anorexia would recover the body from excessive sweating. 

3) Hyperhidrosis

The disorder is when the nervous system triggers sweat glands to secrete sweat irrespective of either climatic conditions or emotional temperaments.


Having aluminum-based antiperspirants, bathing twice a day, and wearing breathable fabrics made of natural materials that allow the skin to breathe may help reduce sweating. Injecting Botulinum toxin would temporarily block sweat secreting nerves, and intends to control excessive sweating.

4) Blood Pressure

The flow of blood in the vessels changes with the heart's pull and push. It also changes with the substances added into the blood. The pressure-induced in blood results in excess blood circulation that the fat-like substances come out as sweat through the pores. With high blood pressure or hypertension, sweat excretion is more than normal. More than half of the blood circulation is intended to go through the head, the sweat excretion is found excessive over the face.


Habituating to health conditions, avoiding junk food, exercising cardio, yoga, and meditation could normalize blood pressure in the body. 

5) Parkinsons

Parkinson's have problems with the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which controls sweating. This could result in sweating too little (hypohidrosis) leaving the skin very dry or sweating too much (hyperhidrosis).


Intake of medications like Dopamine promoter, Antidepressant, Cognition-enhancing medication, and Anti-Tremor medicines are most essential in controlling Parkinson's. 

Chemical content to treat facial sweating

Intake of Salicylic acid with Niacinamide toner and Oral medications like anticholinergics are best advised to control facial sweat.

Treating Facial Hyperhidrosis Using The Infini/Genius/RF Microneedling

Facial hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating of the face, scalp, or neck. It is a rare, but debilitating problem which causes significant emotional trauma to the people affected. Traditionally, this has been treated with botulinum toxin in some doses in the dermis. The RF creates coagulation zones in the deep dermis and upper subcutaneous layer where the sweat glands reside. 


Maintaining a handkerchief in a pocket is an hygenic and good-looking way in order to exist with facial sweat as we may control physical laws but it is hard with emotional laws. We should not expect a complete cure of facial sweat for it is mandatory for the pores on the skin to exit the fluid burned inside. Amla, jaggery, and jasmine oil like natural resources are good compellers to control facial sweat. 

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