Does cutting hair short help slow hair loss?

Cutting short hair to prevent hair fall

Hair fall does not always come with a pros and cons list, but once you realize what products work for you and whatnot, you eventually learn how to handle hair fall, and hair fall causes stress in many people as we live in a society where we abide by certain beauty standards, breaking these standards is often seen as a rebel act.

Well, hair loss also comes with a lot of myths around it, but there is only one ultimate truth. Stopping our hair from falling is not a one-day job, but it may take months or even years to reverse the damage. But worry not, as we are here to guide you through the process.

Does having short hair prevent hair loss? The simple answer to this question will be that, No, cutting your hair short will not have any effect on your hair fall.

The basic logic behind this is that short hair often adds more volume and seems thicker than long hair. When you have long hair, the entire volume or thickness moves down to your length, making your hair on your scalp look shrank. With short hair, the volume remains close to your scalp giving a reflection of thicker and more voluminous hair.

Advantage of keeping short hair during hair fall

Even though keeping hair short during hair fall is a myth with no universal truth, one can always find it advantageous; here are some of the reasons.

Short hair is easy to manage.

  • Well, yes, short hair can be easily managed; there is no lie there. It is easy to tie them, or you can also leave them open if tying your hair makes them fall more. 
  • It becomes easier to apply products on your scalp when you have short hair, and it is more efficient. 
  • Short hair also gives you the benefit of a scalp massage more often as it becomes difficult to massage your hair regularly if you have long hair. 
  • Less accumulation of sweat and oil in the scalp also keeps the pore unclogged, so if you are someone who is facing a lot of hair fall these days and you are planning on cutting your hair short for the time being to focus on your scalp, then we would say go ahead. 

You can always grow your hair to the desired length, but firstly, you need to treat your scalp from within to ensure that the new hair follicles are healthy. 

Products you can use on your short hair ensure a better regrowth

If you have a great shampoo, you have won half of your hair fall battle; Our GROWW B is one of the best Anti Hair fall shampoos on the market. This shampoo is enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera Extract, Watercress Extract, Argan Oil, Liposomal Caffeine, and Ceramides, and is free from Sulphate, Parabens, and SLS. 

This shampoo is made with natural ingredients and helps in reducing hair fall, hydrates, and nourishes the scalp leaving your hair lustrous and shiny. We advise you to use this shampoo for a minimum of 60 days to see a visible difference in your Hair fall and an overall upgrade in the quality of your hair.


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