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How can you increase beard growth? Male hormones (testosterone and DHT), as well as nutrients like biotin, influence beard growth in men. Maintaining a balanced diet that aids in hormonal balance and supplies important nutrients would thus be a natural way to boost beard development. 

Male hormones (testosterone and DHT), as well as nutrients like biotin, influence beard growth in men. Maintaining a balanced diet that aids in hormonal balance and supplies important nutrients would thus be a natural way to boost beard development. 

Here are some beard growth foods for fuller facial hair that you can add in your diet: 


According to studies, egg yolk is beneficial to the beard since it contains biotin, vitamin D, cholesterol, and other minerals and vitamins. These substances stimulate the synthesis of testosterone, which promotes the growth of beards. The development of hair follicles necessitated Vitamin D. Eggs are high in protein, which aids in the growth of thick hair. 

For best effects, consume a boiled egg, omelette, egg curry, or egg bhurji once a day. 

Brazil Nuts (Brazilian Nuts) 

Selenium, according to research, is a mineral that promotes thyroid activity and boosts testosterone levels in the body. Brazil nuts have a lot of it, which is why it's one of the foods that encourage hair development. 

Two brazil nuts each day are sufficient for beard development. However, you must always eat them with their skin on since the skin or outer coating of the Brazil nuts contains the majority of the Selenium. 

Sprouts of Alfalfa 

Daily ingestion of alfalfa sprouts promotes DHT and testosterone production, according to a 2018 study. Both of these hormones contribute to the development of a thicker beard. 

Soak a handful of sprouts in fresh water overnight and consume with breakfast the next morning. To taste, add a bit of salt and a slice of raw onion. 


Globulin binds to DHT and testosterone, making them less effective. Oranges include fructose, which lowers globulin levels in the body, making male sex hormones more active. Vitamin C and thyroid activity-promoting chemicals are also included, which aid in beard growth. 

Oranges can be eaten raw or made into juice. Some folks put them in their fruit salads as well. 


Boron is found in raisins, which boosts testosterone and DHT production. This is supported by a study titled "Comparative effects of daily and weekly boron supplementation on plasma steroid hormones and proinflammatory cytokines." When boron pills were taken on a daily basis, testosterone and DHT levels in the body increased by 28% and 10%, respectively. 

Raisins can be eaten dry or after soaking in water for beard development. They can be combined in Indian desserts such as kheer and halwa. 

Olive Oil 

According to studies, olive oil contains 73 percent monounsaturated fatty acids, 14 percent saturated fatty acids, and 13 percent polyunsaturated fatty acids. It also contains oleuropein. Both of these chemicals, like carbs, increase DHT and testosterone levels in the body, promoting beard growth. 

You can use olive oil instead of ordinary cooking oil and add it into your dinner as beard food. 


Potatoes are a great gluten-free carbohydrate source. It is one of the nutrients that promotes the creation of DHT and testosterone. Regular eating of potatoes will also aid men with patchy beards. 

Potatoes can be prepared in a variety of ways, including boiled, fried, and combined with other vegetables. Eatzthem with your meal at least once a day. 


Collagen proteins are used by the body to rejuvenate hair, nails, and skin. Glycine and proline are two of the most significant amino acids. Furthermore, collagen proteins abound in gelatin, which is manufactured from animal bones. 

In the morning, you can mix gelatin powder with a hot cup of tea or coffee and drink it. Gelatin capsules can also be found in medical supply stores. 


According to studies, coffee inhibits the PDE-4 enzyme, which raises the quantity of cAMP (a secondary hormonal messenger) in the body. As a result, it has a direct impact on testosterone production. Coffee also contains antioxidants and trace amounts of magnesium. Both are equally vital for the growth of beard hair.To have the best outcomes, consume light and medium roast coffee once a day. 

Macadamia Nuts are a type of nut that is native to Australia 

Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids are abundant in macadamia nuts. As a result, they aid in the increase of testosterone levels, which in turn aids in the growth of beards in males. 

Macadamia nuts can be eaten as chips in the evening with a nice cup of tea or coffee. A patchy beard can also be fixed in a variety of methods. These pointers will ensure that you never have another horrible beard day! 

How can a 16-year-old grow a beard faster? 

What is the best way to develop a thicker beard? Aside from eating the foods that encourage facial hair development listed above, you can follow the skincare routine outlined below for faster beard growth at the age of 16: 

To avoid ingrown hairs, exfoliate your face once a week with a scrub or a good-quality exfoliator. 


  • To keep skin pores open, wash your face with a moderate face wash on a daily basis. 
  • Use a eucalyptus-based cream or oil to moisturise your face, as it is believed to promote facial hair development. 
  • Maintain enough blood flow in the body and regular skin renewal by getting enough rest and exercising on a daily basis. 

What foods inhibit the growth of facial hair? 

Inorganic preservatives, added flavour, or colour in chemically created foods can cause hormonal imbalance in the body. This may slow the growth of facial hair in men. 

Take Away 

You can't grow a beard if you don't have the DNA for it. However, if you create the best conditions for hair growth, it should assist to smooth out uneven areas and thicken existing hair. 

If nothing else seems to be working, remember that fashions change every few years. Soon, a smooth face will be back in style, and beards will be a thing of the past.

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