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Hair Growth

We all face hair fall from time to time but the bigger question is how to stop this hair fall. Protein is an essential nutrient for the hair, many people are unaware that our Hair strands are primarily made up of a component of protein known as ‘Keratin’, protein gives life to our scalp cells, it makes sure the cells are healthy, Hair follicles are not damaged and it is the source of hydration to the Hair follicles.

Not only do people try adding protein to their diet to get better hair growth they also use ingredients that are rich in protein on their scalp to amp up the benefits. It is not always easy to know if your hair is lacking protein but here are some indications that may make it easy.

  • Dry or Brittle Hair
  • Split Ends and easily breakable hair
  • High porosity
  • Limpy Hair 

Today we will talk about the best ways you can add protein to your hair to get long and lustrous hair. 

Benefits Of Protein For Hair 

Protein is a major component that determines how healthy your hair is going to be, keeping a healthy level of protein is important for hair that you desire. A deficiency in protein can lead to major hair fall whereas a healthy level of Protein can increase the growth rate of your hair. 

Let us now talk about how Protein helps in getting your Hair in a better shape. 

  • Protein helps in reducing porosity in hair, poros Hair has gaps that may cause more damage to the Hair follicles. Gaps make it easier for chemicals and bacteria to build up which may damage the pH balance of the scalp.

  • Protein protects our Hair from various chemicals that we might use on a daily basis without even knowing. Shampoos, conditions, Hair masks, dyes, any and everything you put on your Hair may carry chemicals. 

  • Protein helps in restoring the damaged cells and Hair tissues and hence it is important for our scalp to have an adequate amount of protein. 

  • Protein makes your hair shiny, thick and adds volume to it, and makes Hair healthy and nourished. 

Best Sources Of Protein For Hair Growth 

After talking about the benefits of protein for hair growth now it is time to talk about some of the incredible food sources that can provide our body vital amounts of protein.

  • Eggs: Eggs are loaded with protein as well as cancer prevention agents, unsaturated fats, nutrients, and minerals. Curiously, egg whites are practically 100 percent protein.

  • Chicken Breast: Chicken breast is one of the best protein-rich food sources that you can add to your eating regimen.

  • Lentils: Lentils are probably the best wellspring of plant-based proteins on the planet. They are additionally wealthy in iron, potassium, folate, manganese, and fiber.

  • Almonds: These astounding dry organic products are loaded up with protein, vitamin E, manganese, and fiber.

  • Oats: Add these solid grains to your eating regimen to get you a daily portion of protein, vitamin B1, magnesium, manganese, and fiber.

  • Broccoli: Many individuals might find broccoli unpalatable, however, they most likely don't realize that it is loaded with protein, potassium, L-ascorbic acid, vitamin K, and fiber.

  • Peanuts: Peanuts are a flavorful wellspring of protein, magnesium, and fiber. You could likewise have peanut butter to build your protein consumption.

Can Protein Treatments Help In Hair Growth?

Protein treatment or keratin treatments are getting widely popular among people, it is a way by which you can chemically add keratin to your hair. Keratin is also a type of protein for your hair and it works wonders on dull and damaged hair. 

Protein treatment for hair can fix the harm, reinforce hair, decrease breakage and bring back versatility. Protein medicines are an incredible method for adding some protein to your hair if you take every one of the essential insurances.

A portion of the protein treatment might need conditioning properties which can bring about dry hair. Wheat protein hair medicines can be hurtful for individuals with wheat sensitivities.

It is vital to pick protein medicines that contain fixings appropriate for your hair type. Additionally, check assuming the treatment is protected in the event that you have colour-treated hair.

Biotin Supplement For Hair Growth 

While biotin is the hair vitamin, it is no less than protein for hair, It's water-soluble and can be obtained by eating food items that are rich in it. However, a lot of times a biotin deficiency can cause hair fall, it is as important as protein for hair. 

Biotin is also known as vitamin H and plays a significant role in keeping you, your nails, and your hair healthy. It is actually one of the vitamins from the vitamin B complex. It is vitamin B7. It is used to help cure brittle and weak nails or hair. Although there is no scientific evidence to back biotin as a remedy for hair loss or male pattern baldness the users of biotin will swear by its great effects. 

If you are not able to get appropriate amounts of biotin from food sources then you can always rely on Mars by GHC’s Biotin Tablets that are enriched with the richness of multivitamins. These tablets are known to improve your hair growth and metabolism at the same time. These tablets will restore the production of Keratin protein in our hair as our hair. These tablets will ensure a healthy scalp, stronger and nourished hair and will help in reducing hair fall.  

Take Away

We have mentioned various ways by which you can add protein to your hair and amp up its hair growth, we hope you liked all the different sources we mentioned. Protein is an incredibly important nutrient for our hair health and you must add it to your hair care. 

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