Ashwini Mudra

Ashwini Mudra: Benefits for Sexual Health

If you are one of those who practice yoga asanas, you might have heard about Kundalini, in which the attention automatically goes to the pelvic floor. The perineum is known to be the exact place of the pelvis where this energy lies inactively. Ashwini mudra pose is an easy practice that works on stimulating this inactive energy.

What is Ashwini Mudra?

Ashwini Mudra is considered one of the most beneficial yoga asanas and if you practice it regularly it can help you in several ways. Before we start talking about this particular mudra and start getting into the specifics, let us first understand the meaning of this asana.

The first word ‘Ashwa’ in Sanskrit means horse and the second word ‘Mudra’ basically means gesture or pose. The contraction which takes place in Ashwini Mudra resembles the movement of a horse therefore it is usually known as a horse gesture.

Ashwini mudra asana allows the upward flow of the ‘prana’ or Apana through your spine which is the main energy channel and is called ‘sushuma’. Ashwini Mudra Yoga is a relatively easy and beginner’s yoga technique. All these mudras are used along with bandhas to upgrade the practice of yoga.

How to do Ashwini Mudra?

Below are the detailed steps, through which you can do Ashwini mudra. 

  • If you want to begin with the Ashwini Mudra you must assume it as an asana. We recommend you to start with the lotus position though there are other suitable poses too.
  •  After assuming your pose, you should give yourself a couple of minutes in which you can breathe deeply and relax. You must feel inwardly peaceful before you start to use Ashwini mudra.
  • Now, take a deep breath, hold your breath, and in every 1 to 2 seconds contract your anal sphincter muscles. Women must do five contractions and men four. Now, you should completely relax the muscles between each contraction. These contractions will help to move prana from your pelvis to your head.
  • When you are holding your breath and after you have completed these contractions specified above, you should push your chin into the bottom of your neck. Now you should move your tongue so it touches the palate and breathes out gradually. Simply release the mudra and relax.

What are the precautions that you must take while doing Ashwini Mudra?

There are some points or precautions that you should consider while performing Ashwini mudra.

  • Patients who are suffering from high blood should not do much of this mudra and should do it at a slow speed.
  • Pregnant women should perform this Mudra under the supervision of any certified trainer.
  • Asthma patients should not practice Ashwini mudra.
  • You must drink the appropriate amount of water while doing this Mudra. On an average a person should drink 5% of his weight in water throughout the day.
  • You must do this mudra on an empty stomach.

When to do Ashwini Mudra and how long?

  • You can practice this asana at any time of the day. But you should keep in mind that whenever you do this mudra, you will have to do it on an empty stomach and do this posture only by laying a seat or posture on the ground. You should not do this posture more than strength, otherwise, there may be a loss in place of profit.
  • Initially, you can do this posture 20 to 25 times at a time and do not shrink the anus for more than 3 to 6 seconds. You can do this asana up to 100 times after practice.

What are the benefits of Ashwini Mudra?

We can divide the benefits of this Ashwini mudra into two parts.

1. Therapeutic Benefits

  • This mudra helps in curing issues like reproduction of both women and men and women, all serious and common problems which are related to the bladder, thinning of semen, premature ejaculation, loosening of the penis, bleeding with urination, excessive sexual urination, painful irregularity of women, loosening of vagina, cures impotence, sterility, amongst others.
  • Ashwini asana also helps in curing old piles. But, you must also continue with your medicines with this Mudra.
  • This mudra helps in getting rid of constipation.
  • It also helps in curing stomach problems like indigestion, food rot in both intestines, disturbance of digestion, pressure for stool immediately after eating, frequent urination, etc.
  • This mudra increases immunity and improves the quality of life.
  • If you practice this mudra regularly, it brings a lot of energy, agility, and strength to the seeker of any age.
  • Regularizing this mudra helps in keeping a good grip on emotions.
  • This asana also increases the brightness of the face and also improves Aura.
  • Also cures the prostate disease.

2. Spiritual Benefits

  • Ashwini mudra also helps in increasing your intelligence, understanding, and self-confidence.
  • This mudra also helps yogis to maintain celibacy.

