Does hot water burn belly fat?

Reduce belly fat

Belly fat

Ways to drink hot water for weight loss

Benefits of drinking water and eating low calorie food for weight loss

Weight loss tips

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Losing weight is difficult, but many people believe drinking warm water can assist. Staying hydrated is the best approach to maintain a healthy body weight. It turns out that boiling water before drinking it can help the metabolism as well! Yes, you read that correctly. You're only a few glasses of warm water away from shedding pounds. 

Ways to drink hot water for weight loss

Warm water speeds up your metabolism. As a result, many people recommend drinking warm water first thing in the morning. When we drink warm water, our bodies' temperature adjusts and our metabolism kicks into high gear. This aids with weight loss. Warm water effectively breaks down body fat into molecules, allowing the digestive system to easily burn it. Furthermore, drinking warm water prior to meals helps us control our calorie intake by filling our stomach. You should try to drink six to eight glasses of warm water per day. It's the amount of water your body, hair, and skin require to stay hydrated. If you want to make warm water more powerful, add some lemon and honey to it. This can speed up your metabolism and lead to quick weight reduction.

Benefits of drinking water and eating low calorie food for weight loss

  1. Drinking warm water relieves constipation:

Constipation can be relieved and prevented by drinking warm water. Warm water softens the feces and helps it pass more easily. We all know that having a healthy gut and better bowel movements implies getting rid of all the toxins in our bodies!

2. It cures throat congestion:

Warm water helps to minimize mucus production during coughing and colds. It also aids in the treatment of a stuffy nose, sore throat, and chest congestion. To improve the relaxing effect, a small amount of honey can be added.

3. Helps body get rid of toxins:

If you eat a lot of junk food, you should always have warm water on hand. When hot water enters the system, it cleanses it from the inside out. The elimination of toxins from our bodies is aided by this method.

4. It keeps the skin clear:

Drinking hot water causes us to sweat, which helps to clear our pores and prevent acne and other skin disorders.

Weight loss tips

  1. Drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water each day. Toxins are flushed out and metabolism is aided by water.
  2. Start your day with a detox drink like lemon water, cinnamon water, or jeera-methi water.
  3. Each month, restrict oneself to one soda/diet soda. They're a HORRIBLE bunch of things.
  4. 20 minutes after every meal, drink a glass of warm water. This not only aids digestion but also aids in weight loss.
  1. Unless it's for a festival, don't buy or allow sweets into the house.
  2. Do you have a sweet tooth? Dates, raisins, figs, and dark chocolates are all excellent options.
  3. Go out on a sugar and carb fast once a week.
  4. Remember that jaggery, honey, and sugar each have calories in them. As a result, proceed with caution while eating foods containing these ingredients, and do so only once.
  5. Swap one cup of ordinary tea for one cup of green tea or coffee.
  6. Eat soup twice a week for dinner. To make your soup more filling, garnish with oats.
  7. Include protein in each meal.
  8. DO NOT Make A FOOD ORDER ON A PERSONAL DAY. Make ordering food only once a week a habit.
  9. Walk 1000 steps after each meal. Even if you're only munching, strive to walk whenever you eat.
  10. Eat food that has just been prepared. When prepared food is kept, the most of the nutrients are lost.
  11. Substitute one cup of regular tea with one cup of green tea.
  12. Instead of seed oils, use cold pressed mustard, crushed almonds, and sesame oils.
  13. Cook in no more than 3-4 teaspoons of oil for a household of four.
  14. Consume no more than 1-2 teaspoons of ghee every day. It has a larger calorie count than other foods.
  15. Make your atta using oat bran. It will provide fiber to the chapatis to you without realizing it.
  16. Have one large salad dish with each meal. As a dressing, only lemon and black pepper must be used.
  17. Chew your food slowly and thoroughly. Chew it 32 times if you're having difficulties keeping track. It helps with digestion as well as nutrient absorption. You will also consume fewer calories as a result of it.
  18. Watch your portion size. Instead of four chapatis, eat two and a half and a lot more vegetables to fill you up.
  19. Avoid making the same error over and over again. If you ate more at one meal, for example, eat less at another.
  20. Use the Advanced weight loss pack by Mars By GHC for efficient results and attaining the dream of having a flat belly. This kit consists of weight loss max capsules, slimming oils and ashwagandha, all of which are known to efficiently help with weight loss.

Take Away 

If you cut back on carbs or substitute refined carbs with complex carbs, you'll probably feel less hungry. It's critical to choose an eating style that helps you feel satisfied because being hungry makes it difficult to stick to a weight-loss plan. By using a prolonged low carb or reduced calorie eating plan, you can eat healthy food until you're satisfied while still losing weight. While losing weight quickly may be your goal, it's equally important to think about the long run. While water weight loss occurs quickly, fat loss takes longer, and long-term weight loss may take longer than you expect.

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