How to spice up your sex life?

Spice up your sex life

Spice up your sex life

Sex is an important part of life. A healthy and fulfilling sex life is essential for maintaining good physical, psychological, social, and emotional health. While it's true that most women and men need a few weeks to adjust to the birth of a baby, in most cases, sex life returns to normal shortly afterwards. However, you can face challenges later on. For instance, if you're experiencing physical or emotional changes because of aging or a medical condition, such as diabetes, cancer treatments or perhaps you've experienced sexual trauma or other stressors.

Sex is being discussed openly nowadays, but people are still often reluctant to talk about their sexual needs with their partners because of shame or embarrassment. Moreover, many health problems such as diabetes or hypertension have an adverse effect on sex life. As a leading men's wellness brand, we at Mars by GHC thought it would be pertinent to talk about this and to guide people about how they can spice up their sex life without putting their health at risk.

Trying out different sex positions can enhance sex life. Some basic and simple sex positions like cowgirl, missionary, spooning, doggy style, even anal sex can make you realize what you are missing out on. 

Using sex toys can be quite an interesting experience for people who have tried it out. Despite all the talks and discussions surrounding sex toys, people are not willing to buy these products. Reasons might be a lack of awareness or a false sense of shame associated with it.

How to turn boring sex life into a happening one?

The first thing you should remember is to not compare your sex life with other people. It doesn’t matter if your neighbour is having sex every day (and looks like they're having the time of their life). It doesn't matter if your friends get turned on every time they see their partners (and it's obvious that they have a great sex life). Your sex life is all about you and your partner. What works for others may not work for you.

The variety of sex positions and the frequency can determine whether a couple has a good or bad sex life. Sex becomes boring due to a lack of variation and the frequency of doing it decreases. Remember, when it's not happening every day, it becomes something special that you look forward to. A critical role in good sex life is played by communication and mutual understanding.

6 Impressive ways to spice up your sex life

The best approach to a fulfilling sex life involves more than just doing what you’ve always done. Make time for it. Sex isn't something you squeeze in when you have a few minutes. Plan for it just like anything else that's important to you. Communicate openly and honestly. Experiment with new positions or role-playing to keep things exciting. Some easy and interesting ways to spice up your sex life are given below.

  • Treat Medical Issues

  • First things first, you need to figure out how to deal with your medical issues that might be disturbing your sex life. Medical reasons can change your sex life by making it boring. So, if you are dissatisfied with your sex life due to depression, anxiety, etc, you need to seek treatment to improve the sexual functioning of your body and mind.

  • Communicate

  • While this might seem like an easy process, people who are not really into sharing and communication might find it one of the toughest jobs to do. Lack of proper communication can make your sex life dull and boring. Many factors, including discussion on likes and dislikes, can contribute to sexual satisfaction. Talk about your passions and kinky stuff that you and your partner might try out in the bedroom. Consensual kink exploration can add excitement to your sex life because you get to know what your partner thinks beyond the conventional wisdom. Make your bond stronger and embrace sex talk!

  • Take Shower Together

  • There's nothing wrong with shower sex as long as you clean yourself really well before and after sex. It is also important to make sure that your skin is exfoliated and moisturized before getting into the shower.

    Do not be afraid to get caught in the moment and let the hot and steamy setting enhance your sexual life. The thing with this kind of sex is that it is so hot and takes place in such a wet environment, that your ‘lifeless’ sexual life becomes full of buoyancy.

  • Touch Yourself Passionately

  • How do you feel about achieving a wild orgasm before you set off to work? Sounds great! Isn't it? Just reach down and kickstart your self-love journey while your partner does the same as you kiss and make out. Masturbation can also help you understand your body better. You get to know what helps you orgasm and you can communicate the same to your partner. This will empower you and your partner to become better lovers as you accelerate your sex life.

  • Try out Different Sex Positions

  • With modern technology, setting a romantic mood by candlelight has become so last century. But to rejuvenate things in your relationship, you should definitely try out some raunchy sex positions with your partner and level up the intimacy in your relationship. But do not try out any complicated positions that can make you and your partner feel unstable or uncomfortable. Stick with easy and enjoyable positions.

  • Try Oral Sex

  • Oral sex can be fun and exciting as you do not have to worry about injuries that are usually expected while doing sex positions. It does not matter whether you are giving or receiving, it is important to utilize the moment to spice up your love life. Oral sex has many benefits like it can ease stress and work pressure and acts as a pain-killer for headaches as well. However, we recommend wearing a dental dam to prevent STIs.

    Take Away 

    Sex life can become boring due to many reasons, including lack of time, low libido, medical conditions, depression, lost passion, etc. You can try out the aforesaid ways to spend some quality time with your partner and spice up your sexual life.

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