Different skin types for men

Skin types for men

Skin types for men

It is often said that men and women are from different planets. This couldn't be more true when it comes to skincare because women have tonnes of products to take care of their skin and follow a nightly skincare routine whereas men do just the bare minimum.

In order to get rid of wrinkles, dark circles, acne, dark patches, dryness and dullness, men should also follow a comprehensive skincare routine. It is always better to take care of your skin before any problem arises. So important factors to good skincare include choosing a good skincare routine and understanding the skin type. 

The Different Skin Types in Men According to Their Age are:

  • In the young age group (18-35), the skin is oily, sensitive to the sun and prone to acne.

  • In an adult age group (35-50), the skin tends to become dry and rough due to the natural ageing process and sun exposure.

  • In the senior age group (Above 50 years), the skin becomes dry, rough and less resilient to sun exposure.

Men have different skin types. Some men have oily skin while some have dry skin and others have combination skin type. There are men who have sensitive skin too.

How to Determine Your Skin Type?

Follow these simple steps to determine your skin type:

  1. Take tissue paper and gently pat on different areas of your face.

  2. If the tissue paper has no oil, then you have a dry skin type.

  3. If the tissue paper has oil, then you most likely have an oily skin type.

  4. If you get oil from your T-zone only, then you probably have a combination skin type.

There are several steps that men can follow for their facial skincare. These steps are vital in order to have healthy skin.

  • Cleansing twice a day is what you need to do in order to remove dirt and debris that can clog the pores and cause spots.

  • Reach out for a face wash or cleansing milk that suits your skin type and is appropriate for your age. Face washes for men are usually less creamy than facial cleansers for women and are formulated with strong ingredients such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid to help fight breakouts.

  • If you have sensitive skin, go for an unscented gentle cleanser and moisturiser that contains no added fragrances or oils. Make sure to use a clean, fresh washcloth every time you cleanse your face so you avoid getting bacteria in your pores.

How to Choose a Moisturiser for Oily Skin?

It is advised to avoid petroleum types of products for oily skin as they can clog the pores. Go for a moisturizer that can keep your skin smooth by attracting moisture to the skin. This will keep your skin staying hydrated and healthy.

How to Choose a Moisturiser for Dry Skin?

It is recommended to use moisturisers with antioxidants and more oils to ensure that your skin feels young. These moisturisers will lock in the excess moisture and SPF will ensure that your skin is protected against harmful UV rays.

How to Choose a Moisturiser for Combination Skin?

It is recommended to use moisturizers that have water-binding properties for dry areas of your skin. For your oily areas, go for a light or lotion-based moisturizer to get a non-greasy look.

Common Skin Problems in Men

Skin problems in men can vary greatly in symptoms and severity. Usually, most of these skin problems are temporary and can be treated with OTC medications or home remedies. 

Excessive Oily Skin

Oily skin is a result of sebum production which is naturally high in men's skin as compared to women's.

Always use moisturizer to control sebum production. This will make your skin free from oily skin problems.

Acne and Pimples

People think acne is only common among teenagers but this is not always true. Grown-up men too have acne problems and it can be extremely annoying! 

Acne can occur because of exposure to high levels of humidity, stressful situations, as well as sweating.

Shaving Issues

Pre-shaving and post-shaving issues can be challenging for men because they lead to dryness, cuts, flare-ups and bumps. It is always recommended to wash your razor before using it. Also, change the blades regularly to avoid any long-term negative effects on your skin.

If you have razor bumps on your skin, apply aloe vera to soothe the area.

Dark Circles

Baggy eyes and dark circles can give you nightmares and it can be extremely embarrassing if you have a date or a presentation that you have been prepping up for.

Proper sleep and a healthy diet routine are necessary to prevent dark circles. Drinking enough water can improve the texture of your skin while making you feel younger.

You can also try out some effective home remedies to enhance the quality of your skin. These efforts will be worth it in the long run.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a result of exposure to heat, sunlight, environmental pollutants, etc. It can also happen because of work pressure or stress.

Dry skin can be reversed by following a fixed and effective skin-care routine that must involve applying moisturizer at regular intervals.

Drink more liquids to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Take Away 

Men with facial hair or beard, encounter some additional skin problems as well. Beards are one of the most common features of men. Most men are proud of their beard and especially when the beard is well-maintained and healthy. But beards also have some issues that most men face from time to time. Sunlight exposure, problems with hair loss, a patchy beard, beard dandruff, skin itching and rashes are some common problems. But these issues are generally temporary and can be treated easily.

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