How can we make sex a pleasurable experience?



Sex is the pleasure obtained through genitals in a living body. Sex is heaven on earth. Sex is the creation of life. Sex is the only capability to reproduce. Sex could be performed either to make out a baby or simply to relax oneself. Sex is the ultimate closeness between two living entities.

Sexual urge is as simple as hunger. One may control sexual urges as fasting but ultimately one needs to fully stop the sexual intention by engaging in sexual performance. Otherwise, the urge of the body to sexual activity stores up a certain part of the mind and does not leave the person alone.

Sex general purpose


Sex is the possibility of reproduction between two human beings. The people in a marital relationship would look after building their own family. The family is the combination of the individuals and their children. To make children, sex is the first course. Children are the half-half beings of the partners. The respected and concentrated sex is essential for reproduction.


The human body deserves to enjoy another human body. Sex is the source of that enjoyment. The nerve stimulus is highly organized to promote sexual impulses. To satisfy one's own nerves, one has to depend on another person. As this feeling is interdependent, sex is of utmost importance in a healthy relationship.

How to make sex a pleasurable experience?

Enjoy sex drive to the fullest without regret

Sex drive is a flexible action, passion, and intention between two bodies. The muscular movement passing through various joints during sex is supposed to be feasible to any given position.

Sex drive is a little different from sexual intercourse even though they both intend to orgasm in the climax. Sex drive acts more in the brain or nervous system to stimulate sexual energies and vibes in the body irrespective of one is about to involve in sex or not. Adult age people's dreams are full of sex drive. However, sex drive is mandated in the moments of sexual intercourse. Otherwise, one cannot satisfy another. Sex drive is the source of warmness that can expel or expose another person who is about to engage in sexual intercourse.

Sex drive is a passion motivated in manhood or womanhood that naturally perverted to pose in sexual pleasure with one another. A man without a sex drive is supposedly called out of universal objectivism. They thrive and strive to grow in the medium of sexual drive is so-called life's joyful moment. The sex drive is priceless that there need not be a single thought of money for the drive that it has become one of the ways to go to relieve the mind from financial surges.

Enjoy wild sex

Wild sex in simple understanding can be said as animal instinct preceding the human instincts during the sexual intercourse.

The sexual relationship between two bodies need not settle to genitals alone. One can crave another from top to bottom of the body. One can grab, kiss, lick, suck and whatever sexual curiosity stimulates the mind at the moment.

A couple or partners involved in a relationship or about just sexual relationships would like to curb the sexual intimacy and come closer to each other as much as possible.

The sex drive one possesses could abrupt the human personality that may further lead to wild behavior during sexual intercourse.

The eagerness sustained in the desire or the urge of the sexual activity or intercourse may activate the person to unusual body speed. The anxiety compounded in the force of sexual activity may bring abnormal body movement that could lead to the excessive frequency in thrusting the genital into another genital.

Practice Slow sex

Slow Sex is more like a naturally happening sexual activity between two bodies that are sleeping together. Slow Sex is also the most pleasured sex that gives a perfect orgasm.

Slow Sex is more mind sex than body sex. The sexual partners tempt each other first and gradually indulge in sexual intercourse. 

Slow Sex involves nobody force applied on the genitals. The genitals themselves activate in the sexual impulse and gather energy to work upon each other without body force involvement.

Slow Sex is a type of sex that would last longer than usual sexual intercourse. The orgasm would not happen so soon so that they can enjoy more time in the sexual activity.

There are various psychological benefits associated with slow sex. The sexual partners feel more attached to each other. The partners feel more love and affection with the attempt of slow sex.

Slow sex is known to reduce blood pressure and sugar levels in the body. Slow sex is known to reduce anxiety and depression, too.

Engage in foreplay before intercourse

Foreplay is something romantic or sexual arousal or erotic behavior or massage or facial or genital in order to achieve some solid time towards their sexual activity irrespective of whether it is intercourse or not.

Foreplay has much more value than sexual intercourse even does not, for foreplay is the source of energy between two bodies which can be put forward to sexual intercourse or everyday activities.

Learn Kamasutra positions

Kama Sutra is knowledge of sex positions flowed from ancient times to younger generations and would definitely flow through future generations for sex is the basic instinct. In fact, one need not see books to learn how to behave during sexual activity. The hormonal and nervous systems of the human body always strive for sex only. The intimation during sexual intercourse varies from position to position.

To be considered, there are few sexual positions to enjoy the ultimate intense pain coagulate through the human nerves. It is the freedom of human bodies to enjoy as many as sixty-four positions in 360-degree angular momentum.

There are certain sexual positions that are the ultimate passion of every woman. They strive and thrive to raise her man to score well with his ultra sexual positions during intercourse. Let's discuss the sexual positions that every woman loves.

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