Amla mask: Benefits for Hair & How to Use It?

Amla increases the blood flow in the retarded region of the scalp.

Amla Powder Hair Mask

The black, bouncy, bristle, coarse, delicate structures on the top of the head are called “HAIR”. However, there are numerous types of hair structures like straight, curly, wavy and messy. People are really concerned about their hair. In a progressing world of technology, ironically, the problems of people have been growing like health, mental stress. 

Due to these issues, many problems have taken a new shape like most hair problems nowadays. Hair is the most captivating, appealing thing in human beings, neither women nor men can tolerate hair problems. In this contemporary world, hair problems are of major concern, caused mostly due to pollution, improper diet, mental stress and exposure to harmful radiations, which retard hair growth and leads to hair loss, dandruff, dry scalp, greasy hair, immature greying, itching of the scalp.

Premature greying is a major problem nowadays because of poor diet and pollution; for the people who are facing this situation, AMLA is such a “BOON” to them, because it reverses premature greying and helps them fall back to the normal hair as it was before. If applied regularly the positive prudence results are seen. It combats dandruff and conditions the hair in appropriate condition and makes them look wispy and woolly.

Causes of Hair Problems

  1. Improper diet: Diet plays a “vital” role in hair health. Healthy hair is an indication of good health. A proper diet makes our hair voluminous and healthy. The foods which enhance hair growth are protein, biotin, vitamins minerals, omega3 fatty acids, which “exalt” hair growth. Chicken, eggs, green leafy vegetables, carrots, berries, almonds, and walnuts are to be included in the diet to enrich the nutritional quality of food for proper physiological mechanisms. 
  1. Stress: The main factor for hair loss is chronic stress which shoves the hair into pause mode, where the regrowth of hair cannot be seen. Just by playing hands-on hair and combing, washing can wipe away the strands from the scalp.
  1. Hormonal imbalance: According to studies, hormonal imbalance plays the main role in hair shedding. Skimpy hormonal production accompanies hair loss. Usually, in male testosterone, dihydrotestosterone plays a significant role in hair growth. Whereas, female oestrogen takes part in hair production, which makes hair soft and healthy; hypothyroidism is the condition where the thyroid gland doesn’t produce adequate amounts of hormones which cause body weakness, unhealthy weight loss and hair loss.
  1. Medication and supplements: Consumption of tablets for various diseases, will have negative effects on other parts of the body, which even shows a decline in hair growth. Chemotherapy is also the prime reason for hair loss.
  1. Heating and washing: Excessive use of hair equipment, like, straightener, dryer, curler which leads to hair damage and abundant use of chemicals on hair, for washing will make the hair look dry and frizzy.

Hair Growth Tips

The one who wants to lead a “healthy life” should lay more emphasis on” yoga”. Even though there are many types of exercises but the way yoga acts on the body is really astonishing. Just put yourself on the yoga mat, do the “ASANAS’’ which will show incredible results. There are many yoga asanas that enhance hair growth, like Sarvangasana, halasan, shirshasana and many will increase blood flow in the head region and enhance hair growth; it will act on the overall health and help in well being. Yoga will keep away the stress at bay.

Amla Hair Mask Benefits for Hair

Amla is also called Indian “gooseberry” which consists of ascorbic acid (vitamin c) and ellagitannins, essential amino acids, antioxidants like flavonoids and polyphenols and abundant iron which can work on our hair in a broad aspect.

Gooseberry is also used as medicine in the ancient era to treat many diseases. It works in both internal and external ways. It induces proper health if consumed daily, though it is bitter in taste.

It works on our hair, if applied externally, shows immense results in a short duration. It acts from the inner tip of the root to the end of the hair strand follicle. Application of gooseberry externally, increases the blood flow in the retarded region of the scalp absorbs the prominence nutrition from the mask; absorbs the content in the mask and increases hair growth. 

How to Use Amla for Hair?

AMLA MASK: No need for money consuming treatments, variety of tablets; expensive salon services. Just make yourself comfortable at home, make it an exotic salon. Use natural ingredients to nourish the hair, one tablespoon of amla and two eggs.

Procedure: take a small cup, add one tablespoon of amla and beat two eggs in it, stir until the individual ingredients convert into a fine gelatinous mixture, and gently apply on scalp and hair, then massage for a few minutes, leave it for twenty minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water. The above ingredients will just ‘aww’ your hair and treat the deficiencies in the scalp and hair and leave the hair voluminous.

ADD AMLA TO THE HAIR OIL: Coconut oil is obvious for the hair to get nourishment, but, adding up a few key ingredients to the oil works enormous ‘’wonder’’ to the hair. Grab a few gooseberries and hibiscus flowers and dry them up in the sun for 2 to 3 days and put the coconut oil on the stove, bring it to boil and inundate dried amla and hibiscus flowers in the oil. Switch off the stove, let it cool and apply it to the scalp and massage. It strengthens the hair from the tips of the root and increases hair growth.

ADD AMLA TO SHAMPOO: Healthy hair is a basic deed for everybody, irrespective of gender everyone wants a lush full of hair on top of the head. But, pollution and dust damage the hair, cleansing the hair is routine, but, boosting the shampoo by preparing it with natural ingredients stupefy us with positive results. Reetha and shikakai are natural cleansers but, adding up amla powder to the mixture of shikakai and reetha can be even more promising. Apply it on the hair and massage for 3 to 4 minutes rinse the hair with water. This cleanser boosts the hair to tackle pollution and dust. 

Take Away

Mars by GHC provides sound products that help in dealing with problems like hair loss, premature greying of hair, hair thinning. The products will enthral you with apt results. 

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