Benefits of Anal Sex

Benefits of Anal Sex

Anal sex

The sexual intercourse through the male genital inserted into the anal cavity of either female human body or male human body is called anal sex. The sex between male and female body is called straight sex whereas the sex between male and male is said to be gay sex or homosexual relationship. 

Anal is an extreme pleasure to the groin area of the male human body. Of course, the female body does take pleasure but the male body has an extraordinary feeling of heavy weight. There are various benefits associated with doing anal sex. 

Benefits of Anal Sex

No pregnancy

One need not afraid in the attempt of anal sex if it lead to reproduction or pregnancy. It is absolute that anal sex does not lead to reproduction. You may attempt it as many times as possible.

During pregnancy

During the pregnancy of a woman, she struggles to carry the baby in the womb. However, sex is a pleasure that cannot be attempted at the vaginal entry during pregnancy time. Still, the woman needs sexual impulse generated in the body during pregnancy. Thus, anal sex is the one and only option to divert the pain of carrying the weight of the baby to feel the pleasure of muscles carrying baby in the womb. A gentle intercourse of penis into anal cavity frees certain muscles surrounded waist and hips which play a major role in standing still the person. They play an even more important role in the pregnant ladies, for the weight is all settled right in the womb that the whole abdomen is supported to stay by the waist and hips.

Groin relaxes

A man has his penis settled at the center of the body formed by the intersection of limbs connected to the trunk of the human body. This formation is a showcase of a triangle with adjustable angular momentum. The penis is surrounded by thighs on either side and there are penis coordinating muscles settled in the besided thighs. The muscular movement passing through the thighs besides penis is called the groin area. The penile flexible moments all depended on the flexibility of the thighs. To increase the flexibility of the thighs, sex is one of the way to go. However, a penis intersection into vagina is a plain action giving no extraction to the thighs. Anal Sex involves the buttocks of the woman that are solidly fixed into the groin conjunction. The action of penis intersection into anal cavity for repeated times with groin area is gently rubbed with buttocks, the muscles relax to the utmost and is the best natural solution to relax and flexible groin muscles.

Body stretching sex positions

There are various sex positions possible with anal sex that eases whole body function and muscular joints. The stretches of the body to compose into anal sex flexibles the whole body. Anal Sex is a way to a lot of kamasutra positions that are high enough pleasures.

Emotional high

As anus is the excreting part of the body, the one who touches it definitely becomes the most personal person. The one who engages in anal sex intends that he is so close to the woman he is engaged to. This level of sharing is only next to life and death. The recent study rectified that couples who have not divorced in their lifetime are supposed to most addictive to anal sex.

Hits two spots at a time

Anal cavity is a gather of a lot of nerves that are passing through genitals, too. Thus, anal sex is a way to go to touch both the A-spot and G-spot at a time.

Extraordinary Orgasm

Both men and women are more satisfied with the orgasm expelled at the reach of the anal sex. Vaginal cavity cannot guarantee orgasm everytime but anal sex could get extraordinary Orgasm most of the times. 

Digestive system

Anal sex is surveyed to be better at activating digestion in the human being. The positions possible with anal sex are a good posture to body to engage in more digestion. The thrust applied in the to and fro motion of the penis into the anal cavity enables various nerves connecting anus to intestines that the given energy is converted to digestion. 

Exercise spinal cord

Regular anal sex performers are fit and straight compared to who practice regular vaginal sex or irregular to sex being. Anal Sex is a straight force applied to backbone. The regular force impedance will make the spine stay stronger and flexible. 

Take Away 

Sex needs extreme body energies. The extreme body energies are expelled only when the bodies are at great ease. The practice of anal sex regularly maintain the personalities at great ease and body functionality. Just the anal sex need is a little hygienic and pretty love and care. 

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