8 Ways to take care of dusky skin
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8 Ways to take care of dusky skin

Tips for dusky skin

Benefits Of Having A Dusky Complexion 

The skin colour of people around the world varies greatly. Some have light skin, while others have dark skin. Skin colour is determined by the amount of melanin in the skin. Melanin is a natural chemical in the body that gives colour to hair, eyes, and skin. It is also what gives dark-coloured eyes their distinctive brown or black hue.

Dusky skin is a type of skin tone that falls somewhere between light and dark. With the rise of dusky skin tones, specifically dusky brown tones, more people are ditching their sunscreens and opting to embrace the browner side of life instead – and we're not talking about skin shade alone. 

Dusky tones help to reduce sun damage by blocking harmful rays that cause skin cancer, wrinkles and other problems. They also help to balance out skin tones and give your face a more even look.

Dusky skin is rich in melanin, which makes it stronger and better equipped to protect against UV rays and other environmental factors that cause accelerated aging and skin damage.

Nope, we're not advocating that you should go head-to-toe in a full-body sunless tanner. But we are suggesting you embrace the benefits of having beautiful, dusky skin. 

8 Tips and Tricks to Take Care of Dusky Skin

One can't deny the fact that dusky skin tone has always attracted more attention. They say dusky skin is the new show-stopper. We are here to provide you with some golden advice on how to take care of dusky skin. 

The first step is always to understand what kind of dusky skin tone you have. There are many different combinations of dusky skin tones one can have. For instance, there is dusky-pink, dusky-yellow, dusky-olive and so on. Each of these combinations has its own difference in the way the tone of the skin decides its way of care. However, there are few things that must be followed by every dusky person.

Here are the 8 best ways to take care of dusky skin:

1) Buy High-Quality and Natural Products: No point in trying product after product. Pick two or three products that have not only proven results but also have a good formulation. If you have a combination skin type, go for a day cream that is mattifying and hydrating or else you can opt for mattifying products and emulsions rather than creams if your skin type is dry. If your skin type is oily, opt for sebum-regulating creams or gels.

2) Moisturise Daily: Since the skin type is generally oily, a water-based moisturiser should be preferred. The moisturising effect should give you a good glow without making the skin look glossy. Use a moisturizer that suits your skin type and makes it supple and soft.

3) Don’t Skip Sunscreen: After moisturising, make sure you don’t skip out on sunscreen, as it is the most important step in making sure that your skin doesn’t get damaged or burnt by the sun.

4) Battle Oily Skin: Dusky skin comes with its own set of issues like oily skin and a greasy look. Hence it is important to use a gel for acne or any hydrating gel that will slow down sebum production.

5) Avoid Dark Spots: Products that contain butter and oils may clog the pores and promote the appearance of acne that can leave a mark easily. Dusky skin is sensitive to pigmentation more than it is to sunlight and therefore even a small pimple or acne can increase the risk of melanin accumulation in that area. Exfoliate your skin every once or twice a week to get rid of dirt which will help in keeping acne and pimples at bay.

6) Hydrate Your Skin: Without moisture, your skin would become dehydrated and begin to over-compensate by producing more oil. Apply hydrating night serum before going to bed. This is a good way to regenerate cells and gradually remove the dull appearance of oily skin

7) Avoid Too Much Powder: Using too much powder and foundation to lighten your skin tone will give you nothing but an ashen and clumpy look. Go for a shade that matches your skin tone because the aim of wearing a foundation is to even out your skin and make it appear radiant and healthy.

8) Remove Your Makeup: There is no exception or excuse to this process. Before going to bed, make sure you are removing your makeup properly by using a gentle product such as cleansing milk or any product that has gentle cleansing oil formula.

Take Away

Dusky skin is that skin that is not fair but is darker than average skin. It's a term used for dark-skinned people who appear tan or tanned. Their dusky skin can vary from golden to bronze to brown, depending on the colours of their ancestors.

If you are one of those with dusky skin, you should know that this is just another form of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives your hair, eyes and skins colour. The more melanin you have in your body, the darker you'll be.

Lastly, one can never go wrong with making the face look radiant and that always includes good lighting and makeup. Always keep your makeup minimal. That makes it easier for you to manage your dusky skin tone.