Can we drink water during intermittent fasting?

Benefits of intermittent fasting

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is also a type of fasting method that can help you lose weight, there are different variations available in this type of fasting. Fasting has been appreciated in India for centuries, keeping the religious aspect out of the way we can actually gain a lot of benefits from fasting. 

Intermittent fasting is also known as the 16/8 method meaning that you fast for 16 hours and you eat in the 8-hour window. Now you can decide to take 2 meals or 3 meals in this 8-hour window. 

This fasting method can not be helpful if you do not control your cravings, intermittent fasting does not mean you can eat a high amount of carbs or junk food you need to eat a balanced, moderate diet in a calorie deficit if you want this method to work for you. 

A lot of people also follow the 5:2 method, meaning you get to eat full meals for 5 days a week and the rest two days you can go on a complete fast and detox. 

What are the health benefits of intermittent fasting?

The health benefits of intermittent fasting are as follows:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Improved heart health
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Cellular repair
  • Improved gut health
  • Autonomic nervous system balance

Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting 

After talking about intermittent fasting in brief now let us get into the benefits that come with this type of fasting method. 

1. Can assist you with getting fitter 

A significant number of individuals who attempt intermittent fasting are going to be healthier than the ones who eat anything and everything at any given time. As a rule, intermittent fasting will cause you to eat fewer meals. Except if you remunerate by eating significantly more during different times, you'll wind up taking in fewer calories. 

Moreover, intermittent fasting upgrades chemical capacity to work with weight reduction. It also helps in lowering insulin levels, higher HGH levels, and expanding measures of norepinephrine which helps in the breakdown of muscle versus fat and works with its utilization for energy. Consequently, intermittent fasting really builds your metabolic rate, helping you consume significantly fewer calories. 

2. Can diminish insulin opposition 

Type 2 diabetes has turned into an extremely normal condition in today’s time and will become very normal even in young kids in the coming years. Its fundamental component is high glucose levels with regard to insulin obstruction. Whatever decreases insulin obstruction should assist lower blood sugar levels and ensure against type 2 diabetes. 

Strangely, intermittent fasting has been displayed to have significant advantages for insulin opposition and can decrease the glucose levels of the body. 

3. Might be gainful for heart wellbeing 

Coronary illness is at present the world's greatest problem. It's realized that different well-being markers either expand or diminish the danger of coronary illness. intermittent fasting has been displayed to further develop various distinctive benefits, including: 

  • glucose levels 
  • circulatory strain 
  • blood fatty substances 
  • aggregate and LDL cholesterol
  • Improves brain function

What's useful for the body is frequently useful for the brain too. Intermittent fasting further develops different metabolic elements known to be significant for our brain's well-being. 

  • Stress levels in the body 
  • Inflammation 
  • glucose levels 
  • insulin opposition 

Fasting likewise expands levels of a brain chemical called mind-determined neurotrophic factor (BDNF). A lack of BDNF can lead to a stressful life. 

4. May expand your life expectancy 

One of the most astonishing uses of intermittent fasting might be its capacity to broaden life expectancy. Intermittent fasting has likewise been displayed to expand life expectancies. 

Given the known advantages for digestion and a wide range of wellbeing issues, it's a good idea that intermittent fasting could assist you with carrying on with a more drawn-out and better life. A lot of people who have chosen this path have been able to reduce weight, sleep well and wake up in a rather good mood. They have reduced their levels of stress and have been able to build a healthy and wise relationship with food.

Can we drink water during fasting?

Yes, it is normally OK and recommended to consume water during fasting. Water is thought to be a crucial component in maintaining hydration and supporting general health in the majority of intermittent fasting regimens. It's important to stay hydrated at all times, but especially during fasting as it stimulates digestion, maintains body functioning, and guards against dehydration.

How much water should I drink while fasting?

The amount of water you should drink while fasting can vary based on individual factors such as age, gender, activity level, climate, and overall health. However, a general guideline for water intake during fasting is to aim for at least 8 cups (64 ounces) of water per day.

It's essential to stay well-hydrated, especially during fasting periods, as water supports bodily functions, aids digestion, and helps prevent dehydration. Additionally, drinking water can help manage hunger and reduce feelings of thirst that may arise during fasting.

Take Away

Intermittent fasting has become a huge hit amongst youngsters, everyone wants to get healthy and they have quite enjoyed the fasting lifestyle. If you want to get healthy then you must try intermittent fasting we hope you liked the information we shared above. Do give intermittent fasting a try and you will see huge changes in your health.


Can you drink water during 16 hours fast?

Yes, drinking water is essential, be it fasting or a regular diet, your body certain amount of water content to perform its regular activities.

Will I burn fat if I fast for 16 hours?

Yes, fasting for 16 hours regularly for a few months will fetch you a lot of weight loss.

Will I lose weight if I fast 16 hours every day?

Yes, as mentioned above, fasting 16 hours every day helps you lose weight fast, but it only works for a while. 


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