Raisins for weight loss

Benefits of raisins for weight loss

Raisins for weight loss

Losing weight is not always easy. It requires a lot of willpower and determination. It's important to understand and be aware of the health conditions associated with obesity. Obesity puts one at risk for metabolic syndrome, which is the group of health conditions that include elevated blood pressure, high blood glucose, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides. Raisins are not only tasty but also a good source of nutrition.

Obesity is a serious health condition. It is not a diet goal or a trend. It's a way of life that can help reduce obesity-related health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

There are numerous health benefits associated with losing weight. Losing weight also has psychological benefits like improved self-esteem, elevated self-confidence, and more energy for daily activities. 

One of the popular weight-loss foods is raisins. Raisins are not popularly thought of as a weight-loss food, as most people would rather have a chocolate bar or a bag of chips while they do their weight loss routine. But this weight loss myth needs to be broken because eating raisins for weight loss need not be as difficult as other weight loss efforts.

Raisins are a dried fruit that is naturally sweet. It is said that raisins contain 4 elements namely, sun, rain, earth and air. They are mostly produced in California. The raisins are made by drying grapes and hence are classified as a dried fruit.   

Raisins are made by drying wine grapes containing sugar and after pressing the grape juice. The seeds of the grape are kept intact to make dried grapes.

Nutritional Content of Raisins

Raisins contain iron, calcium, vitamin C, folic acid, fibre and potassium, all of which serve as protective agents against heart disease. Raisins contain insoluble and soluble fibres which ensure good colon health, aid in digestion and promote weight loss by making you feel fuller for long durations. Raise your nutrient intake by eating raisins because these are very low in fat and calories but rich in essential nutrients.

Raisins are high in iron, which makes them very healthy and beneficial for both men and women. Iron is an important mineral for your body and helps you lead a healthy life. Iron is responsible for carrying oxygen from haemoglobin to all parts of the body.

How do raisins help in weight loss?

Soaked raisins can help in balancing the blood sugar levels and hence ensures that our body does not get extra calories. This helps in controlling weight. There are some other benefits by which raisins help in reducing weight:

  • Exercise is one of the important necessities that we need to do in order to lose weight. Beginners get tired too soon which reduces the effectiveness of the outcome. This is where raisins come in handy. Raisins are effective and energy-dense health gummies that are rich in glucose and fructose. These compounds get converted into energy quickly. Hence, they increase stamina during workouts.

  • Raisins can promote digestive function which gets disrupted if you are obese. Raisins work like probiotics to enhance gut flora, which is an important aspect of weight loss. Dietary fibre in raisins helps in bowel movements and removes toxins from the body. This helps in preventing obesity and regulates body mass.

  • Overeating leads to becoming overweight and instead of using OTC appetite suppressants, you can eat a handful of raisins that are not calorie-dense like other foods. Raisins can help in controlling hunger without increasing your calories. Raisins contain natural sugar and leptin that have appetite suppressing properties. Leptin is also known to destroy fat cells in the body by increasing the thermogenesis process.

How to eat raisins for weight loss?

The best way to use raisins for weight loss is to soak them in water overnight and consume them the next morning. This is because the unwanted compounds get dissolved in water and you can get all the high-value nutrients required for weight loss and quick absorption by the body.

Many studies have suggested that consuming soaked raisins can accelerate nitric oxide levels in the body which is helpful for nutrition absorption. Raisins are rich sources of iron and hence they can prevent anaemia by increasing the production of red blood cells.

Other healthy ways of consuming raisins are by adding them to your salads, drinking them post-workout in the form of smoothies and drinking raisin water to hydrate your body.

How many raisins are enough per day to lose weight?

There is no fixed amount of raisins that one should take to lose weight. It depends on various factors like your age, weight, health conditions, workout and dieting schedule, etc.

Women can have near about one handful of raisins per day while men can have one and a half cups of raisins per day as a safe limit.

Possible side effects of eating raisins

Remember, excess consumption of anything is vicious for our body. Therefore, even though consuming raisins does not have any side effects, it must be taken in moderation.

As raisins are rich in dietary fibres, it may upset your stomach if you consume extensively. You may also experience acidity and heartburn. Raisins can trigger allergic reactions well, wherein you might experience a runny nose, wheezing, chest congestion, abdominal pain, skin rashes, vomiting, etc.

Take Away

There are many reasons why losing weight is important. The most important one is that obese people have a higher chance of developing serious health conditions such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea and arthritis. So to prevent these health conditions, try including raisins in your diet. Raisins, the dried fruit of grapes, are known to have many health benefits. They can be consumed like dried grapes or used in salads.