Ashwini mudra benefits

Ashwini mudra benefits

Ashwini mudra benefits

As Vastu is the study of human habitats, Vedic medicine is the study of the human body and mind. Ancient Vedic seers and Rishis used to see the universe and everything – in sun, in the moon, in mountains, in water. Hence, they used to see everything in the human body as well – from the liver to lungs to heart to kidney – everything was mapped out clearly.

Ashwini mudra, also known as Ashwini Kapha mudra is one of the best and most beneficial yoga mudras for overall health & wellness. This mudra is helpful in strengthening the nervous system, improving blood circulation, enhancing focus and concentration.

Ashwini mudra is a circle-shaped mudra that is believed to help in increasing the physical strength of your body. The mudra also helps in healing and protecting the body from many diseases.

The name Ashwini mudra is given after the Goddess Ashwini who is one of the most powerful Goddesses of Hindu mythology.

The two main benefits of the ritual of Ashwini mudra are:

  • Inducing strength and vigour in your body.
  • Assists in treating weak eyes.
  • It can cure all rectum and anus diseases.
  • The inverted position can also cure piles.
  • It helps treat rectal and uterine prolapse.
  • It can cure constipation.
  • With the help of this position, one can control anal muscles.
  • Practising this position on a regular basis can make the wall of the large intestine firmer.
  • It can prevent premature death.
  • It can prevent premature greying of hair, hair fall and joint pain
  • It can enhance your day to day activities and make you feel younger by improving your skin health.
  • It can reduce stress and depression.
  • It can help to cure uterine problems in women.
  • Improves the function of pelvic muscles and nerves surrounding the anal sphincters.
  • It is an effective position for preparing a woman for childbirth. 
  • It also supports the growth of the fetus.
  • This position helps to attain mental peace and improves anxiety issues.
  • This position further helps in practising Mula bandha and maha mudra.
  • It improves blood circulation and relaxes the muscles of the posterior region.
  • It helps in enhancing sexual health by improving the pelvis muscles and blood circulation.
  • It improves libido and gives a sense of pleasure.
  • It is an effective position for heart health.
  • It can control blood pressure.

Ashwini mudra for premature ejaculation

Ashwini mudra is an effective position for increasing libido or sex drive by increasing the blood flow to the penis. Men suffering from premature ejaculation can practice this position to delay ejaculation. It reduces the stress hormones in the body and enhances the health of reproductive glands.

Ashwini Kriya can also boost sperm count by improving sexual health and it also lowers the stress hormones in the body.

The philosophy behind this yoga position

Ashwini mudra is also known as the gesture of the horse. This is because the anal contraction due to this position resembles the movement of a horse which it makes with its sphincter after the evacuation of the bowels.

This position is known to produce energy in the lower body while keeping it contained.

The increase in energy levels builds up pressure in the energy channels and once the containment is released, the built-up energy shoots up the spine, travelling through all the blocks, barriers and restrictions.

This position involves contraction and relaxation of the pelvis muscles, sphincter, perineum.

Spiritual benefits of doing Ashwini mudra

Ashwini mudra can help in enhancing intelligence and understanding. It also helps in boosting self-esteem. 

It is also known to support the yogis in maintaining a life of celibacy.

How to do the Ashwini mudra?

  • Make yourself comfortable and take up a yoga position like Padmasana.
  • Keep your mind and body relaxed. Breathe normally and focus on your breathing.
  • Now, try to contract the anal sphincter muscle and hold it for 5-10 seconds. 
  • Release the anal muscles and breathe normally for 10 - 15 seconds.
  • Keep practising this procedure for as long as you are comfortable.

Best time to practice Ashwini mudra

The Ashwini mudra can be practised at any time, preferably before starting spiritual practice.

Possible side effects of practising Ashwin mudra

People with high blood pressure issues and brain disease should avoid doing this position.

Patients suffering from an enlarged thyroid, cervical spondylosis, slipped disc, headache and weak blood vessels in the eyes should avoid practising this position.

Women suffering from severe uterine diseases are recommended to refrain from practising this position.

Drink enough water while doing this position. Specialists recommend drinking water as much as at least 5% of your weight.

Avoid practising this position on an empty stomach.

Take Away 

Ashwini mudra has numerous benefits for the overall health of the human body. It can cure many diseases including piles, low libido, stress, anxiety, constipation, uterine problems, etc. 

It can enhance sexual health as well. Do try this position to check whether it is effective for you or not. In case you are unable to get the benefits out of this position, do check out our Ashwagandha tablets which can enhance your performance by increasing testosterone levels and improving strength.

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