Guggul: Benefits & Side Effects

Guggul is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and a portion of the studies have shown that it is advantageous in treating skin inflammation.


A lot of us know Guggul being a huge part of our Indian households, as incense sticks that we keep in our mandir. Guggul is a little bush or tree which is around 6 m tall with exceptionally thick bark and prickly branches. A guggul tree is famously known for its sticky gum which is tapped from its bark. 

Guggul is known for its incredible natural scent that can take you in a trance, now if you think guggul is found only as a particular type you are wrong there are several types of guggul. Mahanila, Mahishaksha, Padma, Kumuda, and Hiranaya are some of the popular types of guggul that are found.

While guggul has a lot of various benefits it also comes with its fair share of side effects, today we will talk about some incredible benefits and side effects of guggul.

Benefits Of Guggul 

Starting the article on a rather beneficial note, let us begin with some of the benefits of guggul that are widely popular. 

  1. Guggul is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and a portion of the studies have shown that it is advantageous in treating skin inflammation, psoriasis, joint pain, and dermatitis, if you have any type of skin problems then you can certainly use guggul, however, be careful and consult your doctor before trying it on your own.
  1. Guggul is found valuable in the treatment of extreme types of pimples or acne that can occur on the chest, back, and face.
  1. Guggul items have shown better outcomes on individuals who have an oily skin type and experiencing skin break-out issues.
  1. To stay away from the irritation and skin being uneven, Guggul that has been removed from the Boswellia serrata was viewed as a compelling medicine.
  1. Guggul is useful in digestion and it likewise reduces the constant urge to eat, you can enhance your metabolism with the help of guggul. 
  1. Guggul separates the intake and can help in working on the take-up of iodine in the body and consequently work on the capacity of the thyroid organ to keep away from hypothyroidism.
  1. Guggul is extremely beneficial in treating osteoarthritis which comes with extreme torment and enlarging in the joints.
  1. Guggul can help in decreasing high levels of cholesterol delivered by the body and can use it for treating hyperlipidemia.
  1. Guggul is helpful in treating patients experiencing constipation, worms, and liver issues.

Side Effects of Guggul 

Just like us, you must be wondering that a natural-made product that can have so many benefits can also come up with certain side effects? Well, yes it is true, now let us talk about some common side effects of guggul. 

Guggul is viewed as safe to use when managed and used in the suggested measurement, so if treason ou wishes to use guggul for any reason make sure you are using it in the correct measurement, do consult your elders or specials about the quantity that you may need.

  1. Taking Guggul with any type of medication should be kept in check as it can lead to blood thickening which can additionally lead to blood clots, draining, and brushing.
  1. Guggul can interfere with the estrogen created by contraception pills, in this manner it is encouraged to converse with the clinical expert before you consume guggul along with your contraception pills. 
  1. Excessive use of guggul may also lead to an irregular menstrual cycle, loose bowels, hiccups, and nausea so be extremely careful when using guggul.
  1. There is some logical prior that shows the higher measurements of Guggul may eventually lead to liver harm so it ought to be taken with appropriate medicine from specialists.
  1. Guggul is hazardous for pregnant ladies as it can increase the menstrual flow and can also stimulate the uterus this can be incredibly harmful to the mother and the child and can also lead to early labour. 
  1. It is important to keep away from the use of Guggul fourteen days before any medical procedure as it can lead to extremely heavy bleeding during surgery. 

How Can You Use Guggul?

Another important and popular question that often arises is how can we use guggul, its extract contains guggulipid that has been utilized in Unani and Ayurvedic medication for almost 3000 years. Yes, guggul is an incredibly unique and well-known ayurvedic marvel. 

Guggul is helpful for asthma and can also treat chronic cough if you suffer from it. People experiencing facial loss of motion and gout issues are prescribed to take Guggul medication. Guggul can also help in reducing sexual problems in both men and women, if you are someone who is suffering from infertility or impotency then guggul can help you. 

Guggul can also help in reducing weight and if consumed with a proper diet plan, while the market may come up with guggul tablets and powder the safest way to consume guggul is by mouth. 

Take Away

Guggul is an incredible medication that can change your life if consumed in the right amount, we hope you liked the information we shared above. We hope the benefits and the side effects will help you make sound choices. Make sure you are consuming guggul in the right quantity.

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