A Biotin A Day, Keeps Hair Fall At Bay

biotin rich foods

Biotin for Hair

Biotin is an essential vitamin that our body requires to keep the Hair, nails, and body healthy. Biotin also helps in the metabolization of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. Biotin also works as a protein for the hair, our hair is composed of 80% protein also commonly known as Keratin, and Biotin deficiency can lead to hair fall in many people. 

Biotin is commonly known as Vitamin H and B7 and it is a water-soluble Vitamin which means that these are not stored in the body for longer and we do need a regular supply of this Vitamin to keep our health in check. 

Biotin and hair growth go hand in hand, and a biotin deficiency can lead to hair fall. While biotin is easily available to us from the food we consume on a daily basis, a lot of people still deal with a deficiency. 

Today we will talk about not only the natural sources of obtaining biotin but we will also talk about various supplements that can help you restore the biotin levels. 

Biotin Helps In Hair Growth

Manufacturers claim that shampoo, conditioner, hair oils, masks, and creams containing biotin can thicken hair, increase fullness, and add shine.

A handful of research studies have shown that biotin supplementation may help stimulate hair regrowth in people who have a clinical biotin deficiency or alopecia or hair loss.

That said, researchers also note that hair regrowth is often caused by many factors and may not be due to biotin supplementation at all. Furthermore, there is no evidence that biotin supplementation is beneficial for people who do not have an underlying condition causing their hair to thin.

Benefits Of Biotin  

After talking about biotin in brief now it is time to talk about some common benefits biotin has on your overall health.

  • Better hair growth and scalp health while curbing hair loss, male pattern baldness, and other hair-related issues. 
  • Healthy pregnancy and period cycles for women
  • More energy on a daily basis and better productivity 
  • Improved digestion and skin health 
  • Improved blood pressure and blood glucose levels
  • Used for treatment of multiple sclerosis 
  • Boosts immune system making your hair healthier than before 

Biotin Rich Foods

A natural way to increase biotin levels in your body is by stacking up your nutrition, it is one of the best and healthiest ways. Here are some food items that you must add to your diet if you are facing a biotin deficiency. 


We as a whole realize that spinach is a force to be reckoned with of protein and iron, you may not realize that this green vegetable is a decent wellspring of biotin as well. Thus, continue to have palak paneer, dal palak, and other Indian dishes, or remember spinach for your morning meal plans like omelettes and heated eggs.

Egg Yolks

On the off chance that you will generally dispose of egg yolks to eat egg whites just, stop now, Egg yolks contain numerous significant supplements including protein and biotin. Simply make a point not to over-consume them. One entire egg including yolk gives 10 mcg of Biotin.

Nuts And Seeds

We can't pressure sufficient the significance of having nuts and seeds day by day. Alongside so many medical advantages, these food sources additionally assist with keeping up with hair wellbeing. Add almonds, pecans, peanuts, and sunflower seeds to your servings of mixed greens, smoothies, and pastries, or eat them as tidbits. Nuts and seeds are a rich wellspring of B nutrients.


The pink-hued fish is wealthy in omega-3 unsaturated fats just as biotin. Salmon offers numerous properties for generally speaking prosperity and wonderful, long hair. As we all know 3 ounces of salmon contains 5 mcg biotin for each serving.

Sweet potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of Vitamins, minerals, fiber and they are best known to contain Biotin. You can roast them or boil them and add them to your everyday diet to get the most of them.


Bananas are a rich source of potassium and contain nearly all micronutrients required to maintain a healthy body. Bananas are also rich in Biotin and you must consume at least one banana each day to maintain a healthy amount of Biotin in your body. 

If you have a deficiency of biotin then it is advised for you to continue taking supplements while adding biotin-rich food to your diet. Here are the most effective biotin tablets that will help you ace your biotin levels and get thicker and longer hair in no time. 

Mars by GHC Biotin Tablets 

Mars by GHC Biotin Tablets are enriched with the richness of multivitamins. These tablets are known to improve your hair growth and metabolism at the same time. 

Biotin tablets not only contain Biotin in a sufficient quantity but it is also rich in Vitamin E, Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc. These tablets will restore the production of Keratin protein in our hair as our hair. These tablets will ensure a healthy scalp, stronger and nourished hair and will help in reducing hair fall.  

Take Away

Biotin is an essential nutrient for your hair health, while it can be easily found in your diet you can enhance the levels of biotin by taking a biotin tablet. They are natural and work as a multivitamin restoring all vital nutrients in your body. We hope you liked all the information we mentioned above. 

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