7 Ways to treat stretch marks

ways to treat stretch marks

Stretch marks

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks 

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Stretch marks are a kind of scar that is created when our skin stretches or shrivels rapidly. As the skin recuperates, stretch marks might show up.

Commonly, stretch marks show up as groups of equal lines on your skin. These lines are an alternate tone and surface than your typical skin, and they range from purple to radiant pink to light-dark. 

The dermis has solid, between associated strands that let your skin stretch as your body develops. Unexpected weight gain brings about the skin overextending and the strands breaking which at last causes stretch marks. At the point when the dermis tears, the veins under the skin show, leaving the stretch marks to seem red or purple at first.

Afterward, when the veins get more modest, the pale-hued fat under your skin becomes noticeable; and the marks become shiny white in variety. While they aren't a sign of medical affliction, there are various regular cures that can help ease up and dispose of stretch marks.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks 

After talking about stretch marks in brief, here are some ways in which you can treat them. 

Stretch mark cream

Effective over-the-counter items are many times considered in the first line of assault as these are the straightforward, painless and for the most part cheap strategies. Despite the fact that item pieces differ, they are for the most part very saturating creams, at times figured out with unique fixings, for example, hyaluronic corrosive.

Aloe vera

On its surface, the solid, spiky aloe vera plant probably won't appear as though your skin's closest companion. Notwithstanding, the removed fluid can yield a few advantages to one's general wellbeing and skin. As well as giving acid reflux alleviation, bringing down glucose, and going about as a characteristic diuretic, aloe vera gel can ease side effects from rashes and hives, saturate the skin, and assist the skin with fixing itself to decrease scarring, including stretch marks. Obviously, not every person will respond the same way to aloe vera or some other substance, so talk with your dermatologist prior to involving it in a therapeutic limit.

Cocoa butter

Dry skin will in general leave stretch marks more noticeable and adds to their development. By keeping your skin hydrated, you can relieve these marks. Cocoa spread, a substance high in unsaturated fats, can hydrate your skin and upgrade its appearance in general, diminishing stretch marks over the long run.

Castor oil

One more regular cure, castor oil, removed from the Ricinus communis plant, shares numerous characteristics with aloe vera. At the point when utilized under a dermatologist's watch, castor oil can assist with mending wounds, diminish aggravation and skin break out, advance solid hair, and that's just the beginning. Its supportive, hydrating properties make it a helpful partner against stretch marks.

Collagen enhancers

Collagen is a significant normally happening protein that gives our skin its design and flexibility. While the jury is still out with respect to how powerful collagen creams and drugs are against stretch marks, they might assist the skin with fixing itself. In any event, acquainting extra collagen with your skin is in many cases great for your skin's well-being generally. Converse with your dermatologist about which over-the-counter and additionally original effectiveness collagen promoters might be ideal for your skin.


Discussing collagen, items containing retinoids (Vitamin A) can expand the body's collagen creation. Tretinoin creams contain retinoids and may help with the blurring of ongoing stretch marks. There are, obviously, possible incidental effects to Tretinoin and comparative items, like red, aggravated, layered skin. As usual, your dermatologist can assist you with deciding whether this treatment is appropriate for you.

Tea tree oil

You realize tea tree oil is a solution for disposing of skin inflammation and recuperating skin inflammation scars, yet it can accomplish more than that. It can assist removal with any composition of skin scarring, including stretch marks, on account of its calming and mending properties. Additionally, standard utilization of tea tree oil forestalls the event of obstinate marks. Treat your skin with tea tree oil to leave your stretch marks less apparent over the long haul. 

One more basic homemade treatment to dispose of stretch marks is to blend a couple of drops of tea tree oil with a half teaspoon of olive oil and back rub the oil delicately all around the stretch marks. You can likewise add some coconut oil or vitamin E oil to it. Leave it on an entire evening and wash it off the following day.

Take Away

Stretch marks are natural and can happen to anyone. If you have gained a lot of weight in a small amount of time then you may have noticed stretch marks all over your body. They can be lightened but they may never disappear. We hope you liked all of the ways in which you can treat or lighten your stretch marks. 

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