What is the difference between hair loss and hair thinning?

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Comparing Hair Loss and Hair Thinning: Differences to Know

When hair weakens and begins to fall out of the follicle, this is known as hair loss. The damage to the hair follicle causes hair loss, and after a few months, your hair will regrow. Hair loss refers to the loss of hair on your head, and baldness may also be seen in conjunction with hair loss.

Several events that have impacted the hair's life cycle and significantly slowed hair development are the cause of hair fall. There are several causes of hair loss, including Alopecia Areata and male pattern baldness. If you are losing 100 strands each day, you are experiencing significant hair loss.


What is Hair loss?

Stopping the hair from growing is what causes hair loss. The clinical term for this is anagen effluvium. Some of the most prevalent reasons for thinning hair are:

  • Genetic hair loss
  • Hyperactive immune system
  • Some treatments and drugs
  • Hairdos that are too tight might be damaging.
  • Chemicals in hair products are too harsh
  • A compulsive need to take off one's hair

Hair loss prevents new hair growth unless the underlying problem is resolved. People who get cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation typically have significant hair loss. In most cases, hair growth resumes once therapy ceases.

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Causes of Hair Loss

Genetics is the key factor in male pattern baldness. Ageing causes the inherited problem to speed up. This is called alopecia androgenic or male pattern baldness.

Hair loss is often caused by tension as well. When you're tensioned out, all that tension goes to your head, which makes your hair fall out. Excessive tension causes your body to temporarily release this form of hair loss.

Dietary imbalance is another factor in hair loss. You will lose hair if your body is deficient in certain vitamins or minerals.

Men who regularly smoke and consume alcohol may also have hair loss.

In rare circumstances, medical therapies might also result in hair loss. Some medications that you may be taking for various issues might result in hair loss.

How to stop hair loss

  1. You can begin eating healthily. Include certain vitamins, such as biotin, in your regular diet. Many persons with hair loss have found success with biotin.
  2. Try meditating and working out to relieve some of your tension and anxiety. If you want to stop hair loss, keep yourself nauseous.
  3. Stop applying heat to your hair and save its usage for emergencies only.
  4. By massaging your scalp, you'll encourage blood flow to your vessels, which will encourage the creation of new hair. Your roots benefit from root exfoliation from scalp massage. It cleans your scalp of extra filth.
  5. Use anti-DHT shampoos instead. Some shampoos may aid in preventing hair loss, which is mostly caused by DHT.
  6. To moisturise your scalp, use onion juice. Onion juice contains sulphur, which feeds your roots and stops hair loss.
  7. If none of these solutions work, see a physician for laser treatment or medicines.

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What does "hair thinning" mean?

The hair development cycle that is protuberant in both genders starts when the hair shaft starts to become thinner and finer. Hair thinning, often known as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness, affects men and women, however, the pattern of hair loss varies. It often starts on the crown or hairlines that are receding and eventually extends to the top of the head where the hair is thinnest. The top of the frontal area shows thinning in the case of female pattern thinning.

Cortisol and DHT can block blood vessels, which makes it harder for nutrients to get to the hair roots. This makes hair lose its shine and texture.

It gets weak and dried out. When your hair thins, you lose both thickness and volume. During hair thinning, you won't feel like you're bald, and your hair won't fall out as easily as it does during hair loss. Your hair gets weak and brittle, making it more likely to break. At this point, you should take good care of your hair because it may break easily.

Causes of Hair Thinning

  1. Your hair follicles cease generating hair and the hair shafts become finer after a certain age.
  2. Your hair loss may be brought on by tension. Your hair may tend to reveal how tense you are.
  3. The adrenal glands started producing fewer hormones that encourage hair growth and hair loss when cortisol levels were high.
  4. Your hair may lose volume if you use harsh products on it.
  5. Hair thinning might result from eating too little iron or other nutrients. Minerals and vitamins aid in hair growth in the hair follicle.
  6. You lose volume in your hair when you lose a lot of weight quickly. Many individuals who want to reduce weight adhere to a rigorous diet. They don't consume enough calories, leaving any calories for their hair to consume.
  7. Some individuals start plucking their hair when they experience anxiety. This might result in some bald spots on the crown and hair loss on the temples. Trichotillomania is the word used in medicine for this.

How to stop hair thinning

  1. Consume nutritious foods; to complete a balanced diet, add biotin or other macronutrients to your diet.
  2. Give essential oils a try. Your scalp need external nourishment as well, and essential oils are a wonderful way to accomplish this.
  3. Mino-xidil: This drug is used to cure thinning hair men use to treat baldness. It is a safe drug that a doctor has recommended.
  4. Use a herbal shampoo to spice up your hair care regimen. For your hair, use gentle shampoos and conditioners.
  5. Massage: Before washing your hair, massage your scalp. To get rid of the excess muck, you might also think about natural treatments like hair spas.

Take Away

Both hair loss and hair thinning have the same underlying causes and preventative measures. Your scalp is impacted in one way or another in both situations. If hair thinning is not addressed on time, hair will fall out.

We advise you to speak with a dermatologist if you are having problems with hair thinning or hair loss. They could suggest that you seek medical attention. You may look at our products on the Mars by GHC website if you wish to take care of your hair independently.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best treatment for a balding crown?

Minoxidil works best to stop hair loss around the crown of your head.

2. How do I tell if I have a balding crown?

Signs of balding in men

  • Temples - Hair begins to thin around the temples and at the top of your head, known as the crown or vertex.
  • Receding hairline - Hair begins to thin and move back around the front of the head on the sides, a condition known as a receding hairline.

Signs of balding in women

  • Top layer thinning -You may observe thinning over the top of the head rather than on the sides.
  • Widening part - Widening of the top of the head area is another prevalent indication of baldness in women.
  • Thinning all over the head - In women, this is the most prevalent form of a balding pattern, as opposed to men's receding M-shaped hairline.

3. What lack of vitamin causes hair loss?

Lack of Biotin causes Hair loss.


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