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Aerobic Exercises For Weight Loss

Aerobic Exercises For Weight Loss

Benefits Of Aerobic Exercises For Weight Loss

Many of us find it difficult to squeeze in the time at least three times a week to go to the gym. But, not anymore below are a few simple and easy aerobic exercises to shed those extra pounds around the belly and to burn calories. Check them out!

Aerobic Exercise is a physical activity that will make you sweat and use fat over carbohydrates to energize you during the workout. One can see benefits within a month and the best part is they strengthen your cardiovascular health, reduce anxiety, depression, increase stamina and boost your energy. 

If you are busy and have very short time for exercise, then aerobic exercise is for you. You need no fancy equipment to start this regime, even several studies have confirmed that aerobic exercises help in preventing accumulation of fat. This is because, exercises will make your heart beat faster where your body automatically releases happy hormones which leads you to stay in a good mood. 

You will start feeling a drastic difference in your energy and on your skin after including these effective exercises in your regime. 

Best Aerobic Exercise For Weight Loss:

1. Skipping:

According to several studies, skipping for 45 minutes can burn as many as 450 calories in our body.  It works on muscles, shoulders, calves and quads.

  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart and hold the rope handles firmly. 
  • All you need to do is swing the rope atop your head and jump quickly as soon as it comes in front of your feet. 
  • It might need a little practise to get faster that comes with regular practise.

2. Butt Kicks:

Butt kick exercise works on your glutes and hamstrings. 

  • Stand straight with shoulder width feet apart and bend your arms towards the sides.
  • Bend your right knee to touch your butt with your right ankle, just like you are jogging. Keep doing it with the other leg, do it 3-4 sets for 30-60 seconds.
  • Remember to keep the pace slow until you have perfected it.

3. Mountain Climber:

This exercise works on abs, glutes, hips and legs.

  • Firstly, get into a plank position with your core tight. Now , bring your right knee towards the centre of your stomach and quickly switch to your left leg.
  • Just like other exercises, begin with a slower pace and increase it gradually. Do it 1-2 sets of 8-10 repetitions and it is important to align your body properly during this exercise.

4. Burpees:

This is a full body exercise that increases your blood circulation, heart rate, flexibility and strength. 

  • Stand straight with your shoulder feet width apart and get into a squat position.
  • Now, bend forward to place your palms in your feet and stretch your behind to get into plank position.
  • Immediately, return to the squat position and jump. Do 8-15 repetitions or 3-5 sets.

5. Squat Jacks:

This exercise works great on your lower body and improves stability and posture.

  • Stand straight with your feet together and keep your hands alongside your thighs. Jump up and spread your feet while you settle into a squat position.
  • Try to push through the heels and jump back and return to the starting position. Do 1-2 sets of 8-15 repetitions.

6. Bear Crawls:

This exercise mainly works on triceps and deltoids.

  • Begin with plank position by keeping your arms and legs extended on the floor. 
  • Crawl forward at a steady pace by keeping in the same position and remember to put more weight on hands and less on legs.
  • Repeat it for at least 60 seconds.

7. Inch Worm:

This exercise mainly works on hamstrings.

  • Start with your feet shoulder width apart and tight core. Now, place your hands on the floor as you bend from the waist.
  • Keeping your legs straight, walk your hands forward till you reach a high plank position.
  • Once you reach high plank position, quickly walk with your feet towards your hands and stand.
  • Do it for at least 8-15 repetitions.

8. High Knees:

This exercise mainly works on quads and glutes.

  • Stand firmly by keeping your feet hip width apart and run in place at a steady pace by pulling both the knees alternatively to the chest.
  • Make sure to do it as quickly as you can.  

9. Flutter Kick:

This exercise mainly works on lower abdominal muscles and is considered as one of the effective exercises to reduce fat around the tummy.

  • Lie on your back with your face facing the ceiling and keep your abs drawn inside.
  • Slide your hands beneath your lower back curve for additional support for your body.
  • Now using your core, lift your both legs so that they make a right angle to the upper body.
  • Start kicking your feet up and down several inches above from the ground. Repeat it as fast as you can.

10. Jumping Lunges:

This exercise mainly works on quads and hamstrings.

  • Before doing this exercise, you must master the basic lunge version.
  • Begin by dropping off into a low lunge position and slowly switch the feet mid air as you jump up.
  • Land with the opposite feet as you get into lunge position for the second time.

11. Skaters:

This exercise mainly works on the hamstring, glutes and quads.

  • Stand straight with feet width apart and slightly bend knees, 
  • Now jump towards the right with your right foot by landing slowly on your right ankle and your left leg behind.
  • Then , quickly jump towards the left with your left foot with your right leg behind and repeat it as fast as possible.

12. Corkscrew:

This exercise works mainly on obliques and abdominal muscles.

  • Lie on your back with your hands just below your lower back just for extra support.
  • Slowly, keep your navel sucked and legs straight. Then, lift off the legs from the ground till it is at a right angle for your upper body.
  • Keep your core tight and legs together, make a complete rotation with your legs and try to focus on keeping your abs tight throughout the exercise.

Following a good routine by incorporating these effective exercises gives you better results in losing weight.

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