Benefits of fennel seeds for weight loss
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Benefits of fennel seeds for weight loss

Fennel seeds for weight loss

Fennel seeds for weight loss

Fennel seeds have been used for medicinal purposes in India from time immemorial. Apart from its medicinal properties, it also has many benefits when used as a spice and the seeds can be a valuable part of your diet too. It is the most commonly used spice in Indian kitchens. Besides this, fennel seeds are known for their detoxification properties. Fennel seeds help in weight loss and can treat indigestion and flatulence as well.

Fennel seeds were used in ancient Greek and Indian culture as a carminative and a digestive tonic.

Fennel seeds possess volatile oils and also phytoestrogens. Fennel seeds can reduce bloating and flatulence. The essential oil present in fennel seeds helps in the quick digestion of food which can lead to a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

The volatile oil present in fennel seeds helps in stimulating the secretion of bile. This helps the body break down fat faster. This also helps in reducing weight gain from excessive fat deposits in the body. 

What does fennel seeds contain? 

The lentil-shaped seeds come from the fennel plant and are a good source of carbohydrates, protein, fat, calcium, iron, potassium, copper, and manganese. 

It is also full of dietary fibre. Fennel seeds contain many vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B6, and C. Fennel seeds are not only good for your health but also help you to manage your weight.

Nutritional Value of Fennel Seeds (100 gm)

Energy: 617 kcal

Protein: 15.3 gm

Carbohydrate: 68.6 gm

Fat: 11.4 gm

Fibre: 25.8 gm

Fennel seeds are highly rich in folic acid and vitamin C. They contain minerals like calcium, manganese, potassium, and phosphorus. They offer health benefits like promoting hair growth, weight loss, improving memory, boosting immunity, etc.

Benefits of fennel seeds

  • Fennel seeds can regulate blood pressure by increasing the level of nitrite in saliva. Nitrite is an element that improves blood pressure levels.
  • Fennel seeds are also a rich source of potassium which controls blood pressure levels and heart rate.
  • Taking fennel seeds in moderation can provide minerals such as calcium, zinc, and selenium. These minerals help in balancing hormones and oxygen levels in the bloodstream.
  • These minerals leave a cooling effect and provide moisture to the skin.
  • Fennel seeds also have ayurvedic properties that can treat skin rashes and dryness.
  • The essential oils and fibre in fennel seeds are quite effective in flushing out sludge and toxins from the body which makes the blood clean. This helps the blood to correctly absorb nutrients in the body.
  • Fennel seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting various germs. This keeps the body disease-free.
  • Fennel seeds are famous for improving eyesight as well. They are rich in Vitamin A which can treat people affected with glaucoma.

How fennel seeds help in losing weight?

Fennel seeds are famous for their properties which can help in weight loss. Regular consumption of fennel seeds in moderation along with healthy lifestyle habits can help in getting rid of some extra pounds. 

These tiny seeds contain a vast amount of nutrients that accelerate overall health.

  • Fennel seeds are a rich source of fibers, which can slow down the digestion process. This can make you feel fuller for a longer time, hence, preventing binge-eating.
  • The presence of antioxidants in fennel seeds can improve the speed of the body's mineral and vitamin absorption. 
  • Antioxidants can also help in breaking down fats and carbs in the body. This can prevent weight gain.
  • Fennel seeds have diuretic properties that can flush out harmful liquids from the body.
  • Fennel seeds can reduce acidity and inflammation.
  • Fennel seeds improve the metabolic rate of the body due to their unending list of antioxidants present in them.

How to take fennel seeds to lose weight?

Fennel seeds juice can be prepared quite easily.

Ingredients required:

  • 1 cup of fennel seeds
  • 2 cups of water (500ml)
  • 1.5 cups of rock sugar
  • 5 soaked cardamom
  • Black salt
  • Some ice cubes


  • Obtain the powder of fennel seeds and cardamom by grinding them.
  • Soak the obtained powder in water for about 8 hours.
  • Grind 1.5 cups of rock sugar and obtain a fine powder.
  • Strain the soaked fennel and cardamom powder liquid into a container.
  • Add the rock sugar powder and some black salt.
  • Mix them well and stir for about 30 seconds.
  • Add some ice cubes and serve in a glass.

Possible side effects of fennel seeds

Though fennel seeds are safe when eaten in moderation, there may be some side effects:

  • Fennel seeds have strong estrogenic properties that act similar to estrogen. This can be harmful to pregnant women.
  • High doses of fennel seeds can also have negative effects on fetal cells.
  • Fennel seeds can interact with other medications like estrogen pills and some cancer medications. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult your healthcare specialist before adding high doses of supplements to your regime.
  • Due to its similarity with estrogen properties, it can disturb fetal growth and development.

Take Away 

The seeds of fennel plants are rich in nutrients and can provide numerous health benefits. Try to inculcate fennel seeds in your diet to improve heart health, reduce inflammation and appetite. Fennel seeds also have anticancer properties that can aid in cancer ailments.

To get the most out of fennel seeds, try adding raw fennel bulbs into your salads. You can also add them to fish dishes to enhance their flavor.