Does masturbation affect immunity?

Does masturbation affect immunity?


Masturbation is a myth in a single word. There are a lot of sayings and estimations over masturbation's contributions and contradictions to body and mind that do not make the same meaning or observation. 

The confusion about masturbation effects on the body is due to the differences an individual to individual feels about masturbation, good or bad.

Coming to the point if masturbation affects immunity, the answer is it all depends on one's own personality and positive mind.

Masturbation is after all a self-groom one makes into one's own naturally born sexual feelings. The masturbation results in an erected penis ejaculating semen at the orgasm.

Masturbation is an imaginary sexual act that is so much safe compared to what penis penetrated into a vaginal or anal cavity for there could be chances of getting infected to disorders and emotions of the sexual partner.

In matters of masturbation though, sexual stimulation is observed to be self-dependent, touching no internal part of another body. This benefit allows the man or a woman to stay fit to his or her own disorders and conditions.

In fact, masturbation is a criterion to poke any hidden pain in the body. The act of masturbation or the after-effects of masturbation would result in an acute pain or pleasure stimulus at the comforted or discomforted zones in the body.

For suppose, masturbation gives extreme blood run in the body and penis more to the point of orgasm whereas the point right after orgasm gives a sudden dip in the blood pressure that it is felt nowhere throughout the body, brain, heart, and penis that one may doubt where all the energy is gone too.

That is the spirit of orgasm, to convert whole-body energy into semen ejaculation. The loss of energy isn't much of a loss if the person is quite good with fitness. Otherwise, there could be some developed nervous wrecks that couldn't be controlled on masturbation addiction.

Does Masturbation Affect immunity?

Masturbation does affect immunity by building tolerance and resistance to various body misalignments if the person is, first of all, to stay positive about the act.

As masturbation is an extraordinary outlet to sexual urges that would disturb the body strains, it would only help the body to stay cool.

The habituation of the body to high-end nervous simulations obtained through the orgasm by masturbation would train the body to sustain any stress or strain outcomes in the body.

However, there would be no peace of mind for most of the people who masturbate. To get a mind like accepting the aftermath of masturbation, one must master one's own nature in life without ego. 

There are people who never understand the contradiction of masturbation and feel it to be bad which itself would cause a lot of repercussions in the mind and brain causing headaches to heartaches.

Genitals are the center of the body and playing with it for a while is no doubt no bad. To make the genital cum on one's own is programmed by mind or heart behavior and one who loves it will gain a lot of benefits.

Masturbation is a great source to connect one's own mind to one's own heart which would garner a great immunity to the body.

Immunity is something the body possesses to face any serious health condition.

The schematic masturbation could help manage gastric problems, gut development, kidney stress relief, and breathing power which on the whole parameter built up a strong metabolism to the body.

Masturbation is an addictive activity for it gives different nerve stimulations every time it is attempted. There are people who do it, do it, and get bored with all the possible stimulations, too.

One who rapes one own groin area with the extreme pulling of penile muscles during masturbation is the one who has seen one of the most painful moments in men and that way, the one will be so immunized.

Masturbation could also grab lung power. The intense act of masturbation makes the body forget breathing for a while which could train the body ready for other breathless moments.

The extreme knowledge and practice of masturbation could make the person feel the ejaculation started from the heart during the orgasm. This feeling is an extreme body cooler right from the heart to the digestive system to the abdomen to the penile body.

Retrograde ejaculation is one of the masturbating techniques that resemble kung fu philosophy. The hit back of semen to one's own self is probably the utmost experience and understanding of one own immunity and metabolism.

Take Away 

The mastering of body blood pressure, sugar levels, nervous wrecks, nerve stimulations, muscle stimulations, and after all, penetrating force of penis through a simple act of masturbation is a grab conscience to one's own mind.

A conscious mind would look great after body immunity.