How does Ashwini Mudra help in sexual health?

It is a known fact that yoga doesn’t just make you more flexible in bed. Let us explain to you how bedroom yoga goes beyond flexibility by telling you about the sexual benefits of Ashwini Mudra.

Several studies have shown that Ashwini Mudra benefits can be useful for premature ejaculation by awakening one's kundalini shakti (Power). Premature ejaculation occurs in men when a man ejaculates or orgasms too quickly when he is sexually stimulated.

Kundalini shakti is the energy that is believed to increase sexual pleasure and extend the longevity of intercourse duration by naturally delaying ejaculation. This makes it a handy asana for treating premature ejaculation.

The benefits of Ashwini Mudra pose extend to men who face the problem of premature ejaculation and those who need the help of a mudra for performance drive.

Ashwini Kriya will also benefit your sperm count by enhancing the reproductive glands' health and lowering stress hormones in your body.

Therefore Ashwini Mudra is a popular mudra for intercourse that can help you treat PE and increase your sperm count without showing any side effects.

Is Ashwini Mudra helpful for nightfall?

If you were to ask us, then it's a big Yes! Ashwini Mudra has shown benefits for the nightfall issue as per various researches. You must remember to sit erect, calm your body down and then breathe uniformly. 

Once you have been in this position for some time, it will contract the muscles of the anal sphincter or the rectum or anus area. You should keep your breath held for about 10 - 15 counts and slowly release. Now, you must feel free to perform this twice or thrice a day for better control over your pelvic muscles to curb nightfall.

Ashwini Mudra Other Benefits On Body 

Ashwini mudra also benefits other parts of your body.

  • Ashwini Mudra Effect On Gastric Health

Ashwini mudra is one of the most beneficial yoga asanas as it helps in the contraction and relaxation of the sphincter, pelvic region, perineum, and most importantly your buttock muscles.

It also helps in the simplified sphincter movement while defecating. This mudra excellently benefits in the process of increasing awareness and also provides peace of mind to your mind and body. The horse gesture pose sometimes is also referred to as the giver of energy for humans.

  • Ashwini Mudra Effect On The Rectum And Anus Related Issues

If you practice this mudra regularly, it can help you in several ways. It helps in increasing the strength of the muscles of the rectum and also helps increase the perineum region. Moreover, a constant practice of this asana can make your walls of the large intestine firmer.

It is believed that it can prevent piles and help to improve numerous health conditions like rectal prolapse. Talking about rectal prolapse, the rectum moves down below from its normal position, it is mostly found in women of the reproductive and postmenopausal age group.

  • Ashwini Mudra Effect On The Endocrine System

Ashwini mudra helps in keeping the normal working of your endocrine system. The endocrine system in our body is a collection of all the vital glands that are responsible for releasing hormones to regulate important functions of your body like growth and development, performance functions and reproduction, sleep, metabolic activity, and overall health.

Our endocrine system is made up of many glands like the pituitary gland, pineal gland, hypothalamus, thyroid gland, parathyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, and ovaries/ testes.

The Ashwini mudra aids the normal functioning of these glands which in turn results in good health.

  • Ashwini Mudra Effect On The Pituitary Gland

Hormones are considered an important aspect of our health. The pituitary gland helps in maintaining the proper functioning of releasing hormones in your bloodstream.

This mudra is considered to contribute to the wellbeing of your pituitary gland. When the pituitary works perfectly well, it provides proper extra hormonal support to other glands like the thyroid, adrenal, etc.

What are the side effects of Ashwini Mudra? 

Ashwini Mudra is a mudra for performance power and is extremely safe and has numerous benefits. 

Less than 1% of those people who perform this performance mudra regularly report side effects such as excess heat in their body, dehydration, stomach pain, and vomiting due to prolonged yoga poses or Mudra.

So you need to make sure that you are doing it in moderation. You must always remember to consult a physician before starting a new exercise regimen.

Take Away

So, these are the benefits and step by step guideline of Ashwini mudra. You need to make sure that you are doing it in moderation. It’s very simple to perform and any person of any age group can do this mudra.

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