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Beard styles

Beard styles 

List of beard styles

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Maintaining and picking the proper beard style for a particular face shape is just as challenging as growing a beard. To elevate the overall style statement, nothing beats a game-changing beard style! Fortunately, we've compiled a list of universal beard styles which will complement any facial shape.

List of beard styles

  1. Natural beard look

This one is ideal for those individuals who have a rapid beard growth rate. Natural beards are also the simplest to style. All you have to do is follow your beard's natural line. Trim the stray hairs from your face and neck. Trimming and cleaning your natural beard on a regular basis will keep it well-defined.

2. Faded circle beard

A closed goatee beard is one in which the goatee is linked to the mustache in a full circle. For angular faces, the beard style is ideal. It becomes a universal beard style for men, for every face type if it is grown out and naturally fades towards the hairline. As it near your sideburns, keep the fade gradual. For a sharp appearance, tidy up the edges of the beard. This is a medium beard style. 

3. A viking beard look

One of the oldest beard styles is the viking beard. A viking beard, as its name implies, is derived from the Vikings or a Scandinavian fighting group and thus denotes toughness and strength. This beard type is essentially a full beard that can range in length from medium to exceptionally lengthy. This style comes in a variety of shapes and variations. You may easily personalize and style your own viking beard based on your preferences and face shape. This beard is difficult to keep up with, so make sure you're using the correct beard grooming products like the beard growth oil by Mars by GHC for it. Also, ensure you regularly undergo beard wash.

4. Stubble beard

A stubble is not only ideal for any face shape, but it is also ideal for all of the slackers out there. If you don't want to grow a full beard and shaving every day is too time consuming, a stubble is the perfect compromise. This beard style is the simplest to maintain because it is light and impactful. Keep in mind that this is a short beard style. 

5.Short boxed beard

A short boxed beard is a full beard that has been neatly sculpted. This style, which is somewhat shorter than just a full beard, requires regular and meticulous trimming. You may effortlessly sharpen your jawline with this style. A boxed beard can be achieved after 2-4 weeks on average. When growing and styling your beard, keep in mind that a boxed beard should not extend past the jawline. 

6. Balbo

A balbo is slightly further faded than a fading circle beard. It's actually a cross between a floating mustache and a beard sans the sideburns. You can make it sharp by totally removing the sideburns, or you can make it soft by gently fading them away until there are no sideburns left. When coupled with a mustache, these hair would look their finest.

7. Beard with a soul patch

One of the older styles is the soul patch. A soul patch, on the other hand, is ideal for those who desire an easy-to-maintain beard style. A little patch of beard under the lower lip defines this look. It is flattering to many facial shapes and also has a timeless charm.

8. Hollywood beard

This beard style was popularized by Hollywood celebrities, as the name implies. An "extended goatee" is another name for this beard style. It has a beard and a big mustache that extends down the jawline. Minimal to no sideburns are also a hallmark of a Hollywood beard.

9. Clean shaved handlebar

If you like mustaches, a handlebar mustache is classic and excellent. Because it's such a bold look, a clean shave is recommended. All you need is confidence to pull off this look, regardless of your facial shape.

10. Faded chin strap beard

A thick chin strap gives the appearance of a strong jawline. Combining it with a fade that moves upwards towards the jawline gives this traditional beard style a lot of versatility. Keep your mustache at the same length as your beard, and you're done!

11.Shaggy and rugged beard look

There is nothing greater than a thick, luscious beard for you if you have a decent growth. Extremely short hairstyles are best for square, oblong, or rectangular face shapes. Any of the voluminous hairstyles are suitable for smaller face types such as round, oval, or triangular.

12. The squared beard

This beard style is ideal for men having curly beards. Curly beards are naturally stiff and keep their shape. This is a terrific style for you even if you may not have a curly beard. Simply let your beard grow out naturally before shaping it into a rounded square at the bottom.

13. Faded Van dyke

A van dyke beard is one of the shortest beard styles that suits any face shape, particularly a round face. To make this style stand out even more, pair it with a short stubble that fades away as it reaches the sideburns.

14. Inverted T beard with mustache

This beard design is similar to a van dyke beard and is another classic. If you're searching for a low-maintenance and quick project, this is the one for you. It's adaptable, timeless, and flattering on all facial shapes.

Take Away

If you can't figure out your face shape, these are definitely the safest beard styles to try. Furthermore, you can't go wrong with all these tried-and-true looks.

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