8 Nutritious Health Benefits of Mosambi

8 Nutritious Health Benefits of Mosambi

Health Benefits of Mosambi

Magical Health Benefits Of Mosambi 

How To Make Mosambi Juice At Home 

Take Away

As the summer season approaches us we are ready to devour our favorite mosambi once again. Mosambi in English is known as sweet lime and is one the best fruits for summers. 

Mosambi juice is also very famous during the summer season and today we will share all the health benefits of this wonderful fruit. Mosambi contains a rich amount of vitamin c and can refresh and hydrate you within minutes. 

During the summer season, we often lack energy and mosambi is just the right fruit to recharge you with all the lost energy. Sweet lime or mosambi contains a lot of vital minerals and vitamins that are great for our body. 

Here is the nutritional value of mosambi:

  • Energy: 45 calories
  • Protein: 0.8 gms
  • Vitamin C: 53 mg
  • Fats: 0.3 gms
  • Vitamin A: 90.2 mcg
  • Dietary Fibre: 41.64 gms 

Magical Health Benefits Of Mosambi 

After talking about mosambi in brief, now it is time to get into some vital health benefits of mosambi.

Further develops immunity

vitamin c and different cell reinforcements present in sweet lime or its juice can assist with fortifying invulnerability. It helps avoid colds and influenza. Invigorate blood flow and in this manner fortify the resistant framework.

Aids digestion

Eating new Mosambi can assist with tackling gastrointestinal issues like stoppage and acid reflux. This reviving beverage has an exceptional taste that animates the salivary organs to emit proteins that help assimilation, and it additionally contains intensities called flavonoids that can expand its substance. Bile, certain gastric corrosive and stomach-related juices cooperate to help to process. It likewise gives a great deal of potassium, which can assist with diminishing looseness of the bowels.

Helps in dehydration

Whenever you are parched and get dried out, don't drink pop yet drink Mosambi juice, since it extinguishes thirst as well as contains significant minerals and nutrients, which can diminish the event of lack of hydration and the dangers of entanglements. It should be a possibility for competitors to forestall drying out and muscle squeezing.

Incredible for Eyes, Skin and Hair

As Mosambi is wealthy in cancer prevention agents and antibacterial properties, this organic product is thought of as exceptionally advantageous for the eyes. Eating organic products can shield the eyes from disease, which is chiefly made by sensitivities, contamination, or unfamiliar items. Mosambi helps treat dandruff by furnishing the hair and roots with the dampness and supplements they need.

Whenever the roots are firm, it can likewise decrease going bald and skin break out and pigmentation utilized in many creams. Apply the Mosambi juice to the skin and leave it short-term to make the skin brilliant. It saturates as well as further develops complexion and eases up the complexion.

Helps in weight loss

Mosambi juice, which is low in fat and calories, is exceptionally useful for weight reduction. You can drink a combination of Mosambi squeeze and honey to consume the additional calories.

Helps treat ulcers

One of the principal advantages of Mosambi juice is that it can assist with treating ulcers. A characteristic acidic substance will respond with the alkalinity of your body and assist with treating stomach ulcers and diminishing stomach corrosiveness.

A superb source of vitamin C

Sweet limes are a superb wellspring of vitamin c. Scurvy is a sickness brought about by vitamin c insufficiency. This condition is portrayed by dying, enlarged gums, successive cold and influenza episodes, mouth ulcers, tongue ulcers, and breaks. Normal utilization of sweet limes can forestall scurvy, and it has been seen that applying sweet lime juice to draining gums can diminish draining gums.

Protects bone health 

Mosambi or sweet lemon has a high vitamin c substance, which can calm aggravation and enlarge, so it assumes a significant part in the treatment of manifestations of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid joint inflammation. It likewise further develops calcium retention, invigorates bone arrangement in cells, and advances generally bone wellbeing.

How To Make Mosambi Juice At Home 

Making mosambi or sweet lime juice at home is incredibly easy, here is how you can make it too.


  • 6 to 7, peeled and chopped mosambi
  • sugar or honey as required 
  • black salt as required
  • roasted cumin powder as required 
  • chaat masala as required 

Method to make it:

  • Eliminate the seeds from the sweet lime.
  • In a blender mix the sweet lime.
  • Presently strain the juice in a fine sifter.
  • The mash will get gathered in the sifter.
  • Crush the mash or press the mash with the back of a spoon in the sifter to remove extra squeeze.
  • Dispose of the mash.
  • Add sugar or honey to the stressed sweet lime juice.
  • Add some ice shapes and serve mosambi juice chilled sweet lime juice.

Take Away 

Mosambi is a great fruit for summers, it will keep you hydrated and healthy all throughout this hot weather. If you do not like eating mosambi fruit then you can always make fresh mosambi juice at home. Mosambi juice also has a lot of benefits for your hair, skin and overall well being. Make sure you add mosambi to your diet this summer season to get all the benefits. 

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