Everything You Need to Know About Sexually Fluid

Sexual fluidity is the temperamental contemplation of sexual stimulation respective of gender.

Sexually Fluid

Sexual fluidity is the temperamental contemplation of sexual stimulation respective of gender. That mean, a man or a woman can have sexual feelings on the opposite gender right from its growing age but suddenly get interested in having sex with the same gender. This notion of changing sexual feelings towards gender is generally called what sexually fluid is.

Sexual fluidity is one of the major constraints to the recently happening and demanding LGBTQ community that is basically from the lesbian and gay attitudes. Sexual fluidity is nothing less to lesbian or gay feelings.

Sexual fluidity may not be output by one and all for most of the people see it as a general mind job and leave it aside without giving a little bit of time also. Most of the people who think they are straight would hate to feel sexual fluidity at any given point of life.

Sexual fluidity is most common to observe by when one is interested in making out reproductive child. When a couple decides to make out a child, the first common question is who it should be, either male or female. 

Being male, a man can still dream of getting male child or simply dream of getting a female child in a great way to observe and enjoy the very generous opposite gender being.

The same way, a woman can dream of getting a female child herself or the male child her hubby behalf. During the reproductive process only, the mind gets a thought of how men feel and how women feel. It is the time to see the beauty of both men and women. After all, they are one and the same to one another in heartfulness and mindfulness.

It is the general human conquest to observe the opposite gender's growth right from childhood which can be most possibly achieved by having a baby in life.

When a man or a woman has completely fallen in love with the opposite gender, there is a chance for mind perception to observe one's own gender qualities and equalities compared to that of the opposite gender.

After all, a man or a woman can find his or her own genital and body qualities sexy and at the same pace and human pace, can increase the love for the genital of another person of one's own genital possession. This phenomenon is simply called sexually fluid.

Sexually fluid is a mainstream objective in achieving the desired gender during the reproduction time by the sexual intercourse. It is not scientifically proven but psychologically accepted in a large sum of people that the intense love for either of the genders can result in getting the same gender one is desiring.

Causes of Sexual Fluidity 

It is nothing wrong in sexual fluidity and one need not worry about it's nature consciously or subconsciously fearing that if their gender is going to change. No, it is not that way. The gender remains the same, still they can possess feelings for the opposite gender only.

So, let us now look at some of the potential causes of sexual fluidity.

Does fashion cause sexual fluidity?

In today's world, women are wearing the same jeans that a man is basically destined to wear in the western culture. For suppose, a man can go mad about the ass that is seen wearing jeans. The shapes that are spelled out by a woman wearing jeans are extraordinary and most of the men are no exception to fall for it.

However, a man can possibly see an ass in jeans that look so awesome from behind but when he goes near and observe, the person can be male only. This quotient does not mean anything but men and women are all same in body aspect except that of genital possession.

This same quotient can be the woman's feelings, too. The no difference between a man wearing and a woman wearing is a great individual touch to sexual fluidity.

Does fashion industry need sexual fluidity?

Of course, yes. A man or a woman must know about both male and female fashion. Thereby, sexual fluidity has great demand in fashion industry. In fact, sexual fluidity is a major subject in the field of fashion. That's the same reason why lesbian and gay culture is more in fashion industry.

This same thing reciprocates in the artistic world and movie industry. A writer who is writing a story for a movie or a novel may be straight in male or female characteristics but must know what men and women feel right from the heart in the aspect of love generosity and sexual desire.

Does social media affects sexual fluidity?

A man or a woman can use social media apps such as Facebook or Twitter in order to connect people irrespective of gender and feelings of other constraints like caste, race, religion and country.

Thereby, men and women are put to seeing both the gender photos in the eye near the mobile screen. On a regular seeing, this day or the other day, both men and women can grow interested in another person who could be the other gender, too.

Take Away

In simple knowledge, sexual fluidity is the love for penis to penis tangling in a man's mind and vagina to vagina rubbing with sexual force in a woman's mind.

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