Beard Wax: Benefits and Usage

Beard wax uses | Beard Wax: Benefits and Usage

What is Beard Wax?

Beard wax is a beard styling product that keeps hold of the shape and moisturizes the beard. It makes taming and shaping easy for you.

Beard wax is a moisturizing yet powerful wax that has become popular with men across the globe. It comes in three different scents that can easily be identified by scent. You smell it, you like it and you don't mind paying a little bit of cash for it.

Beard wax is mainly used for beard men who have been growing lengthy beards or even medium beards. 

Most people that grow beards do so for a number of reasons, such as the ability to have wild beard days or just liking the look of having a beard. Sometimes, dandruff grows around a beard, and the beard goes rough, and people notice this. Therefore, some people feel that in order to protect their facial hair they need to use wax as a form of protection, especially if they are going to be appearing in public places in public or even with friends and family members.

What does Beard Wax do?

Beard wax as mentioned earlier is a styling product that keeps the beard in place. It makes the beard shiny, moisturizes and maintains beard hygiene.

Beard Wax Composition

Beard wax has many natural ingredients in it. However few products also use sulfates, silicones, and parabens which you must avoid in any hair and beard products. So make sure to read the ingredients well before buying one product.

Here are some of the natural ingredients commonly used in beard wax.

1. Essential Oils:

Fragrance oils such as lavender oil, menthol, etc are used in beard wax. These essential pills have multiple benefits. They are anti-microbial, moisturizing, and provide shine to your beard.

2. Beeswax: 

Beeswax gives fitness to the product. It is the main component in the beard wax which holds your beard in place.

3. Carrier Oils:

Coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, etc oils  moisturize and improve the skin underneath the beard

Benefits of Beard Wax

Beard wax is a grooming product helping you to manage your beard and hold it in place. Beard wax has many uses. Some of the benefits of beard wax that one must know before using beard wax are

1. Prevents Beardruff: 

Beardruff or beard dandruff occurs due to dryness or microbial activity. The oils present in the beard wax help in preventing dryness and also the antimicrobial properties of oils used to prevent microbial growth.

2. Moisturizes Beard:

Oils such as olive oil, tea tree oil, etc are some of the best oils which can moisturize skin and hair. 

3. Holds beard hair in place:

Due to more % of beeswax in beard wax than beard balm, beard wax has a strong holding capacity than beard balm. This is the most widely used grooming product for keeping a beard in place.

4. Smoothens and tames beard:

Beard especially after some length tends to be hard to manage.  Due to various reasons, the beard becomes dry and unruly. Beard wax moisturizes and smoothens, helping you to tame your patchy beard.

5. Nourishes beard hair:

The oils present in beard wax nourish the beard hair.

6. Protect beard:

Due to its thick consistency and oils, beard wax forms a layer on the beard hair, protecting it from external conditions such as pollution, harsh winter cold, UV rays, etc.

7. Makes beard shiny:

Beard wax makes your beard shiny but not oily. 

8. Pleasant smell:

Essential oils such as lemongrass oils, lavender oils, etc give beard wax a good fragrance.

How to use Beard Wax?

Beard wax application is a very simple process. Even though it is simple to use, there are some procedures which if followed give the best results.

  • Wash and rinse your beard with good beard shampoo and with warm water
  • Apply beard conditioner, leave it for 1-5 mins and rinse properly
  • Pat dry your beard properly. Any moisture left will not let the uniform application of the beard wax and also hinder its functioning
  • Take your boar bristle beard brush and brush your beard from root to tip. This ensures that the natural oils are well spread and also removes any dandruff flakes or beardruff present in the beard.
  • Take a little beard wax into your fingers and spread it between your palms and fingers.
  • Work between palm and fingers until the beard wax is warm, melted, and easy to work with. 
  • Using your fingers, start applying beard wax lightly to your beard roots at the sideburns.
  • Slowly start applying the beard wax on your palms to the beard length and the chin.
  • Make sure you cover all the corners of the beard region.
  • Use your boar bristle beard brush to comb the entire length of your beard, from roots to tips. This will help in evenly spreading the beard wax throughout the beard.
  • Let the wax dry for 5 minutes and set in.

Difference Between Beard Wax and Beard Balm

Beard wax and beard balm, both have a similar composition. Except for the fact that beard wax does not contain any malleable agents i.e., butter which gives a soft waxy texture to the product.

Beard wax also differs in composition ratio from beard balm. Beard wax has a high concentration of beeswax which makes the beard wax firm and gives it the ability to hold the beard for a long time.

Beard Wax vs Beard Balm: Which one is better?

This depends on the texture of your beard and your purpose of use. 

Beard balms are lighter than beard wax and provide good moisturization. It is suitable for beards of short and mid-length. And if your goal is to achieve a smooth and tamed beard, then beard wax is your best choice.

Beard wax is heavier than beard balm. Just like beard balm, it also provides moisture, smoothens beards, and helps in taming the beard.  But it also provides a structure and holds the beard in place. If you are looking for this, then this is your best option.

Suitable for managing short to long lengths of beard. It is best suited for occasions like interviews, workplaces, parties, etc.

Difference Between Beard Wax and Moustache Wax

Moustache wax and beard wax are the same and don’t have any different functionality. Both are used for facial hair styling and moisturizing. They are just different names and products. But fundamentally both are the same and have the same composition and a single function i.e., to style facial hair.

Take Away 

Beard wax is the best facial hair grooming product which has multiple benefits. They moisturize beard hair and also hold them in a place.

The application of beard wax is simple and if followed a proper routine, it will help in maintaining a healthy beard.

Beard wax is similar to beard balm with just minor differences such as composition and purpose of use. Choose your beard styling products according to the purpose. Happy bearding :) !

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Is moustache wax good for your beard?

If you're searching for something with a stronghold for your beard, moustache wax can do the job best for you. The wax lets you style your moustache and beard for long-lasting control and shape while providing natural, moisturizing and conditioning ingredients to keep those whiskers healthy as well.

2. Can beard wax be used daily?

Yes. you can use it once a day. As beard wax is 100% natural, you don't have to worry about washing your beard for the stiffness of the wax. 

3. Can I use beard oil and wax together?

Beard wax should be used along with beard oil. As beard oil serves its own purposes of reducing dandruff, and itchiness as well as boosting beard growth. Beard wax, on the other hand, is more of a styling product after the application of beard oil.


